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    [Job] To Earthland and Beyond...with Mom


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    [Job] To Earthland and Beyond...with Mom Empty [Job] To Earthland and Beyond...with Mom

    Post by Haru-senpai 9th March 2018, 10:48 am

    It was a great day for Haru. His mother was there, which meant he got whatever he wanted. He didn't have any Jobs right now, except a request from the guild and his mom that he actually get a passport.

    With a hand full of nachos he walked through sunny Hargeon Town, picking one up and eating it as his mom plucked one out of his tray as they walked, her nails flashing past his vision.

    "HEY!" he yelled playfully. As she shot him a look. The camera would slowly go up, black slip ons, a long black fighting kimono, with a gold rim down the middle. Done all the way to the top showing off her figure. Pink hair in a bun, held together with chopsticks. A red Fairy Tail crest on her right shoulder. The same place as his except his was blue. His mother, H-class mage and former ace of Fairy Tail. But right now, Nacho Stealer!

    "I bought em kid!" she said with a playful shove in his shoulder and a smirk.

    "HEY I GOT 100 JEWELS NOW FROM MY LAST JOB!" he retorted, fumbling around trying to pull the money out of his pocket as his nachos took a tumble from his hands in slow-mo. Hera's eyes would widen a bit as they fell as Haru dove for them but...they splashed everywhere. As a nacho hit him in the face and cheese slid down his face, a tear formed in his eye as he got upset. Rolling her eyes as Hera would walk over to him she would hug him as she knew...he really wanted those nachos.

    "OK...let's just cut in line, so we can hurry up and get you some more." she said picking him up off his knees. Acting as dramatic as possible to milk it, Haru crossed his arms silently and walked next to his mom. When they got to the line, Haru noticed people in two tents. One for regular humans, and one for mages. The one for mages wasn't as packed. When they got to the line, his mom spoke to a security guard who seemed to laugh with her and recognize her. They then both looked at Haru from afar as the guard seemed to wave him over.

    "Heero's grandson eh?! I'll be DAMNED!" he patted him on the shoulder like he knew him. He was in his forties, so he may have known him or something. With a nod and a slight rare smile, no words he was let through.

    With a camera flash after standing in front of a blue curtain, his passport was drawn up and printed. When he got it, he pocketed it after looking at it for a few moments. It had a "Fairy Tail Insignia" in the background behind all the information, words, and his picture to signify that he was in fact a registered magician from that guild.

    "So...how about those nachos?" Hera said as she smiled down at Haru, the sound of seagulls and water all around them. He would actually hold his moms hand like a normal kid his age blushing a little, and embarrassed since it was out of character for him to do something like that, but... he wanted too so he did.

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