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    [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima


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    [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima Empty [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima

    Post by Elyon 25th December 2018, 1:57 pm

    Job Specifics:

    Eoduun Eero
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    Eoduun was flipping through the pages of a book that he had picked up from the Guild's library, downstairs. It talked about some of the famed artifacts that were scattered through the Earthland. He was hoping to find any kind of mention about a reversed pyramid with an eye on the front. Sadly, he couldn't find anything, no matter how hard he tried to read, even between the lines. With a heavy sigh he closed the book. Sure, he had learned a lot about the various artifacts and whatnot, but it wasn't exactly what he was looking for. One day he would find out. "Speaking of finding out..." Eoduun was reminded of the lacrima crystal that Eero had acquired a while back. It used to be powering a rusting giant automaton that was being disposed of in a junkyard near the Neutral Grounds. Eero never researched its properties. Eoduun thought for a minute. He was not as good of a scholar as Eero was, that was for sure. But perhaps it would make Eero happy to know that Eoduun actually did something on his behalf while he was gone? It sounded like a solid idea.

    Eoduun dug out the lacrima that Eero had obtained. He had no idea how Eero had managed to get it back in just his travel bag, but he delivered it back to the Guild, somehow. Sure, he could look through the memories and find out, but Eoduun didn't think it was necessary knowledge that he needed. He had to carry the lacrima in both of his hands. It gave off a strange light as he carried it downstairs, where the experimental parts of the Guild were located, among many other things. The Guild's Ace passed by the forge and soon enough he arrived at a laboratory. Though it wasn't a traditional, mad scientist's kind of laboratory. It was more of an area where one could test out plethora of things, without putting the Guild to the risk. Too much risk, at least. Eoduun placed the lacrima crystal on one of the tables that were on near the right side of the room. There was some protective gear available aswell and Eoduun took the chance to gear himself up. He grabbed a pair of gloves, goggles and some random tools. He put on the goggles, but he left rest of the equipment to the side. Eoduun wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do. The lacrima powered a thing before. Maybe he could find something in the Guild that could be powered? The mage put his hands on his hips as he turned around and scanned the room for anything that resembled a piece of machinery or something that could be powered.
    The lacrima...  -Eoduun
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    [Job - Aspen & Eoduun] Mysteries within a lacrima 9AtWbCr

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