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    Purrrsonal Business (Job)


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    Purrrsonal Business (Job) Empty Purrrsonal Business (Job)

    Post by Sanguine 26th February 2018, 7:04 pm

    Job Descrip:

    The chirping of the birds in the sky overhead made her a little hungry... Perhaps the very feline nature within her was starting to overrun her mind a little more often than she had wanted it to, but it kept her mind sharp and her influence very dominating. A feeling that the "Queen of the Felines" had thought it to be something to keep her head into the game for. She feared to revolt in those creatures that followed. After all, they entrusted their powers to her, so to be overthrown would show that they had no care to give into the plans that she had in store once she gained this power she so desired. A power that Eris intended to give to her; something she demanded she prove to earn. Perhaps now it was just the stubbornness of the neko or the pride of a blind girl. However, she was left alone and saw this as nothing more than her Goddesses test. Yes, if she could gain the power herself, she could surely see this to be something that was meant to happen. A fate guided by the woman, creature, feared being from which Aoi praised and loved for her ruthlessness. Unfortunately, she was to tend to her own affairs and do things to the way that she would want them to be done. To make a feared rumored name for herself in some way. She'd give it some time to develop, but no matter what, she had to take the time to develop herself, her plans, her connections, and be able to do what it took to be effective in every scenario that could come upon her, and in time she would lash out with the power necessary to crush all foes beneath her like the useless, worthless garbage they were.

    Shaking these thoughts from her mind, Aoi ran a hand through her brunette locks and flicked them back behind her, humming peacefully in the slight spring air. Her clothing choice of the day was a simple, but adorably gorgeous combination in her mind. A pinnicle of innocence if you will. A short sleeved, white button down shirt had been mostly covered by a cashmere sweater in a beige color, the brightness of the top being enough to not to blend in or stand out from the color of her hair, but to also fit into the pair of denim jeans she wore on her legs. With only a pair of black flats, the blind girl continued her way down the street. The steps she took creatred pulses around her much like a human- demonic sonar. People and objects became lit up very briefly to her as silhouette's which enabled her to avoid running into things or people. Adjusting the little beret like cap on her head, the disguised Neko plotted her plans for the day. Being the face of missing royalty, the former princess led a life astranged from the natural bratty, spoiled life as an heir to the throne, however something ticked in her mind from which she wanted to check on. She began to wonder something... there was something that Aoi knew happened once a year after the start of the year, however the blind mage had no idea what day it currently was. Looking around, her foot tapped on the ground to help her locate someone to help her. After a moment, a person on a bench caught her eye and she made her way over, stopping beside the side of the bench and smiling. "E-Excuse me, might I bother you for the date?" Aoi sweetly asked, hearing the krinking of paper before a scoffing of an elderly mans voice. "Are ya blind, girl? It's on the front of the paper. It's February 22." He rudely replied. In a normal setting, she'd have him into a wall begging for his life for his disrespectful attitude, but she simply nodded and her hand gripped the slightly long sleeve as only her fingers and thumb poked out from it, effectively cutting off half of her hand from being seen. "W-Well.. I-I am, sir..." She looked down, trying to sound like a girl crushed by a traumatic experience, when in reality the mention only lit a fire under her flame. He looked up and noticed the milky, blank look in her eyes and his stuttering made her smirk internally. She loved making humans sound and look like such bumbling morons. "I-I'm so sorry, miss. Are you ok getting around? Can I call someone for you or get you a ride somewhere?" He asked, trying to make up for his attitude and manners.

    That was Aoi's time to strike. She knew the date was familiar! Oh how perfect she choose this day to be in Crocus. "As a matter of fact, I'd be grateful if I could have a ride to the castle gates. I live not far from there, so if I'm there I can easily make my way home from there." Not necessarily lying was the only thing keeping the blood mage from revealing the bluff behind her plans. "Absolutely! Here, allow me to escort you to a taxi." The older male offered, trying to pry himself as a caring citizen, she already knew he was a lying piece of garbage... He'll have to die soon, but in time. She nodded quietly and he took her arm, gently guiding her and helping her into the back seat of a cab. "Where to, ma'am?" The cab driver asked, being handed jewels suffient enough for her fares and a generous tip to boot. "Please sir, to the Castle gates. It's a staple checkpoint to walking home, and I really reserve myself to walking. It helps me adjust to larger and smaller crowds what with being blind." Aoi had explained. The mere pity humans took on someone with disabilities was very apalling, but it was also very advantageous to do so as well. In her attempts to get out after arriving nearly 15 minutes in a quiet ride, she thanked the driver and had nearly tripped getting out of the vehicle. One thing Aoi could never find herself being used to was getting in and out of modes of transportation. It was hard to adjust to where she was if she couldn't map it out and needed to rely on silhoette's of landmarks to remember where she was. However, the gates were perfect memories for her, both in imagination of childhood and in present outline. "Please move on, miss. You cannot move any closer." One guard warned, setting his eyes on her, he straightened up and cleared his throat. "M-My apologies. Please, feel free to walk about as you please. I didn't mean to trouble you." He yelled, watching her as she simply smiled back and nodded, making no comment back and taking some steps to the left and turning the corner. There, she saw no person about and began to giggle lightly, containing herself mostly. She loved human sympathy and how idiotic it made them.

    Tapping her foot and looking about, she spotted a small area to hide for a moment before running over to it and hiding. There, her appearance changed completely. Her clothing transformed into nothing more than a black latex catsuit and her now long, raven black hair laid down fully like it had in her disguise. "Nyaaa... Nyathing more annoying than having to fix my hair constantly per changing form..." She muttered, tying them into twintails perfectly and then standing up, stretching and running her hands down her suit, smiling as her eyes formed new life, granting her sight. "Mmm.. Lovely to be in this after so long~ It's a shame it won't be for long~" The neko commented, looking about before she pounced up onto the castle walls and pouncing down just as quick behind a bush. Hearing guards move by, she waited and scurried on her hands and knees like a feral creature into the next hiding point. Silently shaking her head, Aoi took a moment and tied her twintails into buns, patting her work before she peeked out to check on moving on. As she did so, guards moved around the corner, causing her to jump back into hiding. "Did you see someone?" A guard asked, jogging over with a weapon drawn. His partner in tow, Aoi looked about and smirked. Once the guard arrived, he saw the area was barren. "Huh... Thought someone was there." His partner sighed and shook his head. "This is the third time in the last two weeks..." He turned around and as he did, his partner disappeared into the shadows, followed by a light snap. The snap made the first guard turn back around when the spear he held lunged forward, striking him in the trachea, silencing him. The sight of the blood put her in a rush, dragging him back and then pulling the weapon clean. She bit into his neck by his artery, taking her time to suck all of his blood clean dry and then casting it aside. Sated from this prey, Aoi looked over to the other whom she'd snapped the neck of and pulled him over and doing the same. Once he had been discarded, the neko licked her lips and moaned with glee. "Human blood... It never disappoints me in how delicious it tastes~" Wiping a small line of blood from her chin, Aoi got up from her meal and skipped out quietly until she'd gotten to an entrance to the castle. From there she could hear the sound of a light discussion in the distance. The voices made her cat ears twitch at the mention of how it was just another year of being hosted by a heirless country. "Heirless, huh? Nyow nyow... Time to teach these brats how to have a REAL party... Nyehehehe~" With a coy grin, Aoi started to make her way to the room, her latex suit changing it's appearance to that of a cute maid uniform. "The new neko maid has arrived~" She chimed playfully in an amused tone, stepping to the room and taking an empty tray sitting nearby.

    Looking about, the children she once knew were mere teenagers on the brim of adulthood. Still mere childish brats to this former royal family member, she put on a fake smile and approached the table. "Good afternoon, masters and mistress'~ May I purrrrepare you all anything?~" She asked in a playful manner, looking around as they all glared at her. "Tea, wench." Ordered one of the female guests. Not seeming to be really kind about how she treated the staff, it would probably explain why she didn't see any around. "As you wish, Mistress. Might anyone else want anything, nya?" The boys all looked at the maid then back to themselves and smirked. "Get naked for us." They said in unison. Aoi stared, blinking as if she didn't know what she was going to say or do, but smiled and giggled. "You boys couldn't get a quality girl looking through a nudy magazine. I am not belittling myself for a couple horny boys." She replied, angering them but making the 2 girls laugh a little. "I like this maid. Not afraid to make her stand." One commented, looking up to the neko maid for a moment. "She reminds me of the Fiore princess a little. Snarky but proper always. Anyway, tea is lovely, so please hurry along before the boys start up their routine again." With just a silent curtsy, Aoi made for a swift exit and then stopped around the corner. She always did like that one... it's great to know being around the other hadn't tainted her personality over the years. Sneaking into the kitchen while plotting, she prepared a pot of tea with 5 cups, setting four of them with a small liquid and a drop of her own blood. Knowing how blood reacted in the human digestive system, her blood would mix and dilute in the tea. Coming back, she set the tray down and poured each royal their respective cup, passing them out without getting too close to any of the males, knowing what they'd try to do. "Do enjoy the tea, everyone. I must get to some house chores, but I will be around if needed." With one last curtsy, Aoi left the room, waiting nearby as they all began to drink their tea. After just a moment, the liquid laxitive and blood began to mix, causing violent eruptions from both ends of their bodies, leaving only the kinder of the royal heirs peacefully sipping her tea and enjoying the site of the struggling people. "Perhaps that will teach you to never bite or flirt the hand that feeds." Once alone, the remaining girl looked towards the doorway, as if expecting someone to show up despite Aoi standing there listening. "I wonder what happened to Aoi... I still miss her." The sound made her eyes widen some, never expecting someone from here to even remember her name, much less miss her. Despite all she wanted to do now, she simply made her escape before being noticed. She did enough for now and that was good enough. Another time and she'll get her chance at the one who still remembers.

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