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    Midsummer Passport(job;solo)


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    Midsummer Passport(job;solo) Empty Midsummer Passport(job;solo)

    Post by Rosabell 23rd June 2018, 4:07 pm

    It was a crystal clear day, the sun was shining beautifully and the city of Rose Garden was bustling, more importantly though the docks were lodaed. Men, women, and children of all ages were trying to cram themselves into a single small space, all for a passport. Rosabell, being the woman she was  rushed over as soon as she heard the news of Fiore opening it's borders for missions, to be imported and exported. Just because she lived on a giant airship that could literally travel anywhere on Earthland did not mean she wanted to be in as situation where she couldn't travel due to something as silly as a passport. She was a traveller, and that meant she had to be ready for all different types of situations that even remotely involved exploring.

    Of course there was a problem, a massive problem. There was a horde of people in her way, a loud and unbreakable horde. She would just pull out one of her takeovers to scare everyone away, but that might prove counterpoint as she might not be able to receive a passport on grounds of disturbing the peace. She had tried shoving her through, but much to her surprise, civilians were a force to be reckoned with when they gathered together and all had a common want and need. Her temper was riding quickly, because she too had a want and a need for those passports, and waiting in line would kill her. She was wracking her brain for a solution, and yet nothing she thought of didn't involve scaring the soul out of everyone by transforming or making a wolf.

    Then she realized, maybe she could transform, but not to scare people, she would just use one of her abilities to wow everyone and draw them away from the booth. Heading behind an alleyway so that no one noticed her she would pull her hoodie over her head and use her Maw of Fenrir ability, transforming her features to a more animalistic state, while also supporting a collar which she simply hid by zipping up her jacket. Sadly the Nordic tattoos weren't hidden too well, but she was sure people would simply pass it off as her being foreign or something. Letting out a deep growl she was happy to see the frosty cold breath come out despite it being midsummer.

    Walking discreetly by the edge of the horde of people she would soon arrive at her destination, the fountain by the port, it was a beautiful thing sprouting many streams and water jets, of course Rosabell simply skimmed her fingers along the top of the water and let her magic well...do it's magic and freeze the entire thing over, making a frozen statute of sorts appear in the middle of summer.  Quickly leaving the fountain as to not draw a suspicion she would stand a distance away, watching in satisfaction as the horde of people went over to marvel at the thing, making various sounds of awe and wonder.

    Seeing he chance, Rosabell quickly went to the front of the booth, happy to see the lone magic councilman who was tasked with handing out tickets, looking extremely relived. Deciding to toy with him, she pulled down her hood and unzipped her jacket.

    "One passport please."
    Without hesitation the man immediately handed her one as if it was second nature, not even looking at her as he did so. He gave her a look of confusion as to why she wasn't looking at the marvel, like everyone else was, before reeling back in fear as slitted blue eyes, and a smile full of sharp teeth looked back at him. Leaning down she would let her chilly breath tickle his face, before whispering a in a gruff voice. "You're welcome"

    Fiddling with her guild mark for a second, Rosabell would suddenly flash away in a beam of light, leaving a very scared and cold magic councilman.


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