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    Celebrity Hunt! [Job]

    Neah Wolphrax
    Neah Wolphrax

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    Celebrity Hunt! [Job] Empty Celebrity Hunt! [Job]

    Post by Neah Wolphrax 16th August 2018, 1:40 am


    Word Count: 661

    “Yeah, yeah, consider it done.” Balthazar would flash a confident peace sign to the man, before heading off with the letter in question securely placed in a pocket on his jacket. Honestly, this job sounded like a lot of hassle, and he had to mull over it for a decent while to even decide whether he wanted to take it or not. Getting mixed into masses of hyped up fans was not his idea of a perfect day, but he guessed it was one of the simpler tasks to undertake if he wanted to have some time left of the day after taking care of it.

    Now then, celebrity hunt go! Luckily enough, locating the main hub of activity was far from hard at all, people flocking to where they heard the famous visitor was right now. As he approached closer to the thick crowds that were forming, Balthazar would mentally sweatdrop to himself at the rabid behavior of some of the people present. Was it truly so much of a honor to get close to a celebrity? It’s not like anyone would care all that much unless one wanted to simply wear it as a cool achievement badge they’d get to brag about to people. Personally, he’d hardly consider it to be a very important thing in life, but then again, to each their own as they say.

    Musings and opinions aside, he’d take advantage of his naturally tall stature to sneak looks over the bustling masses, in attempts to determine which route would be the most likely one to lead to a successful delivery. He’d hate to get caught due to being too careless. Not that he knew just how stern the security guards were, however it was a risk better not taken. Doing his best to not get flattened and turned into human sandwich filling, he’d slink around through the fairly tight spaces between people, slowly but steadily getting closer to his goal. Man, feeling like a sardine in a can was certainly not pleasant at all. He was pretty sure that the humid heat generated by the amount of people was making him sweat at that point, though it was a little too late to consider turning back. He was getting this done; after all he did promise that he would.

    It took an almost torturous amount of time to squeeze his way through to the front lines of this unnecessary gathering, albeit once he managed to get that far, it was all a matter of keeping his ground and waiting for an opening to slip past any potential guards keeping hawk eyes on the scene. Which he had to admit was a slightly tougher job than he expected, but thanks to the amounts of people trying to get as close as they possibly could, he was at the very least granted the automatic advantage of there being too many overhyped fans to keep an eye on.

    Spying a moment when the security was busy dealing with a very rude and loud person a little ways off, he’d turn into his bat form, swooshing his way inside, carrying the letter carefully as he glanced across the inside area to see what could be done there. His target seemed to be busy talking with someone who was probably one of her escort or the like, but she seemed to have left her carrier purse resting on a small bench to the side. Deciding to take the opportunity, he’d fly over and drop the letter on top of it before making his escape as swiftly as he could. There. She would certainly pick it up soon and read it, if only out of curiosity, right? Well, as long as what he knew was true, and she and the customer did know each other from the past, he would definitely get some proof of the venture having been a success soon, whether the confession paid the man off or not…


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