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    An A-mew"-sing New Job (Job)


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    An A-mew"-sing New Job (Job) Empty An A-mew"-sing New Job (Job)

    Post by Sanguine 27th February 2018, 1:21 pm

    Job Descrip:

    The very idea of being delivered these mysterious letters were starting to get rather old. Being that they always happen to come when she was hanging around the humans and asleep.. GOD FORBID THEY PICK A TIME SHE'D BE AWAKE! No, they had to be in the middle of a nap, usually ones with dreams revolving around running through a field of cat nip into a large pool of sanguinous liquid that she could swim in and drink at her liesure or just batting a ball of yarn around while snuggling a litter of cute, mewing kittens. However, now she just sat up in her bed, rubbing her bed head with a low, annoyed growling. "Nyaaaaaa... I'm started to get pawticularly annoyed at this... How's a Queen supposed to get her royal sleep if people keep dropping fucking letters off!" She grumbled, throwing the sheets off of her and getting out of bed. In a haze of her slumber, the blind cat girl had mistaken her step count from her bed to the floor, slipping on the letter and letting out a loud "MMMRRROOWW!" as she'd fallen to the ground, whacking her head. A sudden series of rushed, panic knocks on her door made her sit up, rubbing her head. "What is it?" She questioned at the door, hearing it open and an employee kneeling down before her. "Oh madam. I heard you fall and I was next door cleaning. Are you ok?" Having been told before hand about the blind resident staying the night, the staff had to be sure to keep an eye on her in case there was reason to. "Nya-uh..." She replied, moving to sit on her knees while she patted around a couple times and grabbed the letter with her right hand. Picking it up, she held it up for the worker to see. "Just a little slip up from a random letter. I apreciate you asking though."

    She kept up a kind charade, quietly waiting as the demoness quickly took on her disguise before she could be seen. Of course, she used such an appearance when she had come to stay in this place... but this person knew that... "Miss, do you need me to read the letter to you?" She offered, at first annoying Aoi greatly for how she assumed she would need someone to do something for her. Instead, she chuckled a little and shook her head as she stood up. "N-No thank you, ma'am. The letter inside is in braile. I'll be perfectly fine, I promise. Thank you for your quick checking in, it makes me feel a little more secure." Adding on a smile for effect, the woman gave her a little patting on the head and went back to work. Admittedly... it felt nice, but perhaps that was more of the cat side of her rather than the person. Still, the rather quick response she had was impressive, thankful in all honesty. Now Aoi knew that there were some people whom in this world were genuinely nice and honest, but when it all came down to it, they were still human and still could be wiped off the earth, however... they served more of a purpose to her being around then not. Shutting her door, the hazey look in Aoi's eyes gained their normal subtle glow, fluttering the eyes as she adjusted to seeing once again. "Alright, what do we have here~" Opening up the letter, she kicked back in a chair, reading over the letter. "Seems like a little career is booming... I suppose it won't be too bad." She spoke aloud, setting the letter down and getting herself ready for another rivetting adventure into Magnolia town...

    For chuckles, the disguised neko continued to use her ability to see for the time being. Her curiosity  about the aftermath of her heist got her in a fuss of curiosity. She stopped right away once she could see it and tilted her head. The building was condemned and boarded up. As she had come to take another step, the sonar of her blindness peaked and three silhouettes of people had come to her vision. Reverting herself to her blindness, she looked around and put on a look of concern as the three males rounded the corner and shook her head. "No no.. oh my.. umm.." She pulled at her sweater, fixing it so it would feel a little better on her and soon the boys laughed a little. "You know, coming back wasn't real smart." One boy spoke up, making Aoi jump in surprise. "Wh-Who's there?" She yelled, still playing at the lost blind girl routine. "Don't play us, kid. We know who you are. We're here to take you in." Another declared, taking a step closer to the blood mage."What are you talking about?" She knew it wasn't going how she planned in any way, but it was also working into plan B at the same time... well the plan B that she decided on in just a seconds notice. "Stop playing dumb already! Sheesh, you sure are dumb. We have footage of you inside the store, cat girl." A small meow came from behind her suddenly, which made Aoi jump as she didn't expect for a cat to be there. "You can let the blind girl go! There's no need for hostages." Trying... to really process this whole situation now was... frankly... no, she just coudn't wrap her head around the whole thing entirely.

    Now another idea popped into her head.. one she knew would work. Aoi fell backward toward the cat, falling near it and scraping her hand enough for some blood to be pushed through the lightly broken skin. "S-Someone help me, please!" She cried out, looking around in a panic. All three mages jumped in to bum rush the "cat girl and her hostage." As they all got within range, a sudden explosion kicked up dust around the group. The cat ran away frightened, the three mages jumped back, and Aoi quickly shifted her form to her neko form and purred. Once the dust cleared, two of the three stood up and faced her. The other remain passed out from hitting their head on the way back and down. "What did you do with the girl!?" Her target asked, making her grin. "I nya-ommed her~ Quite a delicious prize. The flesh and blood of an innocent child always soothes my tummy~ Nyehehe" She cackled lightly, licking her lips. Her glare settled on the boy whom she knew had a form of blood magic, but she wanted to see just how he used it before she acted on attacking him. A sword made of light caused her gaze to shift, lightly hissing at the brighter light. Her reblinded eyes saw the effects of her Calamity kicking in. Her sights on them were well enough to work with, no doubt. From the black silk cover, a pink sword let show and by the hilt, Aoi handled the newly brandished weapon. "Ain't she pretty, boys? I'll turn you into puppets so in love with me that you'll never think of anything but serving me as a goddess, I promise you that~" With a wide, toothy grin, Aoi readied to use her weapon as much of an ameteur of using them. Surely it mattered not so long as she could instill one cut into a person. The one wielding the sword of light came at her first. At first, she wanted to be hit and let him think she was an easy mark... but not while Calamity ws in effect. She could not risk the effects backfiring on her. No, instead Aoi remained still as she watched him getting closer and then lunged her sword forward. A decent gash met his side as Aoi took a blow to her right shoulder, shredding both clothing and skin. Her black blood oozed from the wound and she grasped the wound whle holding her weapon, growling angrily. "You disgusting human swine! Ha.. haha... Nyahahaha!" Her cackle filled only one set of ears as her weapon reached the others mind, captivating them. "Honey, your goddess Aoi commands you to attack your friend... Kill him and appease me." She ordered.

    At first he didn't rise, but she soon watched him take off. Sighing, she grew bored of watching a hit and miss game and giggled. A mark above the gash would glow and instanly Aoi appeared, taking one fierce cut down the torso before the blade of light struck his chest. "Tr-Travis.. w-why..." His eyes grew blank and he went limp. Waching the body drop, Aoi knelt down and picked it up, reaching with her mouth to his chest wound and sucking all the blood she could from it. Once she was done, Aoi got up and turned to he captivated target and placed a gentle hand to his cheek. "Travis, dear. You're going to do the following; You will take yourself and friend to a hospital. You will then remember nothing but what I tell you... Your friend attacked an innocent blind girl and he started to go mad. He was following the orders of 'Panther' and no reasoning would make him stop. Once your guild knows, you'll lose all memory of this conversation forever." Tapping him on the cheek with her open palm, he walked away like a zombie to do her bidding, allowing her to take her souvenier of a whole ring finger, placing it in the envelope and watching it vanish. Grabbing the cloth to her weapon, Aoi took her leave through every alley and shadow she could until she could retake her innocent form once more with no problems.

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    An A-mew"-sing New Job (Job) JwEY1nx

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