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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight

    Sarah Stone
    Sarah Stone

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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight Empty Wanted: Jacob Goodnight

    Post by Sarah Stone 27th February 2019, 4:29 am

    Job Title: Wanted: Jacob Goodnight
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: One mage, any rank, at least ten posts long, 100 words each.
    Job Requirements: Capture or kill the wanted killer, Jacob Goodnight.
    Job Location: Hargeon Town, lower docks
    Job Description: There has recently been a string of murders in the lower docks of Hargeon Town. The town guard launched a sting operation and lost one of their own, proving that the killer was one Jacob Goodnight, a local miner who was always a bit off. The guard has issued a bounty for Jacob, asking he be brought in, or down, before he can kill again.

    Boss: Jacon Goodnight.

    Standing at six and a half feet tall and over three hundred and fifty pounds, Jacob goodnight is a former miner from Hargeon. His father was a butcher, and Jacob has taken up the tools of his fathers trade for his killing, a large meat cleaver, a carving knife, and a nasty meat hook on a chain to be precise. He has no magic but is incredibly strong, frighteningly brutal, and worst of all, smarter than many give him credit for.

    Reward: 2000 jewels for alive, 1000 for dead, as well as the gratitude of the town guard.

    Sarah had planned on going straight back to the guild after receiving her passport. Unfortunately, the world had other plans for her. Sarah had been on a few jobs before, where she'd had to fight tough enemies, and she was usually pretty good at finding them. But, this one had found her first. She jumped back quickly as something in her head screamed at her, narrowly avoiding the cleaver aimed at her neck. It took a moment for Sarah to realize that she could have been killed so easily. If she hadn't jumped back, she would have literally lost her head. And, as this realization sunk in, she felt something that she had never felt before; fear, genuine fear for her life. She'd never really been aware of the risks she took when taking on jobs, so this was something of a wake up call for her. But, this was not the time for her to focus on that. Yes, she was afraid of dying, but she didn't have time to think about it. More importantly, she had figured out the enemy's weakness, which was his size. Before the hefty man could finish his second swing, Sarah launched herself inside of his range, and kicked things off right with a liver punch, which caused him to double over, and drop his cleaver mid-swing.

    "You know, you've got some nerve attacking someone from one of the guilds. You should at least check your target, not that you'll be able to follow that advice too well from inside of a cell."

    Sarah followed with an uppercut while the man was bent over, knocking him flat on his portly posterior. It took him a few seconds to get up, and he rushed towards Sarah like a bull. However, when he reached her, she simply punched him in the face, while moving slightly to the right. The effect of this, was that the man collapsed against the wall. Sarah had to use her whole roll of athletic tape in order to tie his hands. He wasn't exactly the best enemy that she'd ever fought, but he certainly gave her a good scare. Upon turning the man in, Sarah regaled the local authorities with her tale of having defeated the man in single combat, with no magic, and no weapon. This had been a rough day for Sarah. First the line to get her passport, then some crazy butcher on the lower docks. All that was missing was a lecture from Luna. But, instead of heading back right away, she figured she would hit the bar, have a few drinks, and find a nice girl to spend the night with. When Sarah finally did decide to go back, she had a few angry men chasing after her for hooking up with their girlfriends. Luckily, she was able to lose them in a heavily wooded area. Unfortunately, she had a feeling that they knew which guild she was from, and we're probably going to report her, not that she had broken any actual laws.


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