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    Meant to Be Yours • Private [Erika]


    Meant to Be Yours • Private [Erika] Empty Meant to Be Yours • Private [Erika]

    Post by Guest on 22nd October 2018, 8:01 pm

    She was finally giving in.
    Perhaps it was the nightmares that plagued her mind over and over again at night, reminding her about the events of her past. Perhaps it was the bitter autumn weather that was finally settling in and nipping at her skin no matter how many layers she clothed herself in. Or, it could be something else. Something stirring within her for a while now. Something she didn't really want to admit or even acknowledge. The meaning behind her thought process mattered little to her on this chilly morning as she stood at the edge of Erika's bed, her body tingling nervously with anxiety. This was completely stupid, even she knew that. Sure, cuddling casually was one thing, but sleeping in the same bed before marriage? It was never something she saw herself doing. She was rather innocent and blind to most things, even in her adult age. While most people saw simply sleeping in the same space as nothing too scandalous, this was basically going against everything she believed and stood for.
    Her single eyed gaze never left the sleeping Erika's form, hands twitching with nerves, teeth clenched tightly, and sweating slightly despite it being so cold in the room. She was rather cute when sleeping. Of course she was cute when not sleeping too, but while sleeping and not opening her mouth to say some sort of atrocities she was even cuter. It made it even harder to resist the urge she was trying oh so hard to fight.
    "You dragged yourself out of bed to do it, so you might as well do it. Stop being so nervous. She's not even awake. You'll just stay there for a while to get a few more ours of sleep and sneak out before she even notices. Come on." She had to psyche herself up to even move, but thankfully for once it was actually working. The elf stepped forward, coming right up to the mattress. That's right, she'd just stay for a bit, enough so she was no longer running on empty. She had to go to the store today to buy some more food, and if she didn't get more sleep she was going to crash in public. Little to say, she didn't want that. But she also couldn't get to sleep by herself these days. It was impossible.
    She had to do this.

    Taking a big breath in and holding inside of her chest she pushed forward, grabbing the fluffy blanket and crawling into the space the dragon was currently not occupying. It was a little hard to do and she had to do it slowly and softly, seeing as how it wasn't too big of a bed. But thankfully both her and Erika were rather small, so she managed to fit without really spilling over. Once under the sheets and and comfortably laying on her side she looked back to Erika, who actually seemed to be undisturbed from the whole ordeal. Thankfully, Astrid guessed she was a heavy sleeper. The saint let out her bated breath in a quiet sigh, allowing herself to relax now that she no longer had to worry about the dragon waking and making fun of her for being so nervous about sleeping in the same bed. Knowing the thread mage, if she ever found out, she would...
    It was actually rather warm, under the sheets. She guessed dragons were warm blooded or something, which was funny seeing as how reptiles and such were cold blooded. The warmth was enough to remind her on how tired she was, which made her yawn. Wanting more warmth she inched closer to Erika until she was next to her chest, pushing her face where the blanket met the dragon's body, snuggling into it. "Thank the Gods dragons are deep sleepers." She mumbled quietly to herself before beginning to give into the pull of sleep.
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    Meant to Be Yours • Private [Erika] Empty Re: Meant to Be Yours • Private [Erika]

    Post by Special Snowflake on 22nd October 2018, 11:22 pm

    It had been a long day for Erika, attempting to locate where her sister and mother took a lot out of her, and it didn't help that they knew how to hide their tracks in time well. Eventually, Exhaustion took hold of Erika as the day progressed into the night and she found the comfort of bed all too alluring. Gently she removed most of her clothing bar panties Erika took her position under the warm blankets and let her mind drift off into dreamland, where she promptly remembered it fell under attack so she had to kill the one who attacked it in her budding dream again. Seriously whoever kept doing that was a jerk and deserved to die over and over again. Regardless true sleep fell upon her and the wonders of her dreams greeted her.

    Most would believe that Erika had an imagination made from the devil himself, crafted by the fire of hades and forged from hatred. They were wrong, as Erika was still a girl deep down, and one who desired true joy above all, well that and to control the world, but who doesn't want total world domination. Anyway, as Erika visited dreamland she found herself in a wonderful forest filled with flowers and cute little bunnies. The little bunnies made her a crown out of flowers and Erika skipped alongside them as she partook from a chocolate, thankfully real chocolate, river, as little gumdrops fell from the sky. Making a picnic in a field of daises Erika hummed a jolly tune as the birds passed by and chirped along with her. Wonderful goodies were laid out and Erika got to feel the warmth of the sun on her body as her designer sundress flapped in the wind. It was a glorious picnic in a wonderful field on a great summer day.

    Then Erika felt a bit of disturbance as she looked around only to find nothing was there, but she heard something, something about gods and being a heavy sleeper. In her dream, Erika merely replied with You mean thank Erika" which also came out of her mouth in real life, a bet mumbled. With that disturbance gone she returned to her picnic, feeling the sun's warmth a little more intense now then she did before. Reaching out she would hug towards the sun only to find a big stuffed teddy bear in her arms, and pressing it's great softness against her face she would smile contently...



    Meant to Be Yours • Private [Erika] Empty Re: Meant to Be Yours • Private [Erika]

    Post by Guest on 24th October 2018, 8:27 pm

    It seemed as though dreams and nightmares were inevitable for the elf. Being one of vast imagination and wonder her mind was never truly at rest, even while sleeping.
    As soon as the saint had closed her eyes she was plunged into another dream. Or rather, in this case it was a nightmare. She hadn't thought so at first, as when she reopened her eyes it was merely pitch black. She assumed maybe it was due to the curtains of Erika's room blocking out the morning sun, but no matter where she turned it was just the same. Complete darkness.
    To make matters worse only a few seconds later the girl turned around to find a strange stuffed brown bear looming over her, its stitched button eyes staring right into her.

    "Mortal! You enter my domain! Do you know who i am?!" It asked in a dooming voice, despite it being rather light and nothing like you'd imagine an eight foot creature to sound like. Astrid only blinked up at it, her eyes sparkling at the cute stuffed animal.


    The bear looked confused at her outburst. "No, foolish mortal. I am Albtraum! Or, in your tongue, what many call 'the Boogieman'."

    Astrid pouted, placing her hands on her hips.
    "But you look like a Patches. That's what i called my bear. You even have the same color button eyes he had."

    "Silence, mortal! Many fear my presence, but yet i sense none from you. Foolish pride, or ignorance? Do you not understand? I am here for your so- ACK!"
    Cut off from his words Astrid lifted the bear up happily and hugged him with her extreme strength.

    "Aw Mr Patches ish twying to act all big and tough. Sounds like someone's cranky. You just need a hug."
    The big bear choked and twitched, trying to release himself from her impossibly tight grasp, only to find himself unable to.

    "Tsk, damn you! I am the devour of souls! The killer in the shadows! The one that stands besides your bed and watches you every move, waiting to strike! The one that invokes fear when you close your eyes! Fear me! FEEEAAAR MEEEE!"

    Though this was but a simple dream, the girl's power accidentally translated into her real actions too. When the dragon cuddled into her it simple made the elf return the action, putting all of her strength into the hug. The thread mage would be shoved into her chest further and restraint from moving, her arms wrapped around the girl's frame, tightening her grip every second she stayed within it.
    Little to say, she was getting unconsciously crushed.

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