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    They all come to see my face ★ Job/Solo

    Aoi and Aoba
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    They all come to see my face ★ Job/Solo Empty They all come to see my face ★ Job/Solo

    Post by Aoi and Aoba on 10th April 2018, 8:10 pm

    Job Form:
    Job Title: iLac
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank
    Job Requirements: 500 words per player
    Job Location: Neutral Grounds
    Job Description: A brand new device called the iLac has come out and the manufacturer is giving them away to anyone who visits the factory in Neutral Ground. Keep in mind, as soon as you step foot on Neutral Ground territory, all your magic (Primary, Secondary, Weapons, Armour, Pets, Unique Abilities, Passive Effects) is instantly shut down. But that's no problem because all you're doing is picking up your brand new iLac.

    Reward: 1x iLac for everyone

    iLac is a lacrima that functions like our real world cell phones. It can access lacrima-net, but CANNOT grant the user access to OOC information on other players. It can grant the user the ability to contact any other player who also owns an iLac providing that other player gave the caller their Lacrima Identification Code (phone number). The iLac also has a calendar, calculator, HP and MP tracker, stopwatch, alarm, and any other fun applications (that do not permit your character to know OOC information on another character) you can think of. It also has a Sorcerer's Weekly app installed.

    With their faces being on almost all the beauty advertisements and the Lacrima Television commercials, the prodigy idols were plenty used to going to photoshoots and getting requests from various companies to shoot commercial films. In fact, it was just another part of their job descriptions, just another way for them to earn money. It got their faces out there on the billboards, the beauty stores, the drink bottle wrappers, and only served to further boost their booming popularity. Advertisements were great for them, and they were great for advertisements. Win-win situation, one they had always appreciated. However, what didn’t happen too often was the odd request for them to actually attend an event to promote the item, going there to sing and perform and sign autographs for a product to encourage more customers. Receiving this sort of request from their company CEO, it made sense that the twins were surprised. The security risks were usually far too expensive for the strict, uptight woman to accept, so this must be some special occasion.

    “Is there something special about this product or customer, miss?” Aoi’s question caused the businesswoman to look over at her, raising an eyebrow. “Yes, actually. The iLac is a groundbreaking technological development that is drawing people in from all over the world. By promoting it, it would actually be more of a benefit to us, drawing in a possible new audience with the customers of this particular product. Be sure to be on your best selves, please, you will be leaving within the hour.” With that conclusion, she stood up from the table and exited the conference room, heels clicking smartly down the hallway.

    “Well, that’s it for us, I guess.” Shrugging at the idols, their manager would jut his thumb at the door, signaling for them to get going. Preparations were always a mess, hustling into the dressing rooms and stylists crouching all over them. Brushes and paints and glitters and lotions – applied within seconds, but meant to look absolutely perfect. It was simply how this all worked in the entertainment industry – not a single second to spare as the idols were pulled into performance outfits of their last comeback, the colorful school uniform style clothing fitting cleanly as always, crisp and freshly washed. The clothes would be soaked through in sweat by the end of the event, and the cycle would simply repeat itself.

    Piling into the van, they would be briefed on their activities during the event. A short performance of two popular songs, then signing of iLacs for fans until the end of the giveaway event. It made enough sense, and was nowhere as stressful of most of the other schedules they had for other commercials. Nice and easy…

    If it weren’t for the fact that the venue was far more crowded than they had expected. Giant banners hung everywhere in the tech district of the Neutral Grounds, and even as the twins felt their connection with Akano fading away, their eyes would be captured by the shrieking hordes of people flinging themselves at the tables to get the devices. Honestly, this giveaway didn’t need them here at all, did it? But hey, as long as it benefited them, everything was alright in the world.

    Standing up on stage, Aoi watched with almost mild amusement as faces would turn to look up at them in confusion, wondering who these new entities were. A large majority were probably magical tech geeks who knew very little about idols, so they would have to be able to appeal to them as well, hmm... She lifted the microphone to her mouth, yelling out: “Hello, everyone! How’s the new iLac?” An already established crowd roared in affirmation, boosting her confidence. “I think it’s terrific as well, and so does my brother! We’re getting some after our performance, so please enjoy and support the creator as much as possible! We hope that after the giveaway ends, everyone will still keep buying wonderful iLacs~!” With another roar from the crowd, Aoba stepped up with his microphone as well. “As my sister said, we hope to support only the very best products in Fiore. Let’s keep going for that golden standard, everyone.” He flashed a cool, calm smile at the crowd before stepping back as well, the duo slipping into positions already scorched into their minds from months of relentless drilling. They were ready to steal the hearts of a crowd.

    Performing as usual, it was a chore for them, finishing up their tasks and retrieving the devices. It was a worthwhile reward though, even as they scrolled through their apps on the way back. All in all, another productive day of work had passed.

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    They all come to see my face ★ Job/Solo H3Duo3CJ_o

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