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    Cat Searching (Job)


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    Cat Searching (Job) Empty Cat Searching (Job)

    Post by Copycat 10th December 2018, 9:59 am

    Madame Astrid wrote:Job Title: D-Rank Free-form
    Rank: D
    Job Location: Anywhere
    Solo Word Count: 500 words
    Group Word Count: 1000 words
    Additional Requirements: N/A
    Job Description: Whatever the player chooses
    Enemies: Whatever the player chooses
    Reward: 5,000 jewels

    Strolling through the streets of Oaktown, Angelica reviews the recent job she's grabbed ahold of from the town square. Simply detailed on a piece of parchment printed upon the bulletin board just outside of one of the main offices there, it specified a rather... out of the ordinary job. It was anything but a normal job, and primarily fixated itself on one thing -- helping out at least one elderly person before the day is out. In spite of it being rather unorthodox, it's this very job that seems to quench her desire for adventure and temptation. So she sticks with it.

    The female starts off by trying to think of places where the elderly would be most common. As she absentmindedly strolls along in contemplation, she's interrupted by a sudden poke on the shoulder, causing her to stop in the midst of her stroll to glance over her shoulder. An elderly woman stands directly in range to have done it, making it clear that she's the one that intended to grasp the blonde's attention. "Uh.. yes?" She inquires curiously, quirking a brow upright. "Could you help me find my cat, dear? He went missing this morning and I've been worried sick. I've been trying to look but I'm afraid I'm just too slow..." The woman states, raising her concerns.

    Lowering her raised brow a bit, Angelica lets out a brief sigh. There's a bit of apprehension in it before she turns upon her heel to face the woman, nodding her head. "What's he look like?" She inquires curiously, deciding to apprehensively find this cat. She's told by the old woman that the cat is simply black in color with bright, yellow eyes, and a collar with a gold coin on it. Once she's confirmed the cat's appearance, Angelica assures the elderly woman that she'll find the cat, and with the sprouting of a pair of eagle wings, the Mage takes to the skies. WIth a mix of her enhanced sight and her bird sight view, she manages to spot a black cat down below. The female swoops on down toward the cat, wanting to confirm if it's the right one. Sure enough, this black cat in specific ends up having green eyes, thus meaning it isn't the right one this time around.

    After an extensive amount of time spent up in the air, and eventually having to land as her wings ran out of time, she finally manages to find the cat. Spending even more time just wandering around Oaktown again, the female searches for the old lady that stated her cat was missing. After a brief break and some time spent observing the cat, or more specifically its collar and coin, she flips the coin over -- finding that there's a location upon it: Sakurasou Bakery. Angelica eventually resolves to go there, and thus she scoops up the cat, taking to the skies again by then. The female eventually descends on down in front of the bakery, and little to her surprise the elderly woman appears to be waiting directly in front of the place.

    It's at that point that the elderly woman was the one responsible for the job, mainly because she wanted to test "what youths of today were made of" as far as respect for elders went. Relieved that the job didn't end up being a sham like she started assuming, Angelica receives her pay and is happily able to go attend to other things.

    [579/500 word count]

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