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    The Truth In The Girl. S Rank Exam.


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    The Truth In The Girl. S Rank Exam. Empty The Truth In The Girl. S Rank Exam.

    Post by Fluffy on 19th October 2018, 6:15 pm

    1,003/ 3,000
    Ebony hair wavered behind her as she walked along the forest path that she had ventured many times before. With the birds chirping overhead and the daisy's blooming alongside the road? Nyx almost felt as if she had not been gone and dead to her home long as she had remained away after the accident of going after Izayuki for extermination. Heck! Upon reaching the small cliff over hanging the town, the fire mage could swear she saw her old friend group running to catch up to one another as they prepared to started their first day of school for the year which would be in only a few days. Oh the innocent lives they decided to live with the wool over their eyes, ignorant to the truth of the world perfectly happy in their delusions. The wanted mage could not even phantom what she was doing, sitting on the edge of the cliff, gazing down the edge of the town she used to call home before she found her purpose in life. This habit was one of the things in her world entirely unable to be understood by the winged warrior, wings fluttering slightly in the breeze. No reason existed for to make any attempt to understand this queer habit of hers. Looking in occasionally? Simply proved she enjoyed people watching, she'd done it elsewhere, no reason for anyone to suspect she had any extra connect to this place even if they caught her. With care she plucked one of her feathers, scraping it against a tree to dull it slightly before dropping it off the cliff to the foot of it and concealing herself in one of the nearby tree's. An odd habit indeed, but it had it's roots and she still enjoyed this event, watching as the feather landed on top of the grave marker placed beside a grove of moon flowers.

    The first visitor of that day was somewhere in her 40's, but still attractive, the indent from an old removed wedding ring visible on the brunette finger. "Huh." the clear widow picked up the ebony feather from atop the grave marker, laughing softly before she let it lay back down, shaking her head. "If only a sign you're alright up there was that easy my dear daughter." the woman set down a bouquet of flowers, night blooming lily's closed for the day already. Was it that day already? She had messed up, but she stuck to her guns, if she was people watching today than she would do it all day.

    "So your mother was already here." as the two boys set down the night blooming gladiolus flowers, one each, she simply watched. The pair didn't stay for too long, glancing at each other awkwardly as if they didn't know what to say to each other before leaving.

    She had never stayed around for this before, watching through the day as numerous people came and filled the grave marker with flowers, all of them being night blooming kinds. "I'll be back for the annual vigil tonight." a few of them said as she tilted her head from her unseen perch, realizing she was going to have to watch that too, darn it. Nyx had no idea they hosted an annual vigil for her passing, or at least what they believed to be her death. However, she was devoted to what she did, if she didn't watch this event too, her task for the day would be incomplete. She just had to hang out here long enough, couldn't be that hard. Of course, she could always be mistaken about that.

    At some point during the day, about when her female friend group from school had visited, sobbing to each other pathetically over something they wouldn't have been able to change even if it was true, she fell asleep. Without any snoring or anything, the winged beauty balanced precariously within the tree, no protection when she rolled over, falling from the high place and striking her head on the grave marker on her way down. Once the fall was completely over? The young fighter was laying pale body in the closed moon flowers. At the moment, she was in danger of being killed if someone who knew who she was came along, considering this would be unacceptable her body transformed to protect itself. Instead of the perfect warrior? She was once more the brown haired human girl, albiet in a white dress instead of some school uniform. Nyx would lay there for most of the day. In the evening, fireflies began to come out shining light onto the field as the flowers left for her began to bloom. Hour's later, the foot steps of many people could be heard.

    "Nyx!" obviously everyone else in the party was confused at first, unsure of why the three girls at front had shouted the deceased name. However, upon the crowd joining them where they had run to, everyone could see why they had shouted that way. Laid among the bloomed night flowers, as if she was simply sleeing, mostly undamaged, was the very deceased they had come here to mourn. "Is it really?" it was one of the men, crouching down near her to slip a hand under her shoulder and push the body up slightly, a few others moving to aid him in this endevour. "I think it really is her, and she has a pulse, this isn't just someone returning a body." the one doctor among the crowd seemed entirely stunned, from what everyone had heard from the hunting group, she could have never survived the attack which had according to them taken the girls life. However, many easily passed it off as the group whom had reported her death being dishonest in some way shape or form. Why would they want to consider that the girl laying in the moon flowers could be anyone besides Nyx, especially when there was no noticible difference about her besides the dress and sandals.


    2,006 / 3,000
    Light filtered through the light pink curtains of the room, air blowing in through the opened window. On every surface in the room? Lay some sort of flower vase, balloon or other sort of get well implied gift. Laying upon the bed was a girl covered in the frilly sheets with short choppy brown hair to the length of her neck. Muddy brown optics opened to see a familiar ceiling that she had looked at numerous times before. "Ugh, why does my head hurt so much?" a pale hand came up to grip her head as she curled up on her bed slightly, wincing. Lacking any warning, another voice came from the corner, a girl looking years older than she actually was sat in the corner on an old chair. "Nara?" slightly hazed eyes looked over as the pained girl sat up to see her friend looking as if she had been fretfully worried over something. What was her friend doing in her room, they hadn't made any plans together recently. Last she remembered, Nara should have been kissing up to her boyfriend.

    "Nyx!" noticing the pain that the other girl seemed to be the long haired teenager calmed her voice, tilting her head down as she lowered it. "Sorry, I'm just happy you remember me. The doctor told us all that depending on what happened you may not remember anything." getting up she hurried over to the bed picking up the other girls house slippers on the way with a large grin upon her face. Once she reached the bed, Nara flopped her rump onto it, placing the slippers next to Nyx so the other girl could put them on at her leisure. "Do you remember what happened?" they had all been so scared, finding her that night and wondering how she had even got there. Last they had heard? Nyx had passed away on the other side of the country in a desolate location trying to aid in the extermination of another specter. From what had been reported by the group? Her friend had been directly struck by an incredible blast of energy and basically vaporized, hence why they had been unable to present any body to prove her death. Yet, today proved that someone had lied somewhere.

    What had happened? Nyx looked at her friend with confused eyes, shockingly nimble fingers securing her slippers and sliding them onto feet rougher than she remembered them. "I'm sorry, Nara I have no clue what you're talking about." sincerely the girl could not remember anything expect falling asleep what she had thought was the night before. Apparently, last night was a long time ago, as several other things were different now as well. "Last thing I remember, is falling asleep right before that big test, waiting for them to tell me how soon I was leaving to join them for the new extermination." She had recalled looking forward to receiving that correspondence, the leader had said that the next target would make Fiore a much safer place for her friends looking to try their hand at magic after school was completed. What all had she forgot and how much time had actually passed since that last memory until this morning? Nyx really wished she knew.

    "That was last year!" the shock on Nara's face was clear, quickly realizing that the short haired girl in front of her had no memories from the last year. How could someone's memories from a complete year just vanish? Whatever had actually happened to the other girl had to be some of the most horrible things to cause her to just forget like this. "Maybe someone will know some magic that can help you. Want to go down for lunch? I'm sure your mom has something on." she had to get Nyx thinking of something else, waking up to realize it was a complete year after you remembered falling asleep, that couldn't be easy! Nara would do what she could for her returned friend. Even if she doubted there was very much that would be able to make adjusting to life with an entire year as a blank easier for the brown haired girl.

    Muddy optics widened in disbelief at the comment from Nara that an entire year had went by since she last remembered falling asleep. How was that even possible, what had she been involved in that could have resulted in that! She wasn't even front line in exterminations so she couldn't have gotten struck in the cross fire and she didn't seem to have a single scratch on her body. Actually... The flawless nature of her pale skin was partly disturbing, Nyx could swear she used to have a few scars from small accidents growing up, everyone did, but she couldn't find hers anymore. "A year" she echoed the time, looking down at the pale grey carpet of her room, feeling nothing besides at a loss for what was going on. "Can we wait on the library?" for some reason the idea of Nara trying to help her recover whatever she had forgotten was panicking at the least, but she couldn't put her finger on why. Luckily, it seemed her friend lacked an eagerness to chase down the truth as well, probably just overjoyed that she was back as it sounded like no one knew where she had been. "Food sounds good." with a small smile she stood up shakily from her bed, pink night gown ruffling as Nara appeared to try to help her stay upright. Shockingly, her coordination was fantastic for someone who had been missing a year and asleep several days. With one of the black haired girls arms under hers, Nyx rolled her eyes reaching for the door knob turning it and heading out of the room with the other girl. Before long, the pair would find themselves sat at the dining table, with her weary mother almost having the food ready for lunch. For now, discovering what had transpired, could wait.

    -- timeskip --
    3,000+ words

    She had meant to look into what had happened over the year she was 'dead' on her own, this aching feeling suggesting to her that no one else needed to know. However, everyone else had plans entirely different from leaving her alone for anything expect to slumber at night. She supposed it was all understandable, considering they had apparently spent the entire last year believing she was dead after being told she had been killed in the cross fire of an exterimination. Only, the story sounded like complete fabrication to the girl herself, because she knew that due to her young age and the fact she was not with them fulltime, they never put her on the frontlines during fights. Most of the time? She was even inside of a nearby building for the dangerous fights! It made no sense how she would have even been in the position to be struck by cross fire and vaporized. However it was likely none of her awnsers would come from the group she used to work with, as she had already tried to get into contact with them only to find radio silence. Everything she had led to dead ends and she couldn't uncover new leads with everyone hovering.

    "Hows that fever doing Nyx?" the woman asking was tall, possesesing the same brown hair as Nyx only longer styled into two pig tails laying over her shoulders. A hand reached for the younger girls head, feeling for the fever she was discussing. "I can't understand why it won't go away." she had been keeping her daughter home for days now, concerned over the young girls health. When the doctor had returned to check on the returned girl after she awoke? He had found that her childs body was so hot it could be considered life threatening, and nothing they did seemed to have any affect on how high it was. Even soaking her precious baby in a bath of ice water? For some reason only resulted in steam rising, and the water eventually evaporating by the end of the attempt. How was she supposed to make Nyx feel any better, when nothing she did worked! "How about some soup would that help you feel better my dear?" the older woman swept back her daughters bangs, wondering how they were fluffy instead of sweaty in spite of her childs high fever. Without waiting for much reply, she quickly vanished out of the room and down the stairs to head towards the kitchen so she could prepare her daughter some soup. The woman didn't know if she could take loosing the girl after just getting her back.

    Her mother had begun to look less weary in recent days, which she supposed was good. Yet, the hot blooded girl could use singifciantly less of the being dotted on as if she was ill. Even if the doctor and her mother both said that her high tempature was abnormal? Nyx didn't feel any ill effects from it, actually if anything the boiling inferno felt normal as having a beating heart. "It's fine, I don't feel sick." only, they would never believe her by the criteria they were using to judge her right now. Something itching within told the girl that the two were using the wrong criteria to judge if she was sick or not, that there was something in this world that perfectly explained the higher body tempature without meaning she was sick. "Yeah." she needed to eat something even if she didn't think that there was any illness to be worried about. Plus, while her mom was gone she could take the chance to remove her new cellphone from her desk drawer and text Nara about working on getting her out of the house for the day! If anyone could pull through an excuse that her mother would actually accept for her leaving the house, it would be the black haired girl.

    She had finished the soup roughly fifteen minutes before, simply lounging in the chair in the front room. Nyx tilted her head up when she heard her mothers voice again. "Why are you wearing that? You'll burn up!" it was a simple pink sweater and long jeans, with a simple pair of sneakers. Only, the season was turning colder so Nyx didn't see her outfit choice as anything weird, since she was intending to go out with her friends once Nara came to rescue her from this coddling. "It's too cold outside to go in a tank top and shorts." only she hadn't felt cold since she woke up, even the ice baths in an attempt to bring her temperature down, they didn't feel cold. Expect, the girl knew they wouldn't believe her if she told them, so she kept quiet to everyone apart from Nara who was looking for any reason besides illness to provide them with in the library. Nyx could only pray that her friend would arrive soon in order to sweep her away from the banging on the walls she was currently subject to trapped within the house.

    It had been a while since Nara got her out, but mother had insisted she be pushed in a wheel chair to avoid straining herself. "Hurt on the job?" the other person was a well known retired mage in the town, looking directly at her while he spoke. "What do you mean sir? We're students not mages." Nara spoke confused, and than realized that his gaze was upon Nyx in her wheel chair. "Please, your friend here is modest if that's what you think, she's way higher rank than I am for sure, her aura is so clear. Only I guess that's only clear to other mages. You don't remember being a mage?" almost everyone in town was aware of her condition, so it wasn't surprising he also knew. Nyx considered things for a second, bringing her hands together, eyes widening when a decent size flame sparked to life above them. "That's how my temperature makes sense!" she grinned slightly, looking over at Nara who was stunned. "Well, apparently the girl who couldn't stand things she couldn't understand is a mage now." there was a good deal of giggling, but she didn't mind, holding that flame felt right. Now, she just had to figure out the mark she kept concealed on her chest, and maybe she'd have two good leads on what had happened to her.


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