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    A Meeting With Aspen

    Leona Jarnefeldt
    Leona Jarnefeldt

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    A Meeting With Aspen Empty A Meeting With Aspen

    Post by Leona Jarnefeldt 1st October 2023, 1:03 am

    -Silver Wolf Guild Hall, The Guild Master's Office-

    Dressed in a new navy blue sleeveless turtleneck shirt and white capri pants with white and silver tennis shoes, Leona sat at her large brown wooden desk filling out paperwork and checking it to make sure she had filled it out right before moving it off to the "Completed" side of her desk, which was on the right and located perilously close to her coffee mug. On the left side of the desk were four more tall and neatly aligned stacks of paperwork waiting for her attention. She really needed to buy a basket or other storage object to put finished paperwork in so that a coffee spill did not ruin all of her completed work or work that needed to be finished. She could do that later, though.

    The office Leona was in was an austere one... there was only a single window behind the brown leather chair Leona was seated in and that window had blackout curtains that were drawn back to admit sunlight. To the left of the window was a medium-sized bookcase filled with an assortment of books that were all Leona's. Should anyone have the inclination to peruse the shelves they were mostly books on magical ingredients and their effects, but there were also books on computer programming, computer maintenance, and other computer-related topics. Ever since using the Universal Learning System on board the space station accessible only by her Infinite Improbability Chronometer Leona had little use for the books, so she made them accessible to visitors.

    The flooring was bare wood and in front of the desk were two brown wooden leather chairs placed side-by-side with a small gap between them. Leona had recently purchased them from Motor City and put them in the office to add a little decoration to it. She was fairly certain that visitors would appreciate the chance to sit down instead of stand up the whole time.

    Right now she was waiting on Aspen to enter the office for a conversation. Leona had extended an invitation to the brunette via a written note handed to a guild staff member for delivery to the recently returned Silver Wolf member. There had been no sign of Aspen, but there was still plenty of daylight, so the blonde was not going to panic.

    Leona finished the current stack of paperwork she was working on and stood up from her desk, grabbing her white porcelain coffee mug with the guild emblem printed in back on the side. She walked a short distance away from the desk and when she was safely away she took a sip of the coffee, which was still pleasantly warm. Coffee kept her going through the long days and long nights of paperwork and today was no exception because she still had four more stacks of it to do before she was finished for awhile.

    Leona took another sip of her drink and looked towards the door.

    Mmmm, coffee.

    It made office work a lot easier to bear.

    Leona lowered the mug and looked towards the door, which she expected to open any minute now. As soon as Aspen arrived the pair could begin their discussion. Leona had an important question to ask the brunette and she wanted to ask that question in person instead of by written message.

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    A Meeting With Aspen KjmbioC

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