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    TELL ME WHY? | solo


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    TELL ME WHY? | solo Empty TELL ME WHY? | solo

    Post by Evan 15th April 2018, 1:51 pm

    A lot of this was rather pointless wasn't it? The demigod wasn't even this god forsaken world but now he had to register for a passport. Like, he could destroy the world if he so desired so why would have to wait in some stuffy room in order to get some from documentation that he was able to travel around the world. He could teleport wherever he would like in any alternate reality that he was able to, why was he limited to just this one. And by such primitive things such as boat or even like airtravel, the human race hadn't even mastered particle transfer yet. Sighing to himself as he approached the building, he would awkwardly feel his shoulder blade as he felt the cosmic aspect of his new guild tattoo through his clothing. While he did vow that he would never associate too closely with guilds, it was somewhat thrown under the bus with the continual exposure to the guild know as Crystal Swan. To him, they were comparable to pest because whenever he tried to be a hermit out in some remote part of Fiore, the guild ship always seemed to land nearby. It had happen more times than he would have liked and the star god was ready to throw down some hands and whoever decided to keep landing near him. Unfortunately, in doing that, they had him mistaken for a member who wanted to join and gave him a guild stamp on his back while he was yelling at whoever was in ear shot. After that, he silently lurked around Fiore, not really paying attention to where the guild was and unsuccessfully trying to hermit but the guild ship would always find itself nearby. There were so many uninteresting individuals within the guild it almost made him want to die. Not that he really could but the point remains.

    Walking into the stuffy building, he would be stopped immediately near the back of line as he groaned in annoyance. It was one thing to have to register for this at all but to wait as well? Nah, no time for that bullshit. Atlas would snap his fingers and temporarily send all patrons into a frozen space, where they were not really dead but they couldn't feel time in that space. Maybe it was a little bit extra but he was allowed to be as dramatic as he liked because they wouldn't remember this encounter with him anyways. Walking up to the counter, the woman behind the counter would be extremely alarmed as she grabbed the landline, ready to call the police. But Atlas' hand met the woman's first. Staring deep into her eyes with his cool emerald gaze, she'd tense up before melt in his touch as he moved his hand up to her arm and met his finger at her chin. Pointing her lips to his mouth, she was completely entranced with the demigod but another male coworker who was also working behind the counter had a lacrima gun charged and aimed at Atlas' head. Smiling as he shot the gun, the bullet would be stopped dead in it's tracks, surrounded by stardust as he became a trail of stardust and moved behind the counter. Rematerializing in front of the young man, Atlas would let out a surprised sound as he stated, "Oh man! You're pretty handsome for a human. Hope you don't mind me taking this." Leaning into arms of the young man, Atlas kiss the young man on the lips as he leaned onto the counter, trying to balance the weight of Atlas now completely pressing into his body and himself. Smirking to himself, Atlas would glance at the computer behind the man as he typed in some false information for filler that could be put on the passport. Placing his hand on the man's waist, the young brunette would melt into his touch as he saw the passport begin to print. Grabbing it, Atlas would separate from the man as his hands reached out for the demigod to come back. Giving the young woman who was still in a trance a peck on the cheek, Atlas would lick his lips as he walked out of the establishment, looking at the passport as he chuckled to himself, "Ha, still got it." Apparently humans could be good for some things but they wouldn't remember this properly. Snapping his fingers all the patrons from before would be summoned back, somewhat dazed and confused and the two passport employees, panting and light headed from some event that neither seemed to remember.

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