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    Stopping an Assassination

    Mythal Ragnos
    Mythal Ragnos

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    Stopping an Assassination  Empty Stopping an Assassination

    Post by Mythal Ragnos 1st December 2018, 9:50 pm


    I've been out there and seen the things she's made

    Now this was going to be an interesting job.

    Fairy Tail had gotten a notice about a possible assassination on a Miss Cooper of Oak Town. Old Lady Cooper wasn’t really much to anyone; she was simply a nice, older woman who stuck to her own business and didn’t try to bother anyone. The only thing she had done, apparently, was win a flower contest in the past few weeks. It was during a town wide festival and her garden had provided some of the more luxurious flowers submitted so she had taken home the big, blue ribbon. That had annoyed a pair from the same town, who had been so sure they had the best flowers. Now those same witches had put out an assassination contract on the poor old woman, just because her flowers had been slightly prettier than their’s.

    This right here was the reason Mythal hated humans. They literally couldn’t help but give into their petty desires and damn whoever gets hurt in the process. The God Slayer generally kept his hatred on a leash, mostly because he had been seeing far better examples of humanity lately. But this just reminded him of how absolutely atrocious they really could be in their cores. He had taken the job, if only because he wanted to keep at least two people’s greed from winning over the day. It was almost too bad the person who had posted the job hadn’t listed their names.

    But stopping the assassin would have to be enough. The problem was, Mythal had to stop him without alerting the woman to her plight. It was extremely hard to be a bodyguard without staying close to said body in which to guard. It revolved around Mythal sticking to corners and watching the woman from the streets. He felt more like a pervert than an actual protector. But the benefit was it gave him ample ability to spot anyone else being equally as creepy. And a person staking out a nearby rooftop with a pair of thick sunglasses?

    Well, that was the embodiment of creeper.

    He opened the door leading to the rooftop access casually, alerting the man to his presence. The assassin quickly tried to hide his rifle behind himself, doing his best to seem completely and utterly innocent. “H-Hello sir. Fine day we’re having, isn’t it?” He asked, deflecting suspicions like a novice.

    "Are you like the intern assassin? Because settin’ up on the house across from your target’s is poor form,” Mythal said with a sigh, walking towards the man. The assassin, now aware that his cover was blown, went for his gun but found Mythal appearing behind him, a chopping attack smashing against his face and knocking his glasses askew.

    The assassin stumbled and jabbed his hand into his pocket, pulling out a knife. The blade began to glow a deep purple as the dark mage powered it with his magic. The God Slayer sighed and held up his right arm, the limb becoming shrouded in his shadow magic. The assassin made the first attack, swiping at Mythal’s head. He ducked easily and slammed his fist into the man’s knee, the joint bending awkwardly and bringing the man down to his level. He howled but still leaned forward in a weak attempt to jab his knife into Mythal’s chest.

    The God Slayer blocked it with a palm strike to his opponent’s inner elbow, causing that joint to buckle awkward as well. The knife clattered to the ground, the dark wizard’s eyes going wide. His gaze was darkened a moment later as the gauntlet-covered fist smashed into his face, causing his vision to go blurry. It fell dark once more when the fist came in once more and this time, his lights were put out completely. The dark wizard fell to the ground limply, knocked unconscious by Mythal’s attacks. With a sigh, the Fairy Tail wizard shook away the hardened magic around his arm and reached into his pocket. With his iLac in hand, he dialed the number for the local Rune Knight headquarters.

    No doubt they’d want to interrogate the dumb bastard.

    Oak TownFairy Tail
    Let me tell you, they are fear.


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