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    Rejoice ❇ Private, Job


    Rejoice ❇ Private, Job Empty Rejoice ❇ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 19th February 2018, 5:14 pm

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    Rejoice ❇ Private, Job Empty Re: Rejoice ❇ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 19th February 2018, 5:16 pm

    Munch. Munch.

    "Um... Miss?"

    Munch. Munch.

    "Those are for the donors..."

    Munch. Mun-
    Mei stopped her chewing, looking up to the taller nurse with a mouth full of salted crackers. Oh... Right. These weren't for her. They were for the people who were giving blood. It was her job to hand these out. But she was so starved that she accidentally started to consume them herself. The brunette and the older lady stared at each other for an uncomfortable minute before the earth mage started to push the cream colored mush of food out of her mouth and back into the packages in her hands.
    "Just-" Mei paused her action, looking back up to the nurse questioningly mid-spit. The nurse sighed. "-Finish what you've eaten. Leave the rest for the people who are actually donating blood."

    "Okay." She agreed in a muffled manner, a few specs of cracker falling from her lips in the process.
    Ah, good. So she could finish her meal. Mei didn't need to be asked twice. She instantly sucked the mush back up and swallowed. The nurse gave her a disgusted look, looking away with an annoyed expression before walking away to tend to the donors.
    After consuming the rest of the already eaten crackers Mei focused back onto the people around her.
    Some were awaiting to be sucked dry, others had already been sucked of their blood and were now a bit light headed. Mei didn't exactly get it. Didn't you want your blood inside of you? What purpose was there to getting someone suck it out to give to someone else? Blood was the last thing to leave your body. At least in battle. If you lost too much you had good chance of dying. Unless it was like for a blood pact or something, but those actually meant a whole lot. It meant you were bonded by blood to someone. Just giving it to give it away? Mei couldn't understand why in the world you would do that.
    Fiore people were weird...
    But as long as this counted as one of her good deeds, she supposed she would do it. Not like she was getting paid or anything, which kinda sucked. But perhaps she could sneak in a couple mouthfuls of crackers, cookies, and juice as compensation. Yeah, good deeds and all, but she was hungry dammit. Didn't her hunger mean anything? They had way more than enough to feed her and the other dozens of people coming to donate their blood. Surely they could spare a few condiments.
    Purple eyes scanned left, then right, before sneaking in another pack of crackers.

    "Excuse me, miss!" An old man called to her, causing her to pause her eating. "May i have one of those?" He asked, pointing to the tray in her hands. Mei dry swallowed the crackers, shaking away the drying sensation in her throat before scampering away to deal out the various foods and drinks.
    Speaking of drinks, she would need to find one for herself before too long... These things were dry as all hell.

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