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    Ride That Bull!

    Mythal Ragnos
    Mythal Ragnos

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    Ride That Bull! Empty Ride That Bull!

    Post by Mythal Ragnos 22nd November 2018, 8:52 pm


    I've been out there and seen the things she's made

    Mythal hadn't expected there to be a nightclub in Magnolia. Honestly, it felt sort of out of place in terms of the rustic appeal of the city. While it didn't quite look like a club that reverberated loud music and pitched expensive, cheap beer from the outside, once you got in through the foyer, there was no denying the bass line practically smashing through the walls. Mythal hadn't made it to Magnolia before it was late at night and he didn't want to go into the Fairy Tail guild at such a late hour. It felt... rude. So he decided to go find himself a place to crash for the night and a place to drink, not necessarily in that order. If he drank enough, a place to pass out would surely find him. Unluckily for him, he had found a bar that was more geared for young twenty-something's.

    He had waited in line and pushed by the bouncer, only to have his ears filled with some god awful music and his nostrils flared by the aroma of old beer. He groaned but pushed forward, walking up to the bar and taking out a jewel that he smacked on the top. "Cheapest beer you got," he grumbled as he looked for a stool to sit on. There were none; burly, sporty men and their cheap dates had taken them all up and were conversing with everyone around them. And by the looks of it, the tables were full up too. Looks like it was going to be one of those nights where he stood at the bar.

    As he was scanning the room, he stopped when he found the lacrima-powered bull in the corner. A girl who was practically pouring out of her shirt was screaming as she was knocked backwards, then forwards and then hurled off to the side, landing on the mat that surrounded it. Her friends exploded in laughter and cheers, the clinking of glasses and bottles following right after. "I am still the champ," bellowed one of the larger men, his greasy blond hair combed back and his tank-top barely containing his for-show muscles. He marched over to one of the tables and slammed his hands on it, catching the attention of the three people sitting there. "You wanna go? You think you can beat the champ's time?" He demanded, looking at each one with a crazy, drunken gaze.

    Unfortunately Mythal's eyes had watched the scene for just a fraction too long and as the pontificating male looked up, he caught his eye. Mythal rolled his eyes and turned back to the bar just in time for his beer to arrive. He reached for it but was surprisingly pulled back and away from the bar, as if the entire structure had moved. He realized pretty quickly that someone had pulled him backwards. As he was spun around, he was greeted by the horrid, boozy breath of the so-called 'champ'. "How 'bout you, pal? You think you can measure up?"

    Mythal looked the man up and down. "To those balloons you have in your arms? Probably not," he said matter-of-factually.

    "You hating on my guns, bro? You're just mad you ain't swole like I am!" He declared proudly, flexing his muscles right there and then.

    Ugh, this moron was not going to leave him alone, was he? Punching his lights out was definitely the easier route but then that could start a fight, cops could be called and then trying to join Fairy Tail would be that much harder. He sighed and glanced over at the bull. "If I beat your time on that thing, will you and your posse leave me alone? Or better yet, just leave?"

    The bull-riding champ scoffed. "You beat my time, I'll give you whatever jewel I have left," he boasted proudly, nodding and grinning.

    Well now that was a wager. "You got yourself a deal, pal," Mythal said with a smirk. He brushed by the man, giving him a strong shoulder bump that would certainly surprise the champ. Mythal walked right up to the bull and looked it over carefully, scratching his chin before he relented and climbed aboard. He dramatically flipped the red cape attached to his shoulders, as if he was already declaring himself a champion. But it was a ruse meant to keep everyone's attention away from the fact that he had slipped his belt over the saddle horn. Then he kicked the button to turn it on.

    The machine hissed and ground as it turned on. A terribly recorded bull bellow filtered out from the base of the device as it began to swing around violently. Mythal tightened his grip on the saddle horn, the lithe man tossed back and forth like a ragdoll. By the way he was being whipped around, he should have been sent flying within seconds but he remained on top, simply riding out the crazy ride for all its worth.

    He wasn't sure how long he was flung about but it had to have beaten the guy's time because the machine eventually whirred down and shut itself off. As Mythal stumbled off the saddle, he could see the man's shocked face through his spinning vision. "Alright, pay up," he held his hand out to no one, unable to truly focus on any one thing.

    "Fine, whatever man. You freakin' owned that thing," the dethroned man said, pulling out a wad of jewel and placing it in Mythal's hand.

    Mythal wrapped his fingers around the jewel and squeezed it tight in victory. He then fell face-first onto the ground, the dizziness finally claiming him. He would remain there for almost half an hour, groaning against the floor boards as others danced and walked around him.

    Welcome to Magnolia.

    Magnolia TownFairy Tail
    Let me tell you, they are fear.


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