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    Fight For Me • Private [Erika]


    Fight For Me • Private [Erika] Empty Fight For Me • Private [Erika]

    Post by Guest 6th September 2018, 11:56 pm

    Mountain Village. Few could say they had ever traveled to this rather small group of people, mostly due to the high mountains surrounding the outskirts, forming as a sort of natural barrier. It was hard to reach unless you had a brave enough crew or your magic allowed you to traverse up a steep slope for a couple of days. Perhaps this was a metaphor in some way and more than just a convenient protection against whatever may be lurking in such high altitudes. Most people in this village tended to be a little on the secretive side and kept to themselves, forming their own sort of walls to even their kin. Astrid of all people knew this too well. Her mother was one of those people. But, it has been a very long time she she last visited. You never know, things could change. But yet as the elf stepped out of the shimmering portal only but a mere few footsteps away to the edge of the village, she had to make sure Erika understood a few things.
    "Remember. No swearing, no sexual innuendos, speak only when spoken to, don't pry too much, keep eye contact, but most importantly-" pausing, the elf would turn around to the dragon and stare right at her to make sure all of this was sinking in, pressing a pointer finger to the thread mage's chest. "-No touching anyone. I know you like to read people but not many people actually enjoy having their minds read, especially not my mother. Am i clear?" She would keep a sharp eye on the dragon until she gave a good answer. To anyone who knew the elf it was very clear she was very stressed about this situation. For more she was more controlling and harsher than usual. But this meant a lot to her. It was important that her own girlfriend and her parents got along with each other. If Violet didn't approve of Erika she could just straight up tell her to dump her... Or worse. But, the slayer would rather not think of the worst outcome right now. That's how she would get more nervous than she actually was.

    She just really hoped Erika wouldn't do anything that jeopardize their relationship.
    But that would probably be asking to do much. Nothing in her life ever went smoothly.
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    Fight For Me • Private [Erika] Empty Re: Fight For Me • Private [Erika]

    Post by Special Snowflake 9th September 2018, 6:09 pm

    "Astrid, I'm not so childish as to run around and say naughty words and horrible sex jokes, why would I ever do that? I am a lady of refined perfection, an innocent soul, I would never ever with sprinkles on top say anything to make your mother hate me... even if she has tried to hunt me down for my crimes before"

    Erika stated as she too left the portal to the outskirts of the mountain village. Erika had worn her best outfit, one which Astrid refused to take from her on the spaceship, it was a nice low cut top that accented Erika's perfect bodily proportions, and not at all was she annoyed that Astrid had a better bust size or anything. In reality, she wore it because she knew it would get a look, and hopefully would show how open and honest Erika would be today, she was going to drop all defensive barriers and just be herself!

    Astrid was clearly going to wish she stayed dead after this meeting because an honest Erika was a blunt and deadly beast.

    "Lead the way Astrid!"


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