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    Pay for your sins!!!


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    Pay for your sins!!! Empty Pay for your sins!!!

    Post by Brynn 28th May 2018, 9:03 pm

    Akily watched from a building across the street as she heard the barks of dogs at the front of the gates. The house seemed to be big and very expensive, which was usual for someone of this status. As Akily sat on top of the roof of the building she was on, she twiddled her feet waiting for her target to come. She muttered to herself, "Pitiful...adults are always awful. Never in their life would they help someone else out of good will. It's not possible for them because they're all corrupted each and every single one of them." As she frowned to herself, she gritted her teeth as she felt the presence of her target not far away. The source was moving fast as though they were in a car. Akily was sure he would be an easy target if he needed a car to get to his house from where he was before. Akily opened up the file on the man she had been sent to kill and saw his most visited places. Of those places, he was at the one nearest to his house. So, he was spending his money stupidly and even polluting the dear planet the Universe Spirit created. Akily once again gritted her teeth as the car pulled up to the front gates.

    As the golden gates of the marble mansion opened, the car entered the area. All of a sudden, tons of hormone-crazed girls ran up towards the car, trying to get the attention of her target. Akily said to herself, "These teens are too far gone and it's all because of this dastardly corruption. He must be controlling them with his darkness. I won't let him have the purest things on this planet. She stood up and opened her umbrella, covering her whole entire body. She walked back towards the door that led to the staircase that went all the way to the bottom floor. As she came face to face with the door, she ran back towards the edge and jumped with as much strength as she could muster. As she jumped off, the wind beneath her feet caught onto the umbrella, allowing her to float on the wind gracefully. As she gracefully floated towards the roof of her target's mansion, she stuck her landing and gripped her feet onto the ground. She closed her umbrella and grinned at her accomplishment. She knew she wasn't going to splat on the ground, but she was enjoyed by the fact that she could easily bypass the defenses of the idiotic adult she was sent to kill.

    As she walked towards the side edge of the building, she began to climb down the wall. She made sure not to make a noise as she was quickly making it to one of the windows. She never was that afraid of heights, because she knew that if she ever were to fall from a high place, the universe spirit would save her. The universe spirit had always been by the side of Akily, which made her feel safe all the time. It's why she was able to do all the things she could do like kill people, or even destroy things. She knew that the universe was always there for her in trouble, and that's why she had to do all these things in the first place. If the universe spirit could defend Akily, then why shouldn't she defend the Universe Spirit?  

    As she got to the window that she saw earlier, she got one of her basic cards and used it to pry open the window. The window was rough to open, especially since Akily only had one hand that could pry it open, but she did it. She was finally in the mansion. Luckily enough, there was a huge set of doors in front of her. She was almost positive this was the bedroom of the disgusting man. As she closed her eyes, she felt it. She was actually able to sense the presence of him in his room, which made things extremely easy for Akily. However, she hoped the man was already asleep because Akily did not want to waste her time on a fight with a hopeless adult. Akily walked up to the brown wooden door and twisted its gold doorknob. The squeak of the doorknob as it squeaked was very distinct as Akily shoved the door open. Inside was a man in fear as Akily glared him down. She thought to herself, "Saddening, I'm going to have to actually fight this guy. I was hoping for less of a struggle. Guess I'm going to have to do this the hard way.

    He hoped he could impress Akily by popping out flowers from his sleeve, but Akily just took out her card of love and threw it at the flowers cutting them in half. He yelped out but tried to stay confident because after all, he was fighting a kid. So, he raised up his fist and took a stance of a martial artist. Akily saw the flaws in his stance and used it to her advantage, wrapping his leg with the vines of her card of love. As she swept his legs from beneath him, he fell on his back screaming in pain as his back hit the ground. Akily smiled like she has done everytime she was in this situation. She could basically taste the blood inside his body, ready to feed the universe spirit. As she took the card of love, she raised it up but stopped in the process as he said to her, "Please, don't kill me. I have money I can give you. I'll even let you have my antique spoons my family kept for years, they're in the cabinet behind you." He screamed with a hope that Akily would have mercy, but it was no use. Now that the man had given her the location of his useless artifacts, she had no more use for him in this world. She knew if he let him live, he would corrupt the planet and destroy the making of the universe spirit. So, she raised her card of love once more and slashed at his neck watching as he bled out on the ground, suffocating on his own blood.

    As she walked over to the cabinet the man said his artifacts were in, she said aloud as he was still trying to get air, "How dare you abuse the world the universe spirit gave you and not even share it with others. You are a disgrace to humanity and deserve to die. Your soul will be consumed and I will just laugh when I see you on the newspaper dead." As she laughed maniacally, she grabbed the spoons out of the cabinet and walked out the door, still laughing. As she informed the clients of her accomplishments, she looked at the news to see her deed portrayed on the very newspaper she said she would see him on. She smiled to herself and yelled to the world, "I will purify this world and watch all of you adults be cleansed from it! You will rue the day for even thinking you can abuse the world without consequences!"



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