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    [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima


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    [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima Empty [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima

    Post by V on Tue 25 Dec 2018 - 20:57

    Job Specifics:

    Job Title: Lab Work
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements: B-Rank or equivalent. Must be a member of Silver Wolf. Four members maximum. At least one participant must have completed Field Expedition.
    Job Requirements: 5,000 words Solo plus 2,500 per additional member. Test the artifact retrieved from Field Expedition and record the results for the guild’s archives. Job is complete when all information is recorded and the effect has been thoroughly evaluated.
    Job Location: Silver Wolf Guild Hall
    Job Description: Now that the artifact has been retrieved, it is time to do some work in the lab. Guild members must test the artifact’s properties and record the results. However, caution is advised. Testing can be every bit as dangerous as an expedition!

    Players must come up with an effect for their artifact to have. It can have any effect imaginable. It can be anything from making the user invisible to casting elemental magic to even summoning beings. However, the summoned entity may or may not be friendly.
    It is recommended that at least one player record the results for the guild.
    Players may take turns testing the artifact or one player may do all the testing. How the testing is approached is entirely up to the participants.
    If participants choose to have their artifact summon unfriendly entities (ex. zombies, ghosts, etc.), they may assign names, stats and magic spells to them as they wish. Just keep it reasonable.

    Enemies: N/A. Unless participants choose to have their artifact summon enemies, there is no external threat to fight. However, the work can be tedious. Be sure to take a break every once in awhile!
    Reward: B-Ranked EXP, 25K Jewels, and access to A Scholarly Dispute, the next mission in the sequence.

    Eoduun Eero
    A-rank || Silver Wolf || 457 words || 457 total
    Eoduun was flipping through the pages of a book that he had picked up from the Guild's library, downstairs. It talked about some of the famed artifacts that were scattered through the Earthland. He was hoping to find any kind of mention about a reversed pyramid with an eye on the front. Sadly, he couldn't find anything, no matter how hard he tried to read, even between the lines. With a heavy sigh he closed the book. Sure, he had learned a lot about the various artifacts and whatnot, but it wasn't exactly what he was looking for. One day he would find out. "Speaking of finding out..." Eoduun was reminded of the lacrima crystal that Eero had acquired a while back. It used to be powering a rusting giant automaton that was being disposed of in a junkyard near the Neutral Grounds. Eero never researched its properties. Eoduun thought for a minute. He was not as good of a scholar as Eero was, that was for sure. But perhaps it would make Eero happy to know that Eoduun actually did something on his behalf while he was gone? It sounded like a solid idea.

    Eoduun dug out the lacrima that Eero had obtained. He had no idea how Eero had managed to get it back in just his travel bag, but he delivered it back to the Guild, somehow. Sure, he could look through the memories and find out, but Eoduun didn't think it was necessary knowledge that he needed. He had to carry the lacrima in both of his hands. It gave off a strange light as he carried it downstairs, where the experimental parts of the Guild were located, among many other things. The Guild's Ace passed by the forge and soon enough he arrived at a laboratory. Though it wasn't a traditional, mad scientist's kind of laboratory. It was more of an area where one could test out plethora of things, without putting the Guild to the risk. Too much risk, at least. Eoduun placed the lacrima crystal on one of the tables that were on near the right side of the room. There was some protective gear available aswell and Eoduun took the chance to gear himself up. He grabbed a pair of gloves, goggles and some random tools. He put on the goggles, but he left rest of the equipment to the side. Eoduun wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do. The lacrima powered a thing before. Maybe he could find something in the Guild that could be powered? The mage put his hands on his hips as he turned around and scanned the room for anything that resembled a piece of machinery or something that could be powered.
    The lacrima...  -Eoduun
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    [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima CepPUoO

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    [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima Empty Re: [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima

    Post by Aspen on Fri 18 Jan 2019 - 17:26

    It was a cold, snowy day on top of this lonely plateau deep within the Phoenix Mountains, the season remaining ever unchanging, cold, unwavering, though, familiar. The Silver Wolf guild hall, of course, was exempt from these harsh weather conditions through the wonders of magic. Naturally, all of this was still rather new to Aspen Azarov, the girl from Pergrande who had, not longer than a short while ago, found herself in Fiore, without funds or direction, of course, luckily for herself happening upon Silver Wolf, the guild that had readily taken her in, giving her a new home and a new purpose. Not only had Silver Wolf, a mages guild, as she had later learned, provided the means for her to advance her understanding of magic and all things magical vastly, it had also given her the tools she needed to achieve her own personal goals, the Solider Girl feeling her magic power grow by the day. Of course, she still hadn't gotten around to adapting to all of these changes, especially these rather ... strange and eccentric traditions that Fiore held. Still, in these mountains, and in this weather, Aspen felt right at home. Not only that ... there was also the fact that the girl was still an engineer, and Silver Wolf was kind enough to offer their members the utilization of the admittedly well-equipped forge below the guild hall.

    So, of course, Aspen had gone ahead and made use of this gracious offer, dressed in a simple, white tank top, her jacket bound around her waist, the pair of welding goggles firmly over her eyes, white-hot, glowing sparks sent flying in all directions with every strike of the hammer, the metal slowly but surely bending under the pressure of the forging process. It had been a while since Aspen had been asked to make a gun, she had mostly just worked on repairs, and she had never designed one, but simple muzzle-loading smoothbores would certainly be easy enough to do. Of course, she was producing these on demand of that smith from Ca-Elum under the newly formed ... "business partnership" they had agreed on, as they would call it. This whole free-market economy thing seemed strangely disorganized to the girl, but, she had to admit, she preferred it over the planned economy of the motherland. Everything was available in abundance and people were free to do with their workforce as they pleased. Of course, people with special talents, such as mages, had a high chance of making a fortune, a factor not escaping the young girl who had had less spending power than the next hobo on the street just a few weeks ago.

    Dipping the still glowing barrel for the weapon in water, hot steam and boiling liquid thrown up, the girl placed the now shaped metal tube on the table next to her before setting down her tongs, taking off the welding glasses and wiping the sweat off her forehead. The girl moved on to a next table, grabbing a water bottle and taking a large sip from the clear liquid, taking a moment to catch a breath. The forge area was rather hot, and although it was open to allow for the circulation of air, the heat still wouldn't subside, but that came with the process, naturally. What startled her, however, was not the heat of the forge or the exhaustion from the admittedly quite tiring process of forging, rather the strange man making his way past the forge, hands full with a huge, glowing crystal-like structure, something Aspen had learned to know as "lacrimas", crystallized magic power. Of course, Aspen knew who he was, Eero his name, she believed, he was an Ace of Silver Wolf, after all. It was a curious sight, and, in fairness, Aspen's interest had been peeked. Perhaps not so elegantly, she had set down the water bottle, put on her jacket and pursued the man out of impulse, all the while giving him an intrigued look. What exactly did he have planned with this thing? Well, there was only one way to find out ... and thus, she followed him.

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    [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima UcQa3s2

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