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    Wanted! Jacob Goodnight!

    Azurius Tade
    Azurius Tade

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    Wanted! Jacob Goodnight! Empty Wanted! Jacob Goodnight!

    Post by Azurius Tade 26th March 2016, 11:13 am


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    awn broke in the Lamia Scale guild hall and Azurius was still in Zuo's Grand Library after being awake for five nights and four days again, reading book after book with no particular preference for genre. He'd started with a book about two men living under the same roof with some kid, one was rich and the other was an ungrateful freeloader. Now he was in the middle of a book that taught the history of Fiore, more specifically the Dragon Wars from ages ago. He let out a deep breath and got up from the desk, deciding it was probably time he went and showed his face to the rest of the world and grabbed his black coat from the desk on his way out.

    In the guild, it was known that Azurius Tade was in fact a wizard. He had strong magical presence, very few fears, and was a recognized part of the guild. However, no one had seen him use any form of magic. His records didn't state a species, or race so it was assumed that he were about as human as the average citizen of Hargeon. The only thing that hinted at Azurius's race was the fact that on his jacket, shirt, and under shirt, all had a pair of two inch wide, two foot long elliptical cut outs in them. The cut outs were positioned parallel to each other, and seemed to have more purpose than just letting air flow through them. Upon walking into the main hall, Azurius noted several things. Dmitry sound asleep in a corner, as usual... Dribble moving about the guild hall making sure it was clean, as usual... and the guild hall was almost empty... as... usual... He let out a sigh of boredom at the lack of interesting people to talk to that were fully functioning and decided to go ahead and see what sort of garbage tier trial was left to do on the job board. Walking up to the wall where the notice board hung, Azurius couldn't help but notice just how busted up the walls were. He found the building to be simply gorgeous, and reminded him of home with it being made of beautiful white marble. Reading through the jobs on the board, he saw a mess of useless things like finding dogs, cats, some kid lost his gold fish and wanted help finding it. -tch- "What is it with humans and enslaving living creatures?" he asked, not speaking to anyone in particular. The answer would always be a terrible excuse in Azurius's eyes, since the absolute only way he would allow something to stay with him is if that creature were to show VERY obvious signs it wanted to stay with him.

    There was a job much like the ones him and Elaine had been doing that was local. A man by the name of Jacob Goodnight was causing trouble at the docks, killing anyone who got close regardless of who it was. Before Azure would bother to try and take him on, he wanted to get some information about the man, try and see if something can be used to talk him out of fighting. Killing Jacob Goodnight would be much easier, it would save a lot of time and reading, but Azurius didn't like the idea of spilling blood when there was an alternative solution. While it was longer, more tedious, and a good bit harder to go ahead and find information and think of a way around combat, he preferred the idea of possibly getting Jacob to admit to his faults and agree to serve time in prison.

    Azurius had left the guild hall with Suriel walking closely behind. Destiny was left in Ni-Ju's office so the young guild master would have someone to keep him somewhat entertained. The kid, Destiny, was once living in a village near the Ancient Ruins when some bandits came in and started hurting people. Her mother was raped, she was brutalized but spared the pain of having her innocence taken, and then they both were killed. Azurius used his angelic power to bring Destiny back to life as the last dying wish of her mother demanded, and from there Destiny told Azure that now that he saved her, she was his responsibility to keep alive. It was a more cryptic way of asking for him to adopt her, but Azure had always wanted a child and Destiny looked almost exactly like Elaine, who one day he hoped to be in a relationship with. Elaine came into Azure's life when she was looking for a guild in Clover Town and Azurius came across her. She wanted to find the nearest guild, which in that town was Blue Pegasus, but upon Azure telling her he had no friends, no one to trust back in Lamia Scale, Elaine agreed to his request to join the guild if only to provide him with a friend. It just so happened that her charms were enough to turn Azure from wanting to be friends, to wanting to be her lover. Suriel was less enthusiastic about it after seeing Azure die on a more recent job, going so far as to try and kill Elaine and being stopped by Azurius's Celestial Spirits.

    They finally arrived at the guard station where Azure ordered them to give him everything they had on Jacob Goodnight. None of the guards would dare argue with a Lamia Scale wizard, especially one who looked like he could handle himself in a brawl and passive him a fairly thick file. Azure tossed it to Suriel who looked like she skimmed it, but rather, she read every last page in depth in only a second. She tossed the file back to the guard and pulled Azure in, kissing him and transferring the knowledge she'd read to her master. The guard turned red, not knowing what had happened but not wanting to question it since it didn't look like it was a romance kind of thing. He and Suriel then left the guard station and went directly to the docks where they found him. He was massive, though shorter than Azurius by a good bit and held several weapons. "So, the mine you worked for closed down and you resort to killing. That about right?" Azurius asked in a condescending manner. "You know, I was actually gonna try and talk you into this, but I've got a much simpler idea." he said before throwing a key with an open eye at him. Jacob caught it instinctively, looking at the item just before his world changed to the inside of a jail cell. The key reappeared in Azurius's hand and he went to the guard station to collect his reward.
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