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    iReallyWantThisThing [Private/Job] Empty iReallyWantThisThing [Private/Job]

    Post by Arata on 20th May 2016, 7:51 pm

    iLac. That was the latest thing... it was some sort of Lacrima Communication Device, and it was all the rage all over Fiore, and Famine had told Arata and the rest of Basilisk Fang that they needed to get their hands on some, for some reason or another... Arata was fairly sure it had something to do with communication. He was not really entirely sure, he had kind of zoned out and only heard the words 'obtain' and 'iLac'. He should probably pay more attention, someone who planned on altering the world's hierarchy seriously needed a better attention span... oh well... he would cross the bridge when he came to it.


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