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    How The Mighty Fall • Private, Job [Erika]


    How The Mighty Fall • Private, Job [Erika] Empty How The Mighty Fall • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Guest on Thu 7 Jun 2018 - 19:25

    Job Info:
    Job Title: Find the "One Piece"
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements: B rank or 2 C rank minimum. 4 max allowed on the job.
    Job Requirements: 40 posts minimum, with a minimum word count of 300 per post.
    Job Location: Divide Island
    Job Description: A new job request has appeared on the job boards all over Fiore. A map to a mystical item has been uncovered, and points to Divide Island as the location of the buried treasure. The sailor that made the job is offering to ferry a group of up to three mages over to help in uncovering the treasure. As payment, he will allow you to keep some of the jewels found, but the majority will go to him! As a warning in the job, he mentions a pirate and his crew have stolen the map and are already on the island searching for the "One Piece" in the hopes of getting it first. Get to the island, defeat Blackstache the pirate, and then uncover the treasure using the map dropped by the boss. It is said that this treasure is what really caused the divide that the island is named after.

    You must meet up with the captain of the ship at the Hargeon Town main docks, where he will discuss with you what you are doing before setting sail for Divide Island. No one knows what the "One Piece" is, but he goes on and on for the entirety of the trip over sea about how "He just can't let the pirates have it." After the pirates are defeated, you must actually find the buried treasure on the island and dig it up. (Must roll an attack dice for each person that digs to see if you dug in the right spot.)
    Midget Brigands x3
    These midgets have a strange habit of wearing pots as hats growing giant mushrooms out of them. They only attack physically, and are pretty weak, dealing 1 C rank of damage per hit. Take 1 B rank damage to defeat. Don't make fun of them, or they will try to swarm the person laughing.

    Hammer Wielding Pirates x2
    These pirates are trained in throwing hammers as their course of attack. Both have an unlimited of hammers, and can throw four per turn and deal B rank for each that hits. Take 3 B rank to defeat. While good at throwing the hammers, they are terrible when within melee range and will instead try to back up to throw their weapons.

    Blacksatche's Pet: Anomaly, the tamed vulcan.
    Blackstache had managed what some thing to be impossible; taming a vulcan! The vulcan attacks physically, and once per turn will throw explosive barrels at each person in the party. Physical hits deal B rank damage, the barrels dealing A rank damage. Takes 10 B rank hits to defeat. Only one can be rolled. Any more of them will be turned into 2 normal rolls.

    Blackstache the Pirate
    How The Mighty Fall • Private, Job [Erika] Pirate_mario__by_ryhmozillafirefox-d5liw14
    The leader of the pirates you are racing for the "One Piece" that is said to be the reason for Divide Island's divide. As an A rank wizard Blackstache has his own unique make magic, Cannon Make Magic. He is able to create cannons that can fire any type of object out of them, which are also made with the magic. Shots fired from the cannon deal A rank damage to all that get hit. Takes 15 B rank hits to take down.

    30k jewels
    One person in the group gets the legendary "One Piece," a one piece bikini that fits any who wears it; and can change color at will.

    How The Mighty Fall • Private, Job [Erika] Empty Re: How The Mighty Fall • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Guest on Fri 8 Jun 2018 - 21:08

    Technology was a wonderful thing. With the quickening advancement of it, things that weren't possible a couple of years ago was no easily done with the touch of a button. The newest thing to come out of this after many years of hard work? Was the Ilac. What could the Ilac do? Well, the question really should be what can't it do. At first glance it seemed to be able to do anything. It could make phone calls, keep reminders, let you listen to music, send pictures, update your Lacrimagram, all with the touch of a button. Something else it could do, was tell your exact location, kind of like a GPS. It was fairly useful for someone like Astrid, who couldn't even find her way out of a ripped paper bag with a large neon glowing sign that said 'exit'. Thankfully, after accidentally crushing her old one on the day Lucius and Caelum fought the Pear team had finally sent her a new one recently. Thank the gods for actually investing in that one year protection plan. Usually, for most people protection plans were useless. But when it came to the elf? There wasn't a protection plan not wroth investing at least a little in. This was the same girl who somehow found ways to break anything and everything she touched. Insurance companies loved her, and if she had a car, drivers would fear her for sure.

    On this sunny day, the GPS was in fact coming in handy. Good thing too, since she was with Erika. If she didn't have the Ilac with her? They would have circled all around Hargeon by now. Twice. It was letting her save face, and also save their legs from becoming too sore before they even started their mission.
    Ah, mission, right. She slayer had picked this one out special. Why? Well, it was a treasure hunt. Treasure hunts were always fun, she did them all the time as a kid. Pretending to be a pirate, drawing a goofy mustache on Lucius and calling him Bald Beard because he's incapable of growing facial hair, fighting off pretend baddies with foam swords (plastic swords were too dangerous), and hunting for the treasure that usually consisted of a few half eaten candy bars and crumpled Cheez-Its. Yes the life of a pirate was one she missed dearly. This nostalgia was the main reason she wanted to do this job in the first place. Of course, spending time with Erika was always good too. Astrid didn't think Erika had the best childhood, being confined to a basement for years on end and all. She missed out on certain things like that, things that most children got to do. And well, the saint wanted to change that. Little by little. Perhaps when this was all over the dragon would think it was dumb or stupid, or even childish, but Astrid wanted to at least give her the chance to experience something she probably hadn't done too much of if at all.
    Making her way through the small port town with the woman by her side, Astrid kept looking down to the shining screen of her Ilac, making sure she was following it's directions to a T. A few more minutes passed, and for once, she had managed to get to her destination on time.
    ... Just... One thing.
    The slayer stopped once they got to the docks, looking down at her Ilac before looking towards the boats. She looked back down to the Ilac once more, staring for a rather long time before she looked to the boat again. Ah, yes. Pirates... Liked boats. That was something she never did as a child while she played pretend... Get on a boat, so the thought had passed her mind. Now, the harsh reality was setting in. Where as she had a joyous expression before, the elf's skin grew pale, looking rather concerned and worried. A nervous smile overtook her lips, looking over to Erika, as to not worry her.
    "Ha... Ha this can't be right. This is the wrong place. Must have put the wrong coordinates into the Ilac. Hold on." Swiping her fingers across the screen Astrid fussed around a bit, going back to the screen in which she had to put down their location. But the more she stared at it, the more she came to realize... This was the right place.

    She was going to have to get on that boat.

    The saint swallowed down a sickly feeling, one she was all too familiar with, a single tear running down her cheek as she contemplated all of her past mistakes all at once.

    Maybe this wasn't going to be as fun as she thought.

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    How The Mighty Fall • Private, Job [Erika] Empty Re: How The Mighty Fall • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Special Snowflake on Tue 12 Jun 2018 - 3:02

    People say men are bad with directions, people also say they are bad with direction. Well, people had never followed Astrid's directions. For half of the trip, she held the Ilac upside down, and it had screen rotation on, Erika was impressed at how Astrid managed that in all honesty, but to comfort the girl Erika stayed by her side through it all, dark alleyways included. Thankfully they had arrived at the destination mostly unharmed, and were now ready to try and find some treasure? Why did Astrid want to find treasure again? It was something about being a little girl and enjoying going on a treasure hunt. Erika had never gone for a treasure hunt, mostly because her treasure hunts were trying to find the lost syringe before daddy yelled at her for dropping it, or trying to find the lost experiment and making sure it didn't escape again, not actual treasure. Erika wondered what the treasure could be, perhaps it was a chest of gold, though Astrid didn't need a chest and Erika didn't need gold so that was probably out. Maybe it was a secret, or maybe it was a stupid swimsuit, like a one-piece swimsuit. How stupid would that be? Then again Astrid in like a school swimsuit... no Erika didn't need to think about that right now, she had to focus on the task at hand which was...

    Wait what even was the task at hand?

    Erika didn't know, did they have to get on a boat or something? A boat, wait weren't boats a terrible idea for Astrid? That was so strange, dragons didn't get motion sickness, but dragon slayers did. What was up with that, such a stupid occurrence. Anyway now Erika had to do something about Astrid being motion sick. Erika could do nothing and watch her suffer, or she could do something about it. Erika was tempted to destroy the Ilac, but that wouldn't solve the problem, instead, it would just make it worse so instead Erika had a proper solution, something uncharacteristic of her.

    "I'm guessing you didn't know there was a boat, so I have a solution, follow me around the warehouses."

    Erika would take Astrid around back before the various warehouses on the docks and made sure no one else was around. The black haired girl was a little nervous about this, but she didn't want to disappoint Astrid by saying they should go home, and she didn't want Astrid to be motion sick the entire time. There was only one solution, Erika had to turn into her dragon body and fly across the ocean. She was nervous but, she could do this. It wasn't romantic or anything, but Erika didn't want to let Astrid down.

    "We could take the boat but there is another way to travel that might not get you sick but, just it's embarrassing for me. I'm going to do it but just don't judge me."

    Erika backed away from Astrid and started to shift from her human shape into that of a large, but not too large, white dragon with soft feathers covering her and her wings. Sighing as Erika breathed in for the first time in this form in a long time Erika regained her composure and looked down at Astrid.

    "We can just fly there, you can hop on my back, that is if you want to fly by dragon."

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