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    Gotcha Force! [Job; Advent]

    King Zenshin
    King Zenshin

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    Gotcha Force! [Job; Advent] Empty Gotcha Force! [Job; Advent]

    Post by King Zenshin 19th October 2017, 12:01 pm

    job info:

    He could feel himself falling down through water. He tried to resist it and swim to the surface of whatever body of water which held him, but his struggles were in vain as some kind of force pulled him down. Eventually, the mage realized that he wasn't breathing, that he didn't need to breathe. Before he could think on this fact further, he was pulled deep enough such that no light could reach his eyes and he felt as though he fell from the water and into a free fall. While he fell, he could feel himself descending slower and slower until he came to a full stop the moment his body made contact with the ground. Zenshin stood up and looked down and around him. It seemed as though he was standing at the center of a relatively large spotlight.

    Familiar voices could be heard from beyond the edge of the light. Voices which prompted his head to ache as he tried to comprehend them. The difference, though, is that this time he could actually discern them. This fact seemingly pleased the source of the voices as they quieted down once they realized he could understanding them. One started and informed him that they saw the power they took from him as potential, but he needed to rebuild his power from the ground him in order to realize this potential. They knew the questions he would ask before he could even verbalize them. He was informed that he would serve them and they would lend him their power. This was not posed as a question, nor as a demand, simply as a fact of nature.

    He was to do what they asked and they would, after his purpose was served, reunite him with his wife. Then, Zenshin began sinking into the ground and, once his head was fully submerged, he awoke. Sweat ran down various parts of his body. They can communicate with me through my dreams. Not even my thoughts are safe. What are they? he thought, going through his morning routine of showering and brushing his teeth before heading to the job board. He wanted a challenge to get his mind off of what he had heard. So far, all the direction he had from them was to hunt. They couldn't quite get any more vague. He looked at board intently and the only job that was above his rank seemed to be from Toylaten. It was originally a D-Rank mission but seemingly those who have attempted to figure out what has been happening to the toy shipments haven't been returning.

    I suppose this will do. I wonder if Advent wants to join me. Doesn't hurt to ask he thought, recreating a small envelope in his hand with a letter which gave him the time and job information. The envelope was post marked to the West Fiore Trading Company, a place to which Advent was connected, and was sent on its way via some fancy mailing lacrima he had in his room. Before long, he sat at the city limits of Toylaten as the time he had given Advent quickly approached. Soon, he would know whether his team member would be joining him once again.

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    Gotcha Force! [Job; Advent] Empty Re: Gotcha Force! [Job; Advent]

    Post by Hania 20th October 2017, 4:43 pm

    Advent was a mage that always seemed to be on the move for one reason or another, it was almost as if he was looking for something but even he didn't know exactly what he was looking for. He had made some friends and allies along the way, even had a tutor that was helping him understand Fiore and the fourth cycle that he could barely touch or hear at current. He knew that hearing the cycle of spirit would be tricky in comparison to the others since it was the one the others hid almost like they where protecting it from harm but he would find his way to it eventually and he knew it. It was part of what he was as much as he hated to admit or accept it, he was the balancing requiem his penance for the destruction he had caused as a newborn and the reason for his apparent insanity as everyone else saw it. He wasn't insane and he didn't hear what wasn't there; he was in fact perfectly sane, well as sane as he could be with how he protected his mind from his magic and hearing people from the cycles.

    Regardless he had made a group with the one he now seen as his big brother due to the bonding he had with him and an elder male who almost acted like their father. Where he and Zeno always had a telepathic link with one another so always kept in touch, he and Zenshin did not and where he knew Zenshin would always return to his guild so could send letters there. Advent's wanderings on the other hand made it that much harder to get in touch with him, so it was agreed that they would open a mailing box at the West Fiore Trading Company located within Tolgalen and that he would go at least once a month to see if the elder male had been trying to contact him. It seemed like that time was now as the youth finally landed at the dock "I hate ships the waves make vibrations hard to feel!" he pouted, it was the same complaint he had every time he had to check his mail or go on a ship in general.

    He walked through the dock going through the normal security measures that the trading company had in place for it's and everyone else's safety. Once done he made his way through the paths, up the long flight of steps to the main building, he could hear the etching on the wall of remembrance he was told about when he was hear last and it made him sad to know that they had lost people out at sea. "The cycles will look after them" he whispered more to himself before he turned to where he was suppose to be going. "I think they've added more steps." he said counting them as he walked up the white stone steps his hand going to the carved mahogany doors a smile on his face as he walked in, he was glad to see that it was busy as always heading to the wall his messages went to and touched the box listening to it open knowing it would only open to his energy.

    He blinked as he placed his hand in and felt something inside "I have mail!" he exclaimed excitedly as he took it out closing the box and plopped right there on the marble floor to find out who it was from and what they wanted, it didn't even dawn on the youth the only three people who knew of this box where Zenshin, Zeno and Rhyolo; even then one of the three didn't need to use it. He couldn't figure out what it said so held it up above his head "One of you care to read this to me?" he asked a grin present, it was the first piece of mail he had received since the box was opened for him and he was as excited as a child on Christmas. "Zenni sent it?" he said tilting his head to the side listening to everything else that was said nodding "Okay, off to toy town we go." he said with a shrug standing up and walking off placing the letter into a pocket as he did so.

    Before long he was back on the ship heading for the location that was stated on the letter, he still thought it was strangely named and preferred it to be 'toy town' so to him that is what it would forever be known. After days on the ship it finally docked at the right area, he still had a bit of a walk but that took him no time at all as he soon came across the town he was meant to be in. "Oh where, oh where could the Zenni be? Oh where, oh where could he be!" he started to sing loudly hoping that if he didn't come across Zenshin, Zenshin would be able to hear him and they would eventually bump into one another.

    Word count: 853


    Gotcha Force! [Job; Advent] 59875_s

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    Post by NPC 20th October 2017, 4:43 pm

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