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    Joining The Pack [Job w/Morrigan, Quill, Mizumi and Eero]

    Leona Jarnefeldt
    Leona Jarnefeldt

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    Joining The Pack [Job w/Morrigan, Quill, Mizumi and Eero] Empty Joining The Pack [Job w/Morrigan, Quill, Mizumi and Eero]

    Post by Leona Jarnefeldt on 22nd May 2018, 11:24 pm

    The sun shining in her eyes, Leona sat up on her bed. After a few days of relative inactivity mixed with interesting social gatherings, she was ready to find a job. However, she was not quite ready to take on another bounty hunting job or travel far afield just yet. She wanted to stay close to home for the time being. Leona thought about the range of things that could be done around the guild hall... she had heard that the kitchen and library could always use a helping hand.

    She decided to postpone those endeavors because she had recalled a more interesting activity. The blonde had heard of a guild ritual called "Howl With the Wolves." It involved trekking to a mountain range, then building a campfire and howling at the moon, preferably in the company of fellow guild members. While she was already an "official" Silver Wolf member, Leona decided to do it because it was a way to unofficially cement her status as a group member. It was worth a shot.

    Dressing in her traditional white t-shirt and desert camouflage shorts with tan boots, Leona added her desert cloak to her backpack. She did not count on blending in. Brown was a horrible choice if one wanted to blend into a snowy mountain range. Rather, the cloak would provide some measure of warmth because the area outside the guild hall was still cold. One day she needed to visit a town and buy some long pants to make travel in cold climates more comfortable.

    Once her backpack was checked and everything in place, Leona checked her canteen. Having been born and raised in the desert, she always made sure to have a canteen of safe, drinkable water on hand. She had lost track of how many desiccated corpses she had found of people who had died from dehydration. It was too many to remember, but the count was easily in the twenties or thirties. Thankfully she was traveling in a snowy region... she could always melt snow over a fire for painfully cold but safe and plentiful drinking water.

    The canteen was full. She placed it in her backpack and put it on her back. Leona was ready to go. The gathering was going to be held in the Phoenix Mountains, which was close to where the guild hall was located. Having the ritual in home territory was safe and convenient, but she would be in for quite a hike.

    Leona had been hiking in the mountains a few times before. As long as she did not look over the side of the cliff, she was fine. Thinking about mountains brought back an unpleasant memory.

    One of the last times she had been mountain hiking was with her older brother when she was eight years old. He picked her up, swung her by the waist, and playfully threatened to throw her over the side. Unfortunately for both Jarnefeldts, he almost followed through on the threat when his foot slipped on a small rock in the middle of the path and he fell onto his back in mid-swing.

    It was nothing short of a miracle that Leona did not die that day. She had landed on her side and had almost rolled over the edge when her older brother somehow righted himself, scrambled on all fours and seized her right leg just in time. She remembered hanging upside down while facing the cliff wall and praying that she would be pulled up soon. It took what seemed like forever for him to actually pull her up. It was an experience that Leona did not ever want to repeat.

    Leona did one last check of her supplies. She had everything she needed. Leona shut her room door and set out for the meeting point in the Phoenix Mountains.

    [Word Count: 640]
    Quill Scorchwood
    Quill Scorchwood

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    Joining The Pack [Job w/Morrigan, Quill, Mizumi and Eero] Empty Re: Joining The Pack [Job w/Morrigan, Quill, Mizumi and Eero]

    Post by Quill Scorchwood on 23rd May 2018, 6:07 am

    Though it was strange for him, he felt that he had forgotten about something, something important. All that he could think of was that moment, he then put the thought to the back of his head then started to remember what he had forgotten about. He needed to get ready for a trial called,"Howling with the Wolfs" which seemed to be a trail for new members. He has only been there for a month now and had not done this trail since he didn't have anyone to go with, he found out that Leona was also doing this trial so he would join her when the time comes. Once found out what he needed he went to go get it, the list is: Compose, sleeping bag, food, drinking water, and a item to start fires with. He had all of these but he will need to get them organized first before anything. He had found all the items he needs but could not find a smaller sleeping bag, the one he found was for couples, since he was short on time he just took the two person sleeping bag and headed back to the guild hall to meet up with Leona and who ever else was going with them. Once he had gotten to the guild hall he sat down and waited for the others, some of the lesser known members were talking about some of the girls, mostly about Poko's chest and how Mizi acts around people, the seemed to talk about rude and very inappropriate stuff about the two like they were some flussies that will hook up with anyone. This ticks off Quill a bit so he slams both their heads into the ground making them look like they are some sort of plant. Some of the other members looked in horror in what just happen so no one had talked about the women that Quill seen as friends in the guild, then they started to talk about Quill himself saying that he wasn't human and that the only reason why he did that was that he had most of the woman in a harem, which is a lie. Once the group finally showed up they had set off to their trial which seemed to be more a camping trip then a trail, they had set up a fire and then eaten. Once they has eaten Quill walked around for a bit and saw a wolf, it didn't seem like a normal wolf but one that he had seen before. It looked like a god but in the form of a wolf, he tried reaching out to it but it then runs away and Quill returns to the camp they had set up, he then rolls out his sleeping bag to catch some rest before morning.

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    Joining The Pack [Job w/Morrigan, Quill, Mizumi and Eero] Empty Re: Joining The Pack [Job w/Morrigan, Quill, Mizumi and Eero]

    Post by V on 23rd May 2018, 2:43 pm

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    Eero had been a member of the Silver Wolf guild for still a quite short while. In between the frequent trips between the library, dining hall and his room, the boy caught wind of a sort of initiation for new members. Howl with the Wolves, it was called. Supposedly it involved building a bonfire and howling at the moon, preferably with fellow guildmates. It sounded interesting, so Eero decided to try it out. He was still new to the guild, after all, so he felt like he needed to do it. As such, he knew that there had be some preparation done beforehand. He packed a flask of water and some bread with cheese. From the table he took some papers that he was absolutely sure he won't ever need, crumpling them up for kindling. The boy also packed some extra socks and gloves, since he was about to venture out into the mountains. Everything was stuffed neatly into his leather travel bag. Eero's fleeting gaze subconsciously wandered towards the artifact. Was is wise to take it along? He pondered the question for a while, ultimately deciding that it was too much a part of him, to just simply leave it behind. Eero attached it to his black choker, put on his jacket and left his room.

    He wasn't sure if there was anybody else going for the trial and if there was, he didn't know who. Eero quietly made his way to the guildhall. He waited there for a minute or two, until he noticed a board with a few jobs and notices pinned to it. He decided to take a closer look. Luckily for him, there was a paper that spoke about the Howl. Beside the information he managed to gather, there was also one major thing that he didn't know before - the meeting place was in Pheonix Mountains, with a description of the way there. With a nod to himself, Eero set out towards the destination in mind. The path through the snow was a bitter reminder of his way to the Silver Wolf. The boy still shivered at the thought of that biting cold. It took him some time, but he arrived at the meeting point, looking around, carefully. It was a clearing at an edge of a forest, trees at the back providing cover from wind. At least, he... he thought that that was the place that was described on the paper. Eero decided to look further, trying to seek if anybody else was there.
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