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    Goddess' Guidance #1: World of Uprising


    Goddess' Guidance #1: World of Uprising Empty Goddess' Guidance #1: World of Uprising

    Post by Guest 4th September 2018, 11:02 am

    Job Title: Goddess' Guidance #1: The World of Uprising
    Rank: D
    Job Location: Wakusei Portals
    Solo Word Count: 500 Words
    Group Word Count: 1000 Words
    Additional Requirements: Fill out the job application.
    Job Description: While walking along (your choice of starting location), you come across a gate. It is very elegant-looking, and is seemingly hovering over the ground just wide open. No one without magic can see or even touch / feel the portal. Upon entry of this gateway, you are met with a clear blue sky, and a temple with a statue of what appears to be a woman in front of you. Then, as if on cue, the woman, who has long green hair and a beautiful white dress with a staff in her hands, as well as a seemingly young, teenaged boy with angel wings and greek-like clothing on come forth to greet you.

    "Hello there, mage! And thanks for answering my call - and totally not just choosing this job for its simple requirements and low word count! I am Completely Inconspicuous Goddess, and I am here with my assistant, The Shouta Angel."

    "Uh, what do you mean by 'word count?' And why are you calling us those weird names, Lady Paluten-AHHHHHHH"

    A beam of light blasts the angel away, and you're left with just the goddess there to talk to you.

    "Copyrights, Shouta Angel... Duh. Anyways, mage, it would be great if you joined forces with us to stop a bunch of bad guys at a ton of planets far away. In order to do that, however, you must first fill out this job application! Simple enough, and free EXP for you!"

    (The Player can choose what is on the application. It can be serious or joking, it doesn't matter. The scene in the job description doesn't count towards the word count of the job. The job itself takes place after Completely Inconspicuous Goddess gives you the briefing)

    Enemies: None.
    Reward: An angel costume that looks identical to the one The Shouta Angel wears, and access to every other job in the series (does not have to be done in order). No jewel reward.

    -- credit to Strawberry

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