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    Blood Drive


    Blood Drive Empty Blood Drive

    Post by Guest 10th April 2019, 6:58 am

    It was absolute bedlam as doctors and patients were patiently rushing past her but Leliana did her best to not allow the insanity to overwhelm her. Her friend in Hargeon had mentioned that help was needed in Rose Garden in order to help with an apparent blood drive and so she had travelled there as quickly as she could. It was a noble cause and after her success with her charity work, she was feeling pretty good and eager to help those in need once again. The task was to simply help out where she could but given the amount of spirits at her disposal, she was pretty much five people for the price of one. She had summoned Blaziken, Greninja, Sylveon and Ninetails in order to aid the doctors and each was performing as well as they could. Blaziken and Greninja were mainly doing carrying, both items and patients and moved at a speed that easily outstripped most of the humans. Sylveon was healing and helping to ease those in distress, while Ninetails helped with those who were over heating, using her ice gifts to aid those suffering from that ailment.

    Leliana was doing a bit of everything and as soon as she completed one task, she was quickly in to the next. There was little time for her to become anxious or nervous and the speed of things actually seemed to help with that. She had no time to worry and instead all of her energy went in to her tasks. Of course, having four spirits out at the same time was draining and she did have to briefly pause in order to regain her strength. However, the petite mage did her best and kept moving and was finding it oddly enjoyable in a way and there were certainly plenty of compliments coming her way from grateful doctors and patients, which lifted her spirits. There were missions and jobs that she had seen which spoke of danger and adventure but the most important ones to her were the simpler ones, where she could just help people out who needed it in simpler ways. To feel needed was something that she secretly craved and being able to actually help people was a massive source of comfort her. For so long has she felt useless and it was only since starting her journey as a mage had she finally started to come in to her own.

    The day passed in a blur and it was only at the end that she finally found some time for herself. Her summons returned to her and after a few words of gratitude, they again returned to their realm for a good rest. As for her, she sunk in to the first chair that she could find and almost fell asleep on the spot. Fortunately, one of the doctors was kind enough to pick her up and find a bed for her, followed by a hearty meal when she awoke. They were grateful for her assistance and refused to let her leave for a day or so, forcing her to rest. However, when she finally did take to the road again, she felt a sense of accomplishment for helping those in need once again.

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