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    My New Friend the Celebrity


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    My New Friend the Celebrity Empty My New Friend the Celebrity

    Post by Sogeki 10th February 2018, 9:20 am

    "This must be the place." Sogi was not sure if he had actually arrived at the arena where the concert was going to be held. In fact, he was not able to even see the building only a few meters from him. A wall of people blocked Sogi's view. Men and woman blocking his way were not precisely taller than an average person; however, their average height was enough to block the sigh of a 7-year-old.

    A few days ago, a man asked the guild of Fairy Tail to deliver a message to the popular singer Mikiko. A young singer who had just been a few years in the music business. Her career was just starting to shine. The man who was sending the letter claimed to be an old friend of the singer and was essentially in need to confess his love. Sogi decided to take the job as it looked, not only fun but not too dangerous as well. At first, the man was uncomfortable trusting such a job to a 7-year-old, then again, he was part of Fairy Tail which meant he was somewhat of a big deal between mages. Or so thought the man.

    Sogi tried jumping to have a better view of the situation, but his efforts were not enough to see the stage. The concert was supposed to be a public presentation in the center of Magnolia, where one would not need to pay any kind of fee to see the celebrity. After a few jumps ending up in the same position, Sogi decided to change his strategy and climb to a nearby tree. Being small and agile, he was easily able to get to the top and get a better view. It was around 6 in the afternoon and the celebrity was going to appear until around 9 o'clock. The stage was actually just being prepared. A few men were moving microphones around as well as some instruments and lights. Sogi was running out of time since the best moment to find he celebrity would probably be before the show.

    Sogi thought about many different possibilities, but in the end, he decided to make a run for it was the better option. Sogi jumped from the tree and landed on a man's head; however, his foot being on top of the man's head last only a second since the kid started to run on top of the people. He felt just like a superhero. He was having so much fun he actually ignored the constant complaints of those he stepped on and quickly reached the main stage, where a couple of guards looked at him and eventually tried to catch the kid. Sogi used a spell to increase his speed and was easily able to pass the guards and run to the backstage. He ran through a small building where many doors blocked Sogi's entrance, but just as he turned in a corner, his face crashed against what felt like a leg. Sogi fell backward and rolled a bit before landing on his but. "Ouch." Said Sogi getting the attention of the female he had crashed against. "Are you okay little one?" Sogi looked up and saw he had just crashed against the celebrity known as Mikiko. She was around here 20's and was actually very beautiful in person. She was wearing her stage outfit already and looked like a very nice person.

    "Mis Mikiko, he's a vandal, stay away from him."
    Said a guard who had just caught up with the quick kid. "No, wait, let me talk to him." Said Mikiko and made it clear for the guards they could leave. "What's your name kid." Asked the girl as she kneeled to be at the same height as the now standing Sogi. "My name is Sogi, I'm from the guild Fairy Tail and came to give you this letter." Said as he whipped a tear trying to charm himself out of the situation. Sogi handed the letter to the girl. The celebrity opened the letter and started reading, it took her about a minute before she finished and let a tear drop from her eye and through her cheeks. "You're crying." Said Sogi in surprise. "Yes, this is a very good friend of mine. Thank you Sogi." Said the girl and pat Sogi's head. "It was good to hear from him." She said and paused for a few seconds as she looked at the roof of the construction. "You know what Sogi, would you like to join me in my show?"

    The rest of the night was more than fun for little Sogi. He joined Mikiko in her concert and was able to dance all night on the stage with her. It was a fun night indeed. It was a night he would remember for ever and a friend he would keep.



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