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    Potion Making Assistant


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    Potion Making Assistant Empty Potion Making Assistant

    Post by Leliana on Wed 3 Apr 2019 - 14:13

    Job Title: Potion Making Assistant
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: 1 D rank mage or above
    Solo Word Count: 500 Words
    Group Word Count: 1000 Words
    Job Requirements: Develop a new type of potion
    Job Location: Any town

    Job Description: A local potion maker needs assistance with developing a new type of potion to sell in the town shop. Your job is to mix random ingredients together and come up with something new. Payment is given for your creation no matter what it ends up as.

    Enemies: N/A

    Reward: D rank exp and 1,000 Jewels

    -- credit to Lumindis

    Now that she was armed with her brand new iLac, Leliana had made her way to a small town known as Oshibana, where a job posting had managed to catch her eye. It seemed that the local potion maker was in need of an assistant and after pondering about it for a while. she had decided to give it a go. The potion maker was certainly a friendly character and she had taken a liking to the young mage as soon as she had seen her. She was a young woman, who looked to be in her mid twenties, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. The lady always seemed to be smiling and that infectious look had managed to bring out Leliana's lighter side too, much to her surprise. The two had been able to talk quite openly with each other although the petite black haired girl was still quick to close ranks if the potion maker asked anything too personal.

    Sitting at one of the work benches, Leliana gently poured a light purple mixture in to a bottle, taking care not to spill any, before using a pestle and mortar to mush up a bright yellow flower and adding it it. She was having a lot of fun with this although her first couple of attempts had been a little hair raising. Her first attempt had not done much of anything and the second had turned her hair green, a result which had left her deeply upset with. Thankfully, the potion maker had been quick to cure her, before Leliana had become too disheartened. Her confidence was so easy to knock, a fact that the blonde woman seemed to be aware of.

    Stirring her latest concoction, the petite black haired girl rose an eyebrows as the grounded flower changed the mixture to a bright blue colour. She had no idea what she was doing but there was a look of determination in her eye and the teen was determined to complete her first proper job successfully, no matter how long it took.

    "Here goes nothing," she said, sounding a little nervous, bringing the bottle to her lips and drinking the solution.

    "Good luck, Leila!"the potion maker answered happily, watching with curiosity from her own work bench.

    At first, the potion did not seem to do anything but after a minute, she suddenly found herself leaving her chair and hovering in mid air. It looked kind of silly because she was still in a sitting position and her face turned a deep shade of red in embarrassment but the potion maker whooped with glee, watching with a wide grin.

    "Nice work, I'd call that a success," the witch quipped cheerfully, "Now I'll just get you down and we can settle up."

    Muttering a few words, she raised her wand and pointed it at Leliana, causing her to slowly come back to the ground, landing softly on the wooden floor. She then summoned a bag of jewels from what seemed to be out of thin air and passed them over to the sheepishly smiling mage.

    "You did good work today, Leila," the witch then said, "If you ever get tired of being a mage then come back and see me, I'll happily give you a full time job here."

    "I think I was more lucky than anything," Leliana answered, her voice sounding as sheepish as her smile, "Thank you for the offer though."

    "That's what experimenting is all about!" the blonde answered with a laugh.

    Leliana laughed along with the witch before the two said their farewells. The job was done and the mage could not help but smile as she went on her way. It was probably the most at ease that she had felt with anyone since starting on her journey and that was more than enough to give her something to cheer about. A completed job, a bag full of jewels and a new friend. What more could she have asked for?

    (666 Words)


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