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    [Job - Solo] Goodbye to Packages

    Perry Bardell
    Perry Bardell

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    [Job - Solo] Goodbye to Packages Empty [Job - Solo] Goodbye to Packages

    Post by Perry Bardell 3rd January 2019, 1:15 pm

    Job specifics:


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    The young man found himself back in Hargeon once more. The smell of the ocean and fish guts were something that he certainly did not miss. While the last time he was present in the town it was a leisure kind of deal. He even shared some restaurant time with a lady. Though this time was vastly different. While he was in Talonia, after dealing with people who were down on their luck with that girl, Vinn was handed a letter from a shady individual when he was going back to his inn room. At first, Vinn was just going to get rid of it. But the wildness that he tried to suppress while he was getting used to living in a new country was catching up to him. He didn't want to draw any unnecessary attention to himself, so he was being a good boy. After being handed that letter, however... Vinn suddenly felt as if he was being suffocated by an invisible force. It was high time that he actually did something that rang true to his frozen heart.

    Hargeon was under the veil of night when he arrived. Vinn was asked to be discreed about the whole ordeal, which was understandable, as per the nature of the job itself. The young man was supposed to get rid of five packages that were all scattered around the town. Along with the letter there was included a crudely drawn map of locations of the packages. Vinn hoped that he wouldn't get lost, as he headed for the nearest package.

    Even if it was night, there still were some people mingling about the main street. The young man in black coat walked across it, into one of dark alleyways. He walked tall and with purpose, so as not to seem suspicious. At least not as suspicious. Vinn followed the map and soon enough he found the first package. It was hidden behind some flower pots. The package itself was rather tiny. Vinn lifted it and shook it. He heard something move around, but it was a really faint sound that was barely detectable with even his better hearing thanks to the lacrima he wielded. The instructions in the letter explicitly said not to open the packages. If he did so, he would be forfeiting the money reward for the shady job. Vinn hummed to himself, as he set the package on the ground. He was hoping that there were no liquids inside, as he gave the package a good regal stomp. The package was perfectly flattened by Vinn's effort and he discreetly slid the destroyed package into somebody else's trash. He made it so that it was not visible. Not the cleanest work, but Vinn felt like his hands a bit tied as it was in the middle of the town.

    Next up were two packages that were located on two different piers. Unlike the main street of Hargeon, the dock was lifeless, save for some guards. Vinn was nearing one of the piers where a package should have been hidden, when a guard crossed his way. "Hold up, lad. What business do you have at the docks at this hour?" He seemed to be a pretty laid back guard, but also the kind that is also strict at the same time. Sadly, Vinn wasn't quite used to lying. He usually just stated his name and he was granted anything and everything that he wished for. "I have been informed that one of my packages that was supposed to be delivered today was forgotten among other shipments. I am pressed for time so I decided to collect the delivery personally." He would reply in his traditional royal tone. A tone that conveyed that he was above the person that he was talking to. The guard seemed unimpressed, but the formality with which Vinn presented his excuse for wandering around the dock after dusk seemed to have worked. "Alright alright. I just better not catch you steal stuff." Vinn rolled his eyes. "Don't worry, sir. I'll be gone before you know it." The young man would assure the guard as he walked past.

    Now that Vinn had been allowed into the docks, he could walk as he pleased. He still couldn't get caught with the packages, though. The young man was consulting the map as he made his way along the piers. The map was poiting at one of the smaller piers and Vinn stepped onto one that he felt like was the one. At the end of the pier were some wooden crates, along with some boxes that were barely holding together. Vinn searched in between the boxes, finding the one that he was there to get rid of. He held it in his hands and it was surprisingly dry and tiny. Vinn shook the package, but this one was silent. With a little shrug he gave that package a regal stomp. This time, however, he heard something crack under the weight of his foot. Well, whatever was inside was properly useless. The young man bent down to pick it up, along with a heavier piece of metal. He dropped the flattened package into the ocean and dumped the piece of metal on top of it to weigh it down, so that it would properly sink. And just like that, second package was taken care of.

    There was still one more package in the docks. As Vinn searched for the right place, he was stopped here and there by guards and he assured every single one of them that he had been given permission from an another guard to be able to be walking through the docks at night. Some guards needed more persuasion, but Vinn thought that he handled that pretty well. Soon enough he found the third package. It was hidden among some heavy duty ropes. The package was already a bit smushed on one side and something was clicking on the inside when Vinn shook it. He assumed that it was harmless to give that a stomp aswell, when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. It was a rather tiny box on top of a wooden crate. It was a box of matches that was slightly damp. Somebody after a break must've left it there and forgot to pick it up. "Mine." The young man said to himself with a smirk as he slid the box open and took out a match. He tried to light it, but the slight dampness of the box made it nigh impossible. Thankfully it lit and the package was then shortly lit aswell. Vinn let it burn for a little bit, but since the guards were still posing a certain threat to the discretion that he was supposed to uphold he threw the package into the waters below. Vinn didn't think that the package he set ablaze was heavy, but whatever was inside made it sunk. It also made it that much easier for the young man himself. Only two more to go.

    The two that were left were again in shady back alleys, but both in different places. The first of the two packages Vinn found easily and he disposed of it just as swiftly. /"Those matches I found are proving themselves to be rather useful in this endeavor."/ He thought to himself as he was blocking the light of the small fire on the ground with a smile on his face that looked rather disturbing in the dim light. The very last package, however, was slightly more complicated to get rid of. Mostly because a local thug thought it was his package after he found it and refused to give to Vinn. The thug seemed to think that he was incredibly tough, when he was willing to get into a fight with the young man. The thug was armed with a small dagger, but he most likely didn't anticipate Vinn's combat capabilities, though, and soon enough he was lying on the ground, unconscious. The young man decided to dispose of the package in a different alleyway, just in case the thug wanted to look for it again.

    And thus the last package was lit aswell. Vinn watched it fall apart into ashes in its entirety. He made sure that the last one was completely gone. Gone with it the wind, as it were. As Vinn himself should be. While he didn't think that he was followed or caught by anybody, the whole time he felt like somebody or something was watching his steps. Perhaps it was his contractors, who were making sure that he completed the job. Whether or not the assumption was correct, Vinn knew that he did the job in a way that the letter instructed him. He wasn't even really worried about the payment. It would find its way to him just as the assignment did. His heart felt lighter now that he finally did a task that required him to think a bit, instead of just mindlessly delivering letters. And then Vinn too, was gone with the wind, back to Talonia.


    [Job - Solo] Goodbye to Packages PkW4jOz

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