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    Testing Potions (Again)! (Wren's B exam)


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    Testing Potions (Again)! (Wren's B exam) Empty Testing Potions (Again)! (Wren's B exam)

    Post by Wren 3rd October 2019, 9:50 pm

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    It was barely her first month working within the Rune Knights, and already she had gone on a job with one of the big shots, General Ragnos. Now she was tasked with dealing with the ingredients that she had found on the job with her mentor for some alchemy potions and overseeing the testing with them. She pushes her way into the room where the sample ingredients were taken, her new little belt she received from Nelson strapped on her hips as she walked in the lab. She wore a nice green blouse with a pencil skirt and a white lab coat on. She tried to dress a bit more mature to not be mistaken for a child, but without a chest, it doesn’t help too much. Nanny was walking by her feet, trotting along. “Hello! I’m Wren Hayden. I should be here helping out with testing some things together in potions.” She says, hoping someone would encourage her to come over and help. She was eyeballing ALL the instruments that were there for this deal. She was in absolute heaven. The things she could accomplish here with what was presented to her! She could make many potions with what was supplied here!

    One of the three other people working in the alchemy lab smiles to her after recognizing her name she told them. “Welcome! You picked all of these samples, right?” Wrens face lit up and she nodded. “Yup! I know the potions that they can make if done just right, but I want to try to stay away from that if possible.” A couple faces were made in response to her comment. Of course she’d have to show them how to make the two potions. She takes a deep breath. “Okay, I guess I should show you guys how to make the paralysis, sleep, and memory erase potion, that they can make when put together a certain way first… So you know not to make them later on.” She says as she adjusts her jacket on her shoulders. Now it was time to get to work.

    The little redhead pushed some of her hair back behind her ear as she walked up to one of the lab tables that held some ingredients and looked them over quietly. She was getting a feel for how much she had and could use to make as an example. She grabbed a clean sheet of paper and requested to have a few extra things that weren’t included in the ingredients, like water and honey, to complete the potions. As soon as she had her stuff, she quickly had a little workstation set up, complete with a stool for her to sit on to help her see properly over the counter! “Alright… since it’s a small amount, I’ll need to make it in small doses.” She says aloud to the other alchemists. She honestly hoped she was dealing with this overseeing thing right. She was never left in charge of something that she felt was super important before. After making the three tiny little vials of potions, she smiles and sets them before her.

    “Please try to avoid making those three. And I’ll leave them here so you can have someone look them over or you can use for your own sample…” A thought slowly came to the little witch’s mind. “Please don’t use it on another person…” She hoped she actually didn’t need to say that, but it was a precaution for her. She stepped back a bit to look to the other alchemists. “From here on out, I’ll be helping see what else they can be made into. I may be rather experienced myself in apothecary and alchemy, but new things could still be made up!” She muses to them. “Write down your processes so I can make sure it wasn’t something that could be deadly.” She takes a sample herself after the other three had taken a bit and starts to mess with some of the tools around. Nanny was resting herself near Wren on a bench, snoozing away as she did so.

    After some time, one of the others had a little POOF! appear before them as they finished mixing things together. Wren paused in her work and goes over to them to see what they had done. The little cauldron had a purplish mixture in it that had a faint lilac smell to it. They had shown their notes and Wren looks it over carefully before she takes an eye dropper and sucks up a little bit of the potion that was just made. Honestly, she didn’t think they’d come up with something so soon that she hadn’t made before. She was given a plant to test it on and she lightly lets a couple drops fall on the plant. At first, it seemed like nothing happened, then the plant had fallen flat down and instantly turned grey. Wren blinked as she frowned. That was… interesting to say the least.

    The looks on the other alchemists face seemed a little frightened as they also didn’t expect the flower to just keel over like that. She takes a deep breath and shakes her head as the plant didn’t seem to come alive again. “Alright… guess next one. I’ll have to test that one more. Thank you, Mr… er…?” “John Freio.” “Mr Freio, thank you.” She muses before she heard another alchemist's potion went POOF! She wandered over to them and noticed that their little potion was an orangish brownish color. It didn’t smell all that appetizing too. After repeating the process from the first potion, the little witch put a drop of the new potion on another plant. It didn’t seem to move an inch. She hoped nothing bad would happen to that plant. Another poof came from right next to her as another potion was apparently ready. These people were rather fast apparently with making potions… or the cauldrons they were using were slightly tampered with. She hoped it was the former.

    Only two of the four potions that were made affected the plants positively. The other two had made the plants die near instantly. Of course this was just the beginning of the tests… More would be needed on all of them, and she would need to find an alchemy and apothecary book to be sure that these potions weren’t new. Of course she had to play with the ingredients herself and do something she hadn’t heard of before for a potion. With the last two, she actual helped with making sure the portions were right, with that last one needing a do over as it actually had too much of a dangerous ingredient in it, making Wren already know what would happen with how much it overpowered the rest of it. As she was writing the report of the conclusion from the day, the little witch glanced up at the plants before her. The second plant that had a potion on it grew some more. It now curled even. She tapped her chin a little, honestly wondering about that potion now… these alchemists would keep an eye on the plants for her while she went off to do her little jobs, first was giving General Ragnos this now finished report.

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