Making Potions


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    Making Potions

    Post by Johann on 5th October 2017, 8:43 pm

    Job Description:

    Job Title: Potion Making Assistant
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: 1 D rank mage or above with at least 500 words
    Job Requirements: Develop a new type of potion
    Job Location: Any town

    Job Description: A local potion maker needs assistance with developing a new type of potion to sell in the town shop. Your job is to mix random ingredients together and come up with something new. Payment is given for your creation no matter what it ends up as.

    Enemies: N/A

    Reward: D rank exp and 1,000 Jewels

    Johann made his way from the docks back to the town center. He was happy that getting a passport went so smoothly. Now that he had a brand new one he was confident about the future and his plans to join a guild. He had ultimately decided to try and get a job at the West Fiore Trading Company since some of the more orthodox and traditional guilds seemed like they were not really profit driven, something that Johann found to be noble in nature, but it wouldn't help him accomplish the goals he had set for himself, namely, rebuilding the fortune and status his family had lost.

    Thinking about money and wandering the streets of Hargeon Town he sighed at his own lack of funds. Sure, he had enough for the trip to Divide Island in a couple of days, a hotel and food. But that was it. His pockets were rather empty. Too empty for Johann to bear, so he decided to maybe find a small job the next day to help bring in some cash. He still had 5 days before his ship for Divide Island would leave, after all, so might as well do something to combat boredom and kill some time.

    When the sun started to rise the next day Johann got up, got ready and left his hotel in search of something that would make him a little richer. Legally, of course. He guessed that where there were goods, there was money, so he made his way to the market. Even though it was still rather early in the morning, the market was already filled with life at every corner. Shopkeepers were preparing their wares, goods were being delivered and the locals bought whatever they needed. It didn't take long before a sign that read "MAGE WANTED" in a small shop window caught his attention, and he decided to enter the shop. A little bell rang out as he came in and an old, rather confused looking man came from a room in the back of the shop.

    He looked at Johann and started to talk with a friendly voice "Ah, hello mister. what can I do for you ?". Johann was quick to answer the question. "Good sir, I have seen the sign in your shops window and I wondered what kind of activity you would need a mage for". "Ah yes, the sign. well, as you can see, I am a potion maker. I need some help regarding a new potion that would serve as an attraction to my shop. Do you happen to know any recipes ? I would pay you a small sum for your help". Johanns eyes lightened up. Luckily, he had learned a unique but simple recipe for a potion that colours your hair rainbow from a few friends when he was a kid and he was not hesitant to show the shopkeeper. After Johann had made a few potions, the shopkeeper tried them out and he had given him the recipe, the shopkeeper paid Johann the promised sum and Johann left the shop. "Well, that was rather easy" he thought "Time for a drink".

    Word count: 527


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