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    The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy [JOB]


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    The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy [JOB] Empty The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy [JOB]

    Post by Mythica 26th February 2018, 7:16 pm


    Clouds of smoke hung in the sky, as the stench of burning wood filled the air mixed with the dampness of rain. The ground was full of mud and ruin. Nothing was left. It was all, and utterly gone. Standing in the center of this once lively little town was the clock eyed mage herself. With a sinister grin on her face as alway. A flash of light pierced the sky as a beam of energy shot through the thick smaug straight towards her! Mythica didn’t hesitate, shifting her boots backwards to quickly dodge the shot with an acrobatic backwards cartwheel. However, that wouldn’t prove enough as the moment it made impact, the ground around it erupted with a brilliant light! Mythica forced herself to summon a barrier to take most of the hit, but the force alone still made the girl fly back a considerable distance. She landed on one knee, skidding through the mud. Looking down towards it, breathing heavily. This was a very unexpected turn of events. Interesting, maybe even fun… but still not at all what Mythica had learned to expect from this. A legal mage had been prowling about, and now they decided to finally confront Mythica, someone who they had supposedly been following. How delicious. Someone landed on the other side of the ruined town from where Mythica was kneeling. They began to walk forwards. The legal mage had heard about the clock eyed girl before, and was now tasked with spying on her… But Mythica knew they wouldn’t let themselves stand by and watch the insane time mage slaughter an innocent village. Luckily for the legal wizard, the ruins were the only result of Mythica’s magic. The people had gotten away safely, even if Mythica wanted to play with them a little.

    She coughed, a drop of blood coming from her mouth as it leaked onto the muddy ground below her. This guy was powerful, to say the least. Probably stronger than the girl herself. But that would never deter her from making sure this ended in blood. Either hers or his. “GIVE UP NOW! YOUR TIME TERRORIZING THE INNOCENT IS OVER!” Such confidence in his tone… Such arrogance. Mythica found it simply exhilarating. Breathing heavily, the girl stood up slowly, keeping her head down as the rain poured all around them. She began to chuckle as the wizard in front of her looked at her with a serious cold stone stare. That’s when he felt something.. Unusual. Mythica’s aura began to expand… Engulfing the area around them. Until it touched the nearby forest. When it did, the trees began to wither and die. The grass turning a dark grey colour as it wilted and the leaves fell. Mythica wiped the blood from her mouth with one hand before holding up her arm and aiming the pistol directly at the wizard. She looked as if nothing had even touched her in the first place! The wizard widened his eyes slightly, obviously surprised that she had just taken a full hit of his, but now seemingly shook it off as if it was nothing. “I’m sorry, honey. I can’t die here… Not yet.” She said through widened teeth, her eye glowing more intensely than before. She then crossed the weapons in front of her, and released bolts of magical energy from both of them! The yellow beams swirled around the air for several moments as the wizard tried to track their movements while backing up, but to no avail! He could only form a barrier of his own a second before the magical bolts converged on his position! In a brilliant explosion of yellow light, the barrier held off Mythica’s attack, but also shattered completely! This was her chance! As the wizard was blinded by the light, Mythica charged forward, leaping off a destroyed pile of wood! She flew directly above him, ready to strike down with a melee attack! The wizard saw this at the last second and held up his own arms protected by metal gauntlets to defend against her attack. Mythica’s musket it the crossed arms, but she didn't let that stop her! The girl then fell feet first into the mud in front of him and and proceeded to slide directly underneath his legs and jump up behind him, releasing a powerful kick into his back! He grunted in pain, spinning around to hit her with a magic infused punch, but Mythica had already seen this and held up an arm to block his. She then quickly aimed her pistol directly at his stomach, releasing several shots! He was taken completely off guard! Yelling in pain as the bolts caused him to stagger before Mythica kicked him hard straight in the gut! The impact forced him back into a ruined house, dust and smoke exploding from the impact. Mythica grinned as she admired the crater he had made with his body. However, she didn’t let her guard down just yet, she knew he still had some fight left in him. Suddenly, another beam of white energy shot directly out of the ruined house straight towards her. Seeing this just in time, she was able to spin out of the way as it made contact with a tree on the other side of the village, completely obliterating it! The man yelled as he burst from the ruin, his body now glowing with his charge towards the time mage. Mythica smiled, planted her feet in a defense stance, and did not make a single move to avoid the incoming attack. Holding her pistol and musket in hand while he charged up a very powerful attack with his fists. Just as he moved forward to punch Mythica, however, she sidestepped the blow! He ran directly past her before rolling on the ground and skidding to a halt, looking back at her with a confused stare. Why would she choose to stand there until the very last minute? That’s when he noticed her look of confidence, and a very strange feeling tickling his chest. He looked down to see exactly what gave Mythica her cockiness… A yellow magic seal on his chest, slowly counting down 6 seconds. His eyes widened suddenly, before it hit zero… And an explosion of brilliant yellow light filled the air! He screamed in pain from the magical impact… And then fell silent.

    A few moments passed as the clock eyed witch observed the smoking ruin from where she had last seen the legal wizard. She couldn’t sense anything coming from that area now. How odd. She guessed she probably went overboard. That, and her precognition ability wasn’t showing any signs of more fighting. With that in mind, Mythica outstretched her hands and her weapons vanished from her palms. She put her hands behind her back, humming a tune as she turned and skipped through the ruins of the town, towards the nearest road that still lied intact. What an exciting day this had turned out to be. Now she only had one more thing to check off her to do list this day, and that was to figure out where all those pesky civilians scampered off too. She couldn’t have them escape anyways. One of them had information she needed, and she was prepared to slaughter as many people as it took before that info came into the light. As much fun as fighting that wizard was, it ended up being more annoying than usual. He had bought precious time for the rest of the townspeople to evacuate, and now that made her job that much harder. She wouldn’t let that bother her, however. She needed to figure out where exactly they went, and extract what she needed from them. She’d start with the path they all ran down, their footprints were still fresh in the mud, so it appeared it would be easy to follow them. But she needed to move fast, before they reached another town. Thought in mind, she’d waste no more time and begin running, using the time magic she possessed to help enhance her speed.

    About a half hour passed when Mythica noticed something was off. As she continued to run down the road, she couldn’t help but wonder something. She should’ve already caught up to them by now, right? Surly the civilians weren’t that quick on their feet. Especially not when they had wounded and children to look out for. So why hadn’t she found them yet? What was allowing them to evade her pursuit? Her smile soon turned sour as she suspected something unknown was at play here. Either working against her, or maybe something else equally as sinister beat her to them. She didn’t like the thought of that one bit. Mythica NEEDED them alive, despite how she would’ve normally otherwise operated. But this wasn’t a normal occasion. All she could now, however, was keep moving forward. Sooner or later a reason as to why her chase was taking so long would present itself. She just needed to wait a little longer.

    The rain would stop, but Mythica wasn’t paying much attention to the weather when it happened, and barely even noticed it. However, what she did notice was the sudden aura that appeared out of nowhere… She skidded to a halt instantly and gazed around with a look of concern. What was the cause of this? Her golden eye scanned the woods surrounding the road to find an answer, but she couldn’t trace one. She narrowed her gaze. Mythica didn’t like this. She was now beginning to have her suspicions as to what exactly caused her group of prey to escape her grasp. This aura… It was fairly similar to her own. Demonic in origin. And that’s when the ground in front of her began to turn. She looked down at it suddenly to see the once greystone road shift into a sickly dark colour, as reality around it began to warp in and out of place! Mythica summoned her weapons prepared to deal with whatever kind of threat would reveal itself. She wasn’t quite sure what that would be, however. She had never heard of any demons roaming these woods before, or any other magical threat for that matter. Although she couldn’t be too surprised. After all, SHE was roaming these woods right now, and would probably pose an ample threat to anyone who unlucky enough to cross her path. That didn’t change the current situation though, and Mythica was prepared to face whatever danger this thing posed…

    Unexpected… But how? With sudden speed and precision, the ground exploded with a massive demonic looking hand made of magical energy, and it grabbed Mythica where she stood! She was genuinely surprised at the speed of it all! How could she let herself get caught so easily? But before Mythica could even come up with a strategy to escape the claw dragged her straight into the ground! The black magic enveloping her as she was pulled through time and space, the road returning to normal as she vanished from this world…

    The moment Mythica came too, she had no idea what wa going on. Her eyes flickered open to find herself on solid ground… But not at all where she had been before… Just where was she? Grunting, Mythica slowly got to her feet, looking up and gazing around. She gave a confused stare at her surroundings. She appeared to be in the middle of a massive field… Only the earth was blackened with brimstone and grey rock. And the sky above swirled with an odd purple glow… Just where exactly was she? A look of distrust grew on her face as she remembered being pulled into the ground by a demonic claw. So this must’ve been its way of transport. Whatever that claw belonged too obviously didn’t mean to harm her, rather just bring her somewhere else entirely. But wherever “here” was was still a mystery. Something in the corner of her eye stirred her interest, though. Mythica turned to see what looked to be a massive army standing on one side of the field. She turned to see an almost identical army standing on the hill behind her. So this was to be some sort of battlefield between these two armies? But who were these people, what was this place, and why was she here? Mythica couldn’t even begin to guess the answers to any of these questions, but trusted the reasoning would reveal itself in time. For now she just had to keep her guard up. Mythica had a few theories, though. This place could’ve been another realm that the Wakusei portals were known to transport beings too and fro. Whatever this place was, or the reasoning for Mythical being here, however, she needed to get out. She couldn’t afford to waste time in another dimension. Her interests lied only in Earthland and Earthland alone.

    She took a moment to observe the two armies she had been situated in the middle of, and assess their threat. Would they attack her if she got too close? How powerful were they even? And who was leading them? Questions Mythica needed answers too, and was hoping she’d get ones of satisfactory rate. And then she sensed something. Not far from her, two auras. Both demonic. Her hearing picked them up as well. They were close. She turned to see nothing but the barren hellscape, but decided to move in that direction anyways to try and determine the source of these oddities. Grabbing her weapons just to be safe, the clock mage narrowed her gaze as she stalked forward. The voices were louder the father she went, and now Mythica could easily determine that they were that of two girls. Her curiosity was high now, so she didn’t slow down. A particularly large rock protruded from the ground towards the sky. Mythica decided it would be best to scale it, and get a better view of the surroundings. As she climbed up, she noticed a crater far below. Squinting to see it better, that’s where she saw them. Two young woman accompanied by a guard of their own. Both representing each army Mythica could assume. These woman looked strange though. Based on what Mythica had seen so far, she didn’t expect to see two young woman in, oddly dressed fashion representing two massive armies in a demonic hellscape. Although, Mythica couldn’t really be one to judge others on their style choice. After all, Mythica wore a long dress and bonnet into battle as well. She planned not to introduce herself just yet, but rather wait and see what all the fuss was about. So Mythica sat there, exposed, but out of their current line of sight.

    “Well what do you know anyways? We came here to solve this problem!”
    “Well, as far as I can see, there is no way to solve it without fighting each other. It was YOUR idea after all to bring in someone else!”
    “Yet you are the one who used the spell to bring them here, and I don’t see anyone!”
    “I told you I don’t have mastery over space and dimensional manipulation yet! For all I know they could’ve been dropped on the other side of the realm!”

    “Looking for me?” Mythica dropped down from her perch, landing elegantly next to the two girls who upon closer inspection looked almost exactly alike! Despite the colour differences, Mythica guessed they had to have been twins. Both girls and their guardsmen turned their heads in surprised with Mythica’s sudden entrance. The blue haired girl smiled while the red haired one gave a look of concern upon observing Mythica. The clock eyed mage couldn’t help but give a sinister grin when their eyes met. So now it was becoming clear. Whoever these two girls were, they were the obvious heads of both armies. For whatever reason they were fighting, but for some reason needed an outside opinion on where their forces stand. Mythica didn’t know why they couldn’t just duke it out and see who the last man standing was. Would’ve been a lot quicker.. And probably a lot more fun. By Mythica’s standards it would be anyways, she had yet to determine what these two judged as fun anyways. Maybe they were boring pacifists who didn’t actually want to fight, but show each other's force to scare the other one into submission. And of course when it was revealed that they were both relatively evenly matched, they decided to argue rather than spill blood. How boring. Of course, Mythica couldn’t let herself get sidetracked though. She still needed to find a way out of here, and hopefully these two were capable of spitting her out in Earthland like they had been able to drag her here.

    “Well then! Looks like our little tie breaker has arrived! We’ll see who is stronger now!” The blue haired girl said with a grin towards her sister. The red haired girl rolled her eyes before turning back to Mythica. “Greetings human, I’m Masaki, and this is my sister -”
    “Misaki!” She interrupted. Mythica raised her brow and crossed her arms. “We have a little problem, you see. It appears as if our armies seem to be pretty even and uh… We need something or *someone* to change that!” She said excitedly. Mythica was growing more curious now, but still kept her mouth shut. Allowing the other girl to speak her piece. “Aye. It seems we’re both in line for the throne of this world, but we can’t decide who should have it. Our armies stand even now, but we need a champion to pick a side and fight for us to determine who will become the next ruler.” Mythica nodded before putting a finger to her chin. “WEEEELLLL. I’m not really interested, could you just put be back where you found me? Thanks!” She said suddenly. The two girls grew sour and then Misaki waved her hand dismissively. “Pfft. As if. You’re gonna need to cooperate or you’re never gonna see your home again.” This did not sit well with Mythica at all. She glared at them something fierce, and that prompted the Masaki to speak. “If it helps, we both have different motives for this battle. I for one want to see demon kind grow more friendlier with humans, and maybe we can learn to develop some relationships with them! My sister just wants to instill fear into their hearts.” At this Mythica couldn’t help but scrunch up her face. Friendship? With Demons? Really? She sighed and shook her head. “You’re a fool if you think humans and demons can ever be chums. The whole point of demon’s existence is to torment them!” She said. Misaki clapped her hands. “Yes! YES that’s what I’ve been saying! Demon kind can only have one type of relationship with humans, and that will be one of terror.” Knowing the situation Mythica was currently stuck in, she saw no use in trying to bargain any other way. She could’ve of course attacked them and tried to force the girl to send her back, but she wasn’t sure that would be a bright idea. She could sense power in both of them, and they both had equally large armies that could overwhelm the time mage if she decided to do anything rash. So the only option Mythica had was to play along, and hopefully gang the favour of one of these woman. As much as she hated that plan, it seemed to be the only logical course of action. And you’d have to understand this was particularly annoying for someone like Mythica. Who up until this point did EVERYTHING herself, on her own terms. Nobody once telling her what to do, who to fight. But of course, even the mighty have to fall one day. She wasn’t going to let this go unanswered, though. She’d decimate anyone who tried to stop her.

    “So human, who’ll it be?” Misaki asked with curiosity as her sister waited patiently for Mythica’s answer as well. If it wasn’t obvious enough already. Mythica rolled her eyes with irritation and nodded. “Guess I’ll fight for you, blue. Demons are meant to be feared. And besides, even if they tried to become friends with the humans, the humans would never accept them.” Mythica spoke in scattered truth. Where she came from, that didn’t exactly hold sway. She had seen many demons living in Earthland peacefully coexisting alongside humanity. Some were even friends with each other. Of course, Mythica wouldn’t tell anyone here that, however. She wouldn’t want to contradict her own choice. It was just something she chose to believe in. And she’d be willing to kill in order to prove it. Misaki smiled as her sister shook her head. “Fine, fight for the tyranny of our race. It won’t make a difference. In my experience, only the strongest ideal survives.” She said turning and walking back towards her army. However she stopped a few steps later and turned her head back halfway to face Mythica. “Guess I’ll see you later, if you survive… Human.” Ohhhh how Mythica couldn’t wait to put this bitch six feet under. She was gonna enjoy every second of killing her and her followers. Evident by the insane half smile on her face now… Misaki took note of the girl’s expression, but decided not to say anything… As Masaki walked away, her and her followers vanished in spouts of fire. Fire magic she used. Interesting. When they were gone, Mythica turned to Misaki, expecting her to lead the way. “Huh? Oh! Uhh, right! Let’s go get ready!” She motioned Mythica to follow, and she did as instructed. The two girls and Misaki’s own guard walking up the hill towards her army standing stationary, awaiting the order to attack. Soon they reached the frontline of the army, and Misaki turned back to face the field, staring her sister’s forces from across the battleground. Mythica yawned and stretched. “So all I need to do is help you destroy your sister and her army, yes?” Misaki looked over. “That’s the plan. Hoping with the added advantage we have, we can easily crush her.” She clenched her fist in front of her, grinning at the opposing army. Mythica chuckled. “Well this should be fun.” Mythica couldn’t complain about the activity she was being forced into. Even if she hated being told what to do, and being held against her will, she did enjoy the thrill of battle. Especially when she was killing people she had a hatred for. In the short time she had known these two girls, she had already disliked the red haired sister. The way she spoke, and thought. Mythica couldn’t stand it. She would gladly use her power if it meant she could but this girl in her place. Demons and Humans could never coexist happily. They were both part of nature’s law. And that meant nobody could break it. No matter how hard they tried. A demon’s only intent should be the torture and torment of the humanity. She saw nothing else too it. She had never seen anything else to prove her otherwise. Mythica could at least teach that to Masaki while she killed her. It was the least she could do.

    Soon everything would be ready. Misaki would be running around her army, getting the demonic hordes organized as Mythica stood on a rock perch nearby, waiting for the order to attack. During that time, she’d observe the competition, and size up her own chances. The armies would indeed evenly matched. And not just in skill, but they were indeed direct copies of one another. She hadn’t noticed this before, but now that Mythica had, it seemed as if all that was needed to tip the scales was indeed a biased mage who would fight for one of them. The only real threat Mythica could think of was the leader herself. Masaki. A fire demon. Not that the element really mattered, but Mythica could still sense the magic within her. Of course, Misaki was also a demon of power as well. Water magic Mythica had deduced she used. And in her experience, Mythica knew that water usually beat fire. So how much of a threat could she really be? Mythica’s only plan was to break through enemy lines by force, and take down the head of the snake. It was that simple.

    After a few more moments of irritated waiting, Mythica finally opened her eyes when she heard people moving. Misaki appeared next to her in a torrent of blue water. Her suspicions were correct. She smiled down at the time wizard before raising a hand high up in the air. Suddenly, from an unknown location a loud horn blew into the air. The army began to move, and so did the opposing one. The battle had begin. The demons started in a walk, but soon began to run, until finally both sides were sprinting at full force towards each other! Mythica, however did not move an inch. Even as the massive demonic horde rushed passed the girl, causing a rift in the air blowing both her hair and clothes. She simply stood there with her arms crossed, waiting for the right moment. Misaki was now nowhere to be seen. Typical. Most so called leaders these days liked to just vanish as soon as the real threat started. Looked like this pair wouldn’t be any different. Although, Misaki wasn’t Mythica’s concern. Her only goal was drawing out Masaki, her prey for this battle. Her death would be the only way Mythica could escape this world and continue on her usual business. And if she had to destroy an entire army to do that, than so be it. This would not stop her, and nothing else would. And as the two armies got closer and closer together, so did Mythica’s plan come closer to fruition.

    The two hordes finally clashed right in the middle of the hellscape, sparks, fire, and blood sprayed through the air in every direction as both sides met each other with merciless slaughter. This place was starting to grow on Mythica. It was fortunate the job she had been forced to complete was as fun as this looked, but she wouldn’t wait too much longer. With a flash of yellow light, the time wizard appeared in the sky far above the battlefield, her two weapons in hand as she spun elegantly before the fall. And when her body turned to face the onslaught, her yellow eye glowed with extreme light! With a smile on her face, she aimed both weapons towards the battle and released a flurry of shots in every direction! She no longer cared who’s side she was on, she just knew she needed to destroy these things. Not like anyone could really care for them anyways. They were demons. Like humans, they were made to be destroyed and made again. An endless cycle of death and rebirth, and Mythica would help it along in any way she could.

    Multiple demonic entities fell by her spell, and Mythica soon landed straight in the middle of all the fighting. Her eyes gleaming with passion, she’d quickly use her powers to cast multiple different spells. The landscape turned yellow with magical light, and Mythica was in the middle of it all! Demons fighting all around her as she took aim and chose her targets without a care in the world. One by one, they fell to her bullets. Although this job seemed like it would be a bit more difficult than she had imagined it would be. Being in such close quarters like this wasn’t exactly where Mythica’s skills excelled. She’d need to get creative if she hoped to wipe out this army standing in her way. Sure she usually would resort to using her musket as a makeshift club, but without magical enhancement in her strikes, it did little to stray off the demonic entities constantly attacking her. And in such large numbers. As the bodies grew around the girl, so did the crowd of opposing demons. She should’ve expected them to make her their prime target. After all, she had killed more soldiers than anyone else had. That and Mythica was sure Masaki had made a point to them all to make her a priority. She was the only advantage Misaki’s army had over her sister’s. Not taking out Mythica as soon as possible would be a fool’s errand. But thinking she would go down easily was just as equally foolish. Mythica didn’t know where this realm was, but she knew for a fact that it obviously wasn’t hell. And she’d make a point to send everyone here straight there. Without hesitation the time mage would use one of her strongest spells to completely freeze time in the area around her. Multiple demons lied frozen in their tracks, but the majority of the battle still raged on outside the spell’s reach. With that out of the way, Mythica had a moment to collect herself before using her weapons to land precise headshots on every single demonic creature around her. The spell wore off, and they all fell to the ground dead, dropping their weapons. Mythica was left in the open with a almost perfect circle of dead bodies around her as the battle continued just outside. Smiling, she kicked a fallen demon’s spear from the ground, catching it with one hand spinning to thrust it straight through another’s chest that attempted to go for an overhead strike. Finishing him off with a precise blast to the abdomen, the creature’s body split in two, falling to the ground. And that’s when she saw her. Masaki. Mythica’s grin turned wide as her yellow eye ticked with utter anticipation. The woman stood atop a rock deflecting all the demon’s trying to attack her. They were met with fire and soon death.

    The fire demoness made eye contact with Mythica, and grimaced. She motioned a hand towards the girl, and suddenly out of the smoke two demonic chariots came charging towards her! This was new. The horses galloped with such speed and ferocity, they easily crushed any demon that got in their way. Their wheel spikes also did a number on anyone unlucky enough to get near. But it was obvious these two demon horses were coming for her. Mythica wouldn’t let them down. She released several bolts at them to test their resolve, and like she expected, they didn’t even flinch. If the horses were tough, than the weak spot had to have been something else. That’s when she realized the drivers were more or less regular demons. Now coming up with a plan, Mythica would sprint forward towards the charging chariots and run up an outcrop of rock! She’d leap over the chariot, landing directly on top of the demon driver. Releasing several flashes into the creature’s skull, the demon died and Mythica took the reigns. She’d yank back as hard as her muscles would allow, the horse screeching to a turn and it would charge forwards in a blind rage just as the other chariot was nearing. With one hand on the reigns, the other reached out and summoned her musket. The two were set to hit each other if someone didn’t move out of the way! At the last second, Mythica yanked the reigns out of the way and the chariot veered inches from hitting the other. She threw her rifle up in the air and caught it again, this time holding the barrel. Using the back of the weapon she quickly swung just as the two carts passed each other, hitting the demon straight in the head with such force, the creature’s already weak body tore, its head flying several feet through the air.

    Mythica stepped off the cart and walked forwards towards the hill Masaki was standing upon. A veil of red fire surrounding the girl. They both knew what needed to be done now. “Come then, demon! Show me what all that power is worth!” Mythica laughed maniacally, getting her weapons ready. Masaki growled with distaste and did not hesitate to strike first! With a swing of her hand, a fireball came rushing towards the time wizard. Mythica saw this coming however, her eye telling her everything. She effortlessly ducked out of the way, and broke into a run! The demon tried multiple more firebolts, but not a single one hit their mark. She was too agile for simple head on attacks like that. At this point, Masaki started switching up her attacks. Instead of just fire, the demoness also made use of darkness based magic. Evident by the black ball of power rushing towards Mythica. She’d aim her pistol forwards, firing straight into it! The ball exploded with black magic as Mythica rushed through the remains straight towards Masaki! She fired her own barrage now, only to have it blocked by a wall of flames. How annoying. Mythica would elegantly leap over it, falling straight onto the woman! Masaki would leap back just as Mythica landed, her impact causing the time around them to shift suddenly. Masaki eyed her surroundings carefully before out stretching a hand and summoning a fire sword. Mythica grinned and used the magical musket as her shield as the girl attempted to strike her down. She’d shove the blade sideways, and headbutt the woman! Both of them felt dazed for a moment, but Mythica shook her head furiously before using this opening to her advantage, planting a heavy kick straight into the girl’s abdomen. Taken by surprise by the sudden blow, the demoness flew backwards into a rockface. As the dust cleared, Masaki got to one knee, wiping off the dirt, and eyed Mythica with a mighty rage. It was amazing. Mythica simply chuckled and aimed her weapons at the girl. She did not hesitate to pull the trigger now, bullets flying everywhere! Masaki was quick though, leaping up out of the line of fire and summoning the sword again for a powerful strike. Mythica knew she wouldn’t be able to block that thing with her musket alone, so she leaped sideways just as the blade made impact with the ground, causing an upheaval of earth! Masaki was now very angry, a ring of fire appearing around the two as she continued her onslaught to end Mythica’s life. Mythica wasn’t going to let her however. She get rid of her musket, keeping only her pistol for more speed, and quickly dodge every blow the girl made. Mythica knew to use her opponent’s anger against them. She was making sloppy mistakes in her footwork. Ones Mythica could easily predict, even without her precognition. Everytime the girl missed a strike, Mythica would plant a bolt of painful magic on her body with the pistol. This went on for a while, Masaki growing more and more tired with each swing, and Mythica constantly punishing her for every mistake she made with instant pain, and another inch closer to death. Finally, Mythica could end this. After one last feeble strike, Mythica summoned her musket once more to block it. Masaki was surprised, seeing as Mythica hadn’t had it with her before. With a sly grin, she then let off several more shots into her stomach! This time she was too tired and too exhausted to dodge. She could only tank the hints until Mythica’s gun overheated… And it eventually did after 10 consecutive shots. Holes bored in her clothes as pools of red grew around them. The fire demon fell to her knees as Mythica backed off for a moment. With one swift kick to the face, the red haired woman lie on her back, gazing at the demonic sky above. That was it? Mythica had hoped these demons would’ve actually been able to give her challenge. But she guessed she shouldn’t have expected as much. Few demons could withstand the power of Laplace and Inuki fused into one body.

    “Hey, you won!” Misaki appeared after the battle ended. Seeing her sister lying on the ground. “You owe me now.” Mythica stated the obvious. Misaki nodded. Just then, Masaki’s body went up in fire. And she re appeared completely unharmed next to her sister. “You won, human. We demons however cannot die in our own world. But we hold true to our word.” Mythica snickered. True demons would never keep silly promises…

    Soon, Mythica found herself back where she started. On the path leading towards the next village. The skies were grey and light rain poured down from them. It felt good to be back.

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