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    Face to Face With Destiny

    Albafica Temero
    Albafica Temero

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    Face to Face With Destiny Empty Face to Face With Destiny

    Post by Albafica Temero on 3rd March 2019, 6:59 pm

    Face to Face With Destiny Rv7rfgG

    Job info:

    Job Title: A Brewing Storm
    Rank: C
    Job Location: Anywhere within Fiore
    Solo Word Count: 1500 words
    Additional Requirements: Must be done solo.
    Job Description: A powerful enemy has broken through the barrier and invaded the Sanctuary! Keep your fellow trainees safe and hold off the Celestial Specter until Aldebaran arrives.
    Enemies: Celestial Violence Star, Benu Kagaho -- An upper-ranking specter that invaded the Sanctuary in search of vengeance. He's extremely powerful and cannot be taken down by the current power Albafica possesses; to keep Kagaho at bay a minimum of 20 hits is needed before Aldebaran arrives.
    Reward: 10k jewels and C-rank exp


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