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    Hybrid Birthright


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    Hybrid Birthright Empty Hybrid Birthright

    Post by Sanguine 25th October 2018, 1:51 pm

    Lineage Name: Hybrid Birthright
    Wielder: Sanguine
    Purchase Proof: Proof

    Acnologia, the most chaotic dragon slayer said to be able to shape himself into a human himself, but mostly feared as a dragon. It was said that should he be injured, that the wounds themselves left no scars and gave no pain to the creature. During the time in which Acnologia ruled the skies with his form, he spent much of so in siege with mages, fighting against the dragon and ending up getting themselves killed for it. However, these actions were brought upon as the dragon being impatient and seeking to cause mayhem and destruction for his own amusement.

    It was rumored in which that when a of his wing of scale of his body were shed, they would manifest into something different, or that they would just remain dormant forever. Even then, the price of these if found to be true were worth a fortune to others. Now, the user of this lineage can only be that of these manifestations rumored to be true; the shed remains of the dragon himself. The user of this lineage was formed out of a part of him, though that was only to show that side of him slipping further away from it ever returning, it is said should the dragon appear again, that there would be a desire to reclaim it like an offspring, of consume them to regain that personality.

    Active: •Draconian Stasis: Once the user reaches below 30% health, the users body begins to form into that of a half dragon being. In this form, the user gains 5% hp regen per post. This is disabled after the user reaches over 75% hp, or if the user is knocked out first. They take 50% more damage from Dragon slayer magics, and 25% from other slayers in this form. This ability can be used twice per thread with a 5 post cooldown between uses and does not begin until the caster has left Draconian stasis.

    •Shattered Restraints: With the raw strengths of their nature unlocked, the descendant's damage dealt by spells increase by 70% +10% per rank up to S rank, capping at 120%.

    Passives: •Draconian Mortality:

    •Slayer Adaption: The user receives 25% damage reduction to dragon slayer spells. However, the user also takes an additional 25% damage from Demon Slayers.

    Plot Passives: •Starting at C rank, the user is able to shift their form to a half dragon, without any buffs what so ever being applied from actual passives. They will receive the additional Dragon slayer damage normally applied, however this is an aesthetic appearance.


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