The merc with a big mouth [Intro] [Open]

    Atuzite Fumus

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    The merc with a big mouth [Intro] [Open]

    Post by Atuzite Fumus on 13th March 2018, 2:30 pm

    It would be around noon in the town of Magnolia as the mysterious man with a snake around his neck and a gas mask on his face walked into town. Why was he here just because this guild thought everyone was equal in the past doesn't mean they do now. Well as long as there’s a chance someplace will accept him he's gonna try. About 5 minutes after he walked into town he finally found his way to Dragonbane Avenue seeing the Fairy Tail sign immediately as he turned the corner.

    He knew if he was able to be accepted by the members of this guild it would be perfect for him being mostly business with fun every so often but also letting mercenaries like him work illegal jobs in the shadows. He was considering going to join Black Sails and the West Fiore Trading Company but it seemed to boring to him. While he was zoning out he ran into a lady who seemed to be walking home from shopping seeing as she was carrying plastic bags.

    The lady asked him “Next Time how about you watch where you're going you freak” obviously implying to the snake around his neck and the gas mask on his face. Atuzite being obviously pissed at this point responded with “How about you just go home to your twenty cats and cry about how your husband left you you old hag”. After that he wacks the plastic bags out of her hands and continues on his way while Dreogan speaks in his mind saying “Don't listen to her she justs doesn't know what you’ve been through”. Atuzite knew Dreogan was right but he didn't care people who haven't felt pain shouldn't be insulting others. Now that his day was ruined he’s gonna have to make more insults and jokes in the guild hall which will most likely ruin any chance of joining the guild but he could at least give it a try.

    He was then in front of the guild hall looking up at the fairy tail guild sign before slamming open the oak doors. “Hey little fairies where's the sign ups”.

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    Re: The merc with a big mouth [Intro] [Open]

    Post by Haru-senpai on 13th March 2018, 5:19 pm

    "HAHAHAHAA!" Haru sat nearby having his lunch when the guy bust into the room. He liked his style already, he wondered how old he was. Maybe around his age. Looking him up and down for a little while, the only thing he wondered is why he was wearing that gas mask at all.

    Raising an eyebrow, he said nothing. Sitting next to him, well actually on the table; was his cat, an Exceed named Rose. Who was actually one of the strongest members of the guild. Her white Fairy Tail logo was in contrast to her dark red fur on her fight arm. Haru would tap a finger on his face, and just stare at the guy for awhile as everyone usually went about business as usual.

    There were literally contracts being signed everywhere, people at work serving food, some drinking at the bar. Rose however, had already made white wings appear on her back in a little flash of light and had flown over toward the guy in black. "Hey snake, I'm Rose. Is yours a hassle just like mine..." she said cutting her eyes back at Haru.

    "I HEARD THAT!" he said, still resting a hand on his face. He didn't get up to greet the guy just yet, but smiled at Rose's remark under his breath. Rose would smile at the new guy a bit, but look curiously at his mask.

    "....Hey it actually smells pretty good in here, someone just ordered steak!" she said pointing a paw at a waiter going by with food to a table and wondering why the heck he was wearing it. "Well...welcome, are you really here to join the guild?" she could tell he was not a normal human, as she sensed magic coming off of him. Being an Exceed she was extra sensitive to being able to feel magic around her. He was definitely a mage.


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    Re: The merc with a big mouth [Intro] [Open]

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 19th March 2018, 8:17 pm

    New members. New members EVERYWHERE. Sorano couldn’t remember how many times she had monotonously repeated the words to bring someone into the guild, and so when another newcomer came crashing in, she was up on her feet and instantly walking towards him. From his clothing, he was definitely a mage – only her type of people could be that wacky, and she would have to talk out the guild joining procedures with him. Fairy Tail had become a much more seriously, business-like guild since they returned from Tetsukazu, but the history of the guild and what it had gone through was an important part of what the members had access to. No matter how accepting and open they were, one still had to be filtered and interviewed before Sorano could allow them access.

    Haru, the insufferable brat had already gotten to the intruder, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her today. “Hello sir, my name is Sorano Granon. I am the guild master of the guild, so probably the closest you could get to ‘sign-ups’." Her demeanor might show light stress and mess from running around all the time, but otherwise, her emotions were non-existent, expression calm in contrast to her mussed hair and wrinkled blouse. “As you can see, we are extremely busy right now, so please pardon my haste. Would you mind introducing yourself, and explaining why you would like to join the guild? No matter how open we may be, there are still joining procedures you must go through.”

    (Sorry this is so late, and such bad-quality! I'm really stressed right now by all the intros xD)


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