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    False Angels?


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    False Angels?  Empty False Angels?

    Post by Zachary-Sirius 19th February 2019, 4:45 pm

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    Goddess Guidance 1

    Approaching the gate was a strange event as Zachary had recently joined Fairy Tail. A strange job that drew him there as he just approached the odd gate that just was there in the middle of town. As he entered, he was in a strange area, of clouds, pillars and bright heavenly light. He watched as the beautiful and serene goddess-- send the mouthy angel flying across the sky out his mouthy attitude.

    Zachary cringed as the woman returned to him, hesitant that the goddess would return the same swift justice upon him. He gulped as he looked up at the woman, talking about something to do with copyright or whatever.

    "Um, could you repeat that part about enemies from another world? Without sending me out of orbit please?" he said with a cringe. It was times like this he wish he had Amethest Cat with him to be a body guard. One angry lady versus another angry feline to protect him from her.

    The woman's stern expression softened as she leaned closer to Zachary. SHe reached out a hand and caressed his blue hair. "Don't be scared, child. And don't worry about Icarus. He has a way of bouncing back." she said kindly and turned. " The fact you entered the gate showed you had potential-- much Like Icarus. Though I trust you have better manners than he does. Do you?" she asked with a knowing tone.

    "No! No, no, no, ma'am. I am very respectful," he quickly answered to keep from being blasted.

    She smiled, hearing how polite he was. "I sense a powerful magic within you. Might I ask what power you wield?" she asked, "For the sake of knowing how to defend against these threats-- it is important for me to know."

    Zachary paused for a moment, but then reached into his pocket to take out the keychain he had-- connecting the silver keys he had collected. "Well I am a Celestial Wizard, miss." he said as he showed her the keys. He would of shown her the Golden Key-- but for now he kept it close. He didn't even put it on the key chain as he had yet to form a proper contract, but wore it around his neck like an amulet for safe keeping.

    "Ah, very interesting. No wonder I felt so comfortable with you," she commented, "You're magic is of the same providence that my kind hail from. But that is a discussion for another time. You do not seem very strong now... but that will change in time. " she thought aloud, looking him over.

    Finally, after some deliberation, she clapped her hands. "Very well. I will put my faith in you for the job. I cannot promise you an immeditate material reward, but I promise in taking this job you will be bringing hope and safety to a lot of lives."

    "Of course, " Zachary answered and nodded in affirmation. "I promse I will do all I can."

    "Very well," the goddess spoke as she waved a hand. "When you serve my summons, you will be adorn with this to mark your alliegance to me."

    A puff of smoke appeared around Zachary, obscuring his vision for a moment. When the smoke cleared, he saw himself wearing an odd Toga with white wings attached to it. His shoes were gone replaced by sandals and his coat gone too, feeling chilly in this new heavenly setting.

    A frown came to his face. "Do i have to wear this?" he groaned.

    THe End.

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