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    Toast of the Verisi [Private]

    King Elyx

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    Toast of the Verisi [Private]

    Post by King Elyx on 7th October 2017, 5:50 pm

    I Won By Accident?
    Watch What Happens When I Do It on Purpose!

    "Welcome to the Verisi Family"

    The day was set, the family to be brought together as one. A force that no one could mess with without the cost of their lives. These members were the Verisi, the children of Fiore. Family. This one in particular was the strongest in existence, not a single group to rival these members. Either individually or as a group, crossing their path was suicide. First generation family members went unrivaled, Miran was an example of that, trapping one of Fiore's best inside of a mere illusion An army with that much power within every member has the potential to wipe the cosmos. Second generation of Verisi, Elyx made sure to let the legacy continue. So today was the day he got to meet the members and declare them the next Verisi family members. But of course, he was not going to follow their traditions. Instead, he was going to make one of his own, something that welcomed them and didn't conflict with their beliefs. An option for them to go out on the battlefield with a head held up high, no fear of them being caught doing what they like instead of what others tell them to do.

    First of all, titles and ranking meant nothing. While they did determine strength, one who wants to show off a higher rank will be met by Elyx personally. None of that higher authority crap here, they were all children with the same goal. Fiore is a target, ranks will not matter should they end up on the chopping block. Trivial causes will not be tolerated, and the same will apply for positions such as guild masters and ishvals. Talking about them is fine, but the brunette was in no mood to deal with those who want to play the power game, and this was going to be an ideal that was strictly enforced.

    Second, all of them are unknown to the outside world. They are not to reveal that they are within this group. If they were going to keep themselves safe from the eyes of the world, they couldn't be associated with each other. There is to be a secret messenger to deliver the messages from the Verisi family for them to the outside world. All identities are to be masked, and any revealing of the family or it's members will be apprehended. To make this work, they needed to stay underground and out of sight. If the Magic Council were to catch wind of a secret group, they get labeled as a guild automatically, as well as have any secrets revealed to them as they are being watched daily. They are to set their own rules and act however the family agrees, regardless of moralities.

    Elyx considered this group most important to him, as it was a cause that they could all get behind. Not one person taking control and telling everyone else what to do, but a true democracy. A place of debate, or comfort, a family he wants to create. The ones who put blades into the hearts of those in the family will receive equal with an interest higher than the Sophists could ever charge.

    The brunette stood up at the top of the Sky Tower. It was evening time, the sun about to go down. Warmth radiated down onto him as he stood at the direct top. A meeting place that was temporary, as he wanted to confirm the members to be in the family before he revealed any secret area. Aside from the house within the Rose Gardens, he set up an underground network for them to work with, traveling through all sorts of places such as Oahu, an underwater city. It took a few days for him to set up the areas, but with Shima's perfect crafting skills, a whole network for the world has been set. They could theoretically be anywhere they please as long as they take the underground passageways.

    In front of him was a massive table, as if a Thanksgiving feast were to be prepared. Each seat has a glass for a member to drink from, where they will find the sweet Apple Cider to be used for the toast. It was a celebration after all, a group as dedicated and powerful as the Verisi, and they all are going to make that a reality. As for Elyx, he stood with his musketeer attire on, as formal as he was once when he was a Lerale in Shadelle. With the exception of the rapier, he was prepared to greet the children the same way he would greet the audience of an orchestra performance. While keeping a small and collected half-smile equipped, he felt a bit more. He was looking forward to see whom brought themselves to join the group who wishes to fight for the greater good of this land.

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    Re: Toast of the Verisi [Private]

    Post by Lilium on 9th October 2017, 4:08 pm


    ■ @Verisi ■


    It really is an odd feeling returning to a place that you begged yourself not to go to. This area, this stiff air, the atmosphere. All of it reminded the holy mage of home. While most people yearn to be home, Hikari would rather be as far from home as she could possibly be. The place that she once called her home was somewhere she could happily live without visiting. She never wanted to go back to a place where she'd be reminded of how much she was taken for granted. Yet, here she was. At a place that was nearly a splitting image of her early years remember. Granted it may be a tower, but when you were little, anything seemed giant, no matter what. The intimidating atmosphere that this skyscraper essentially instilled was that you were small compared to it. The holy mage's usually confident walk was reduced to a more closed off small shuffle as the holy mage felt her attitude drop.

    A stutter in her appearance would cause the holy mage to stop. She looked at her hair, as it flickered between green and her normal red hair. This was really bad. If she was in a bad enough state of mind that her appearance was reverting back. Slapping the palms of her hands to her cheeks, her eyes trained forward. You can get through this! You were called to this for a reason. Truth be told, Hikari didn't know why she was called there. A message was delivered to her and she felt compelled to go. The invitation sent out was very formal so the girl only felt it was necessary to do the same. She had tied her hair in a bun and worn a white dress with a golden embroidered pattern on the flowing skirt. Granted, should something arise, Hikari would be able to pull out her normal battle gear and sword from the Treasury. Walking over to the entrance of the Tower was awing. The massive doors made anything near it feel immediately small. Although, upon opening the doors, there was a massive staircase that simply lead up to the top, with a few other doors along the way. The holy mage had a feeling that whatever she was looking for was to be on the top level. Looking at her high heels and then a quick glance at the stairs again, the noblewoman pulsed a surge of magic into her back to form a pair of angelic wings which caused a crest to be displayed on her back. Normally, the crest is hidden by her clothes but she can't do much about it in this case. Stepping back outside, the red head would leave some gold feathers as she flapped her wings and flew up to the top of the tower.

    The sun was beginning to retreat into the horizon as Hikari had made it up to the top of the tower. Scaling this thing was really no joke. It had taken a good minute or two. But, when getting closer to the top, she smelt food? Huh, while it did seem weird that there would be a feast on the top of the tower, it would have a lovely setting and ambiance due to the setting sun. Upon landing on the roof, Hikari saw a table with a gorgeous arrangement of food set out with no one sitting on it. Fitting that I'd be the first one here. No need to make an entrance if how I present myself can do all the talking. The holy mage spoke to no one in particular as she gently made contact with the floor, heels clicking against the surface. Upon surveying the area again, Hikari made out a familiar face. It didn't feel like it had been a long time since that night where she had met the young conductor who was standing near her. But with how different the two seemed now, in magic power and in experience, it feels like eons ago. Smiling at the brunette, Hikari said, It seems that I've been brought by an unknown force to meet you once again, Mr. Rei- er Elyx. Hikari tripped over her words once again. Curtsying, she would lock eyes with the young violinist, awaiting a response.

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