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    Church of Sins


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    Church of Sins Empty Church of Sins

    Post by Saraphina on 31st March 2019, 10:42 am

    Page 5, Post n°101

    Taint the Holy Waters

    Church of Sins,
    The night breeze was rather lovely as the white haired girl traveled around the streets of Clover Town. She giggles as she skips around the place. No one was out and about to tell her 'no’ about anything. She wouldn’t tolerate it anyways. This sweet little girl couldn't deal with that word unless she was the one saying it. As she skipped about, she looks down to the paper she had picked up. Someone had been brave enough to put a job request in the newly made request board in the front entrance of her castle that she called her home to her guild. There was someone who wanted her to taint the blood of a couple churches. And she felt it'd be splendid. Churches typically were involved with the law somehow. They were the reasons behind some of the lawmakers laws they create. Saying something was immoral or whatever it was their belief said about it. She wasn't having it. No way. Churches were affiliated with the law, and she wasn't going to have more law givers coming from there.

    “Taint the waters of the church… make it run red with the blood of my enemies. And maybe my prince will come for me~” She sings rather excitedly. She twirls around as she skips along the cobblestone up to the first church. Oh! What fun this would be! She made sure her pretty little crown was resting well upon her head, and her nice white dress that flowed to her knees wasn’t crumpled awkwardly on her. “Princes of Silver! Princes of Gold!” She giggles as she pushes the door wide open for herself to enter the building. “My prince will love me like no other~” She was loud in the church, and there was a reason for it. She had a feeling others were somewhere in the building. “Taint the waters of the church~ Lovely red for the flowers of the court~ Taint the waters in the night~ Make the town wake to red~” She was all too giggly as she sung the verses of her random song. As she walked down the aisle of the church pews, there was a figure by the altar. “Who be up on top the high high steps? It looks like a little boy~ Ho ho! How sweet~!” She doesn't stop her singing at all as she starts to skip down the aisle.

    The boy was wearing some robes similar to that of a church officials, but were less flashy. He had been busy cleaning around the altar when the new figure entered. After he had spotted her, he seemed to panic for a moment before he turns around and lets up a shout. “Help! Quickly! It's urgent!” He turns back to the white haired woman approaching him as three other boys wearing similar outfits came rushing out from the back. Saraphina stops for a moment, looking at the four boys. “Oh… how cute… you are... alter boys! Do you sing in harmony?” She giggles to them as she clapped her hands together. They all paused as they looked to her, then the original boy looked to the other two. “She said she was going to ‘taint the water of the church’.” He quickly tells the others, who seem to all raise their hands in unison at her. Saraphina blinks at the suddenness of it, wondering why they did so. She told her head slightly as she smiles. “Are we playing a game? I'm sorry, my jester isn't here to play…” “You're not tainting the waters of this blessed church!" The boys yelled, in unison. That brought a frown on the Queen's face as she stopped in the aisle.

    No. Not. Denied.

    Why did everyone try to deny her what she wanted? Or what she needed to do too apparently now. She needed to taint the water. The church was vial. It contributed to the laws that she wished to be rid of! She could not have this! She closes her eyes for a moment, standing there still for a moment before she slowly out her hands together as if she was praying. “Oh dear lord Odin… please… please grant me the strength to take care of them.” She says before her eyes snap open and a grin split her face, showing her sharp teeth to the four boys, who all seemed slightly terrified of how she looked in that split second. “When the queen says bow. You bow. When the queen says she's going to taint the waters of the church. She's going to taint the waters of the church. You do not stop her…” Her voice was a growl through her smile. Within the next moment, she raised her hand up and shouts; “Jord!” A bunch of rocks came crashing through the front door and smacked each of the boys in their heads, following them to the ground while smashing their heads a bit. “Imbeciles…” She grumbles while she casually walks over to them and picks up one of them. She lifts one of the alter boys up and over the large fountain that contained the holy water of this church. He was leaning over it and had a hand dipped in the water, while letting his head be over the water, dripping blood into it. She repeated the process with the other three, making it look like a beautiful scene. The water was now crimson with blood, and looking beautiful in her eyes.

    Now it was time for round two. Across Clover Town in the middle of the night. A girl usually would be afraid to travel alone at night like so. Not her. Of course, Saraphina also knew she was more fearless than the average girl. She had her pantheons aids. Magic as others called it. She used the rocks to help her travel faster to the other church. She's standing before the other church now, hand up and having two small rocks spin around one another at a fast rate. This church was bigger than the last, and would more than likely have more people inside. More people who controlled the law. More people to tell her no. A grin is on her face as she used her rocks to smash the front door of the church open. No one looked to be inside the main hall. “Prince's of Silver. Prince's of Gold. Prince's will help me taint the water red~!” She giggles to herself aloud. Her voice echoed through the halls rather loudly.

    She begun roaming the halls of the church, just wondering if anyone was in them before she went to the main room where the holy water would be. So far, she saw no one. She walks her way down the main aisle again, and gasps to herself. The holy wasn't in a fountain like the other church, but it was in a huge wooden tub and looked rather nice. Behind her trailed the floating rocks she had summoned before, and she wondered where anyone was. “It's far too quiet.” She mutters lowly. Her hand shoots up towards the ceiling, the larger rocks following the motion and smashing the vaulted ceiling. The sound of the crash of rocks together shook the building a bit. That should get someone's attention. Saraphina giggled a little as she skips to the pew up front, sitting down and waiting for the commotion to begin. Not even a second after she seated herself, people were throwing open doors and looked at the sweet little girl who was sitting on a slightly dusty pew with some rocks flying around behind her. She simply smiled to them and slowly stands. “Welcome! How are you? Would you happen to know where I can get some blood to taint some holy water? More like… the holy tub you have here?” She asks with a smile. The men glare at her as she had spoken to them. There were two in similar outfits again. And one with a fancier robe on, and four alter boys starting to follow behind him.

    The man in the fancy robes throws out a bubble around them all, and Saraphina just grins. “You want to die? How splendid!” She claps her hands together rapidly. “Thrud!” She calls out as she holds her hand up and a blade appears in her hand before it flashed and a blade of light forms shortly afterwards. She giggles as she holds her newly formed sword of light in her left hand, while her rocks floated around behind her. Her sword doesn’t take long before it instantly flashes bright, blinding all the others in the room for a moment with five swords floating around her after the initial flash subsided. All the men, and the boys, seemed to be trying to focus once again, but it wasn’t doing much as the flash happened so close to them. This lead to the priest not being able to hold up his shield well, exposing everyone to her elements. A wicked grin was on her face now. “This is the punishment one gets for refusing me what I need to do.” She giggles excitedly. “Bow to the queen, or die.” She tells them, but she doesn’t give them a chance. She runs right after the priest, and stabs him right in the chest with Thrud, twisting a bit as she puts herself close to the priest, knowing it’d look like a peculiar position when everyone started to see straight again. “I know… you’re all men of god… never would you bow to a goddess such as myself…” She rolls her eyes as she yanks the sword out. As soon as she does that, the flying swords go ahead and stab the boys in the same manner, and one of the priests in training. The one priest in training that wasn’t hit, had let out a beam of light from his hand, and hitting Saraphina gasp as she was hit right on the chest, where her beautiful guild mark was, and it had hurt.

    “You. Do. Not. Touch. Me!” She growls as she waves her free hand and allows the rocks to demolish the guy. She puffs her cheeks up as she looks down to her chest and gingerly rubs the top of her breasts where she had been hurt. It ached a little, but she was fine. Her guild mark seemed just fine, regardless of being hit. “He was so terrible to me…” She whines aloud before shaking her head a bit. “As he should have been!” A booming voice came from a door on the other side of the room. Saraphina quickly snapped her head up, letting her bright pink eyes look at the man who was wearing quite a nice robe, followed by two priests. That was probably the head priest. “Oh! More beautiful blood to taint the holy waters with! How delightful!” She claps her wrists together slightly. The man makes a face as he looks at her. “I don't think so.” He simply responded to her with. Saraphina grins and nods to them. “You may not think so… but as the queen… I think so.” She giggles and let's her rocks for around the area, more crashing in through the windows before circling around them. She points her sword towards the priests and let's the floating ones go after them as well. They try to put up shields, but the rocks end up being too much for the shields, the swords stabbing them all instantly. A grin is on Saraphina's face as she uses the rocks to help pick up the bodies this time. Robes and all, all the priests were laid within the tub gingerly, with the alter boys leaning over as she had done with the fountain, letting the blood drip into the holy water once again. This time, Saraphina took the hand of one of the alter boys and drew the symbol of her beautiful guild on the floor by his knees in his blood, giggling at her work. Now the world will know that Errings Rising was here. And with that, she skipped out of the church, sword gone, and rocks dispelled, singing her song of tainted red waters.
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