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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight

    Almyra Bys
    Almyra Bys

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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight Empty Wanted: Jacob Goodnight

    Post by Almyra Bys April 2nd 2016, 12:22 am

    Doing this job by word count


    There seemed to be a bit of a lull in jobs that all of Team Four Star could do together, lately, so Almyra decided to wander about on her own for a while, helping people out, exploring the world, that sort of stuff. She was wandering about in Hargeon town. She had made a few friends in Lamia Scale and wondered if they were still in that guild. She should pay them a visit some time. She wandered the docks now, enjoying the sea breeze and air. The ocean was one of her favorite things. The sounds, the smell, and the mystery of what lie beyond were all so intriguing to her. Then again, there were few things that weren't intriguing to her. The world as a whole was one brilliant, complex machine, in a way.

    Almyra was walking through the docks when she heard a commotion. She started walking faster, approaching the source when she heard a scream. At the sound of the scream, she started to run. As she approached the alleyway where the scream had originated from. She heard footfalls and the clanking of chains as someone slipped around the corner. Lying in the alleyway was the body of a man, his chest cut open and stabbed in multiple places, but still alive. She ran over to him and knelt down, channeling her magic through her hands. They glowed briefly with a green, fire-like aura as the man's wounds knitted themselves shut. He remained unconscious, but most of the bleeding had stopped. He should survive, but for now, she wanted to catch his assailant. She ran in the direction she thought the footfalls had gone in, hoping she hadn't lost the man.

    After a few moments of running, attempting to follow, she came to a crossroads. She hadn't seen which way the person had run, so she stopped, looking around. She searched the ground for any evidence of his passing, and eventually found what she was looking for: a few drops of blood from his weapons. Bending down to take a closer look, she searched further and was able to find a few more, making a small trail, at least for a few steps, but it was enough to show which direction the culprit had gone. She set off in pursuit once more before spotting something off, a door handle with a bloody handprint on it. It seemed that the attacker had gone through there to try to hide. Almyra reached towards the door and opened it. It seemed that the culprit either forgot to or didn't have time to lock the door. She pushed her way in and looked around. She were in one of the dock warehouses. There was some lighting, but it was rather dim. She moved among the crates before hearing a footfall behind her. She whirled around to see a massive brute of a man standing there, butcher knife in one hand and meat hook on a chain in the other, casually swinging the deadly improvised weapon in a circle.
    "Well, looks like I got sloppy again." He said with a chuckle. "Guess I'm gonna have to clean up my mess!"

    He swung the chain, allowing some of it to slip through his hand to extend his reach. Almyra ducked under and to the side of the chain with a deft movement. She was cornered at the moment, and had to get out. She ran and leaped forward, jumping past him as he tried to swing with his butcher knife. She landed, rather inelegantly on her stomach and scrambled forward to get out of his reach. With another swing of his left hand, the hooked chain came towards her. She once again dodged to the side. Then, as it hit one of the crates, she moved for it, reaching forward and taking hold of it, sending a burst of entropic energy through it, causing the links to quickly rust away and break. Now that her opponent's reach was significantly reduced, she could fight proper.

    She clasped her hands together for a moment, activating two spells that created a green aura around her body, particularly focused around her hands. With a shout, Goodnight charged forward at her, swinging the butcher knife. Almyra's aura lashed out at him, damaging his arm. Almy reached foward to jab him in the stomach. The actual damage from her hand was negligible, but her aura once again caused damage to the man's body. He grunted in pain as he swung again. Almyra dodged once more. Goodnight may be strong, but he was far slower than the spry little woman he was fighting against. With another counter, she caused some more pain and damage. This man wouldn't be one to go down easily, though.

    With another swing, Almyra moved her hand to counter, trying to touch it to the knife to destroy it. She succeeded, but was cut on the hand, causing her to let out a yelp of pain as the cut began to bleed badly. Still, her durable body meant that the damage wasn't severe, and she could probably heal it after the fight. It did cause the cleaver to take significantly more damage, in fact, the thing crumbled to dust shortly after making contact. Goodnight snarled. "Oi! Stop breakin' my stuff!" He pulled out his carving knife now and reached towards Almy, trying to grab her. This was quite a bad mistake, as it left him open to being grabbed, and that's just what Almyra did. She took hold of his hand and arm, her magic ripping the flesh from the bone painfully, removing skin and a significant portion of the muscle. Goodnight let out a howl of pain and backed off, swinging the knife in front of him to keep Almy from pressing the attack. "Please, just surrender." Almyra said. "I don't want to hurt you more."

    As if insulted by the idea of Almyra hurting him, Goodnight growled and rushed forward with the knife. Almy tried to dodge, but he slammed into, knocking her back before plunging the knife into her shoulder. Almyra screamed in pain as the knife dug deep. She reached forward with her uninjured arm, putting her hand on the man's face to drive him back, also screaming in pain. He let go and backed off. Almyra gripped the handle of the knife and pulled it out, already crumbling and rusted. She dropped it, letting it finish rusting away to dust on its own.

    She pressed the attack, landing several more jabs against her now shirtless opponent, exposing flesh and muscle. He was bleeding rather badly from his chest now. She drove him closer and closer to the main light source of the warehouse: a large light lacrima hanging from a chain. She fired off a burst of energy at the chain holding up the lacrima before continuing the attack. He was under it now, causing her to back off a bit before pressing the attack once more as he tried to respond, keeping him underneath the large, heavy object. With a clang the chain holding the lacrima gave way, dropping it on Goodnight's head, knocking the man out. Almyra deactivated her magical auras and rushed outside to greet the Rune Knights that had been sent to investigate the ruckus that could be heard from within the warehouse. She explained what had happened. They nodded, explaining that they would handle this from here on out. Another knight arrived on scene after a while to escort Almy to the healer, though by that time she had cast her healing spell a few times on herself and was now in perfect health. He instead brought her back to the station, where after a short debriefing, she was given the reward for capturing Goodnight alive. She was also informed that the man she had helped earlier was recovering in the hospital now. Almyra nodded and thanked them before going to pay a visit to Goodnight's victim. The two spoke briefly, getting to know one another before Almyra was told he needed his rest. She nodded and waved good-bye to him, saying she would come and visit again.

    With a killer caught and reward money in hand, Almyra decided it was about time for dinner, and today she would have plenty of jewel to pay for something tasty.

    Job completed!


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