Making Potions


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    Making Potions

    Post by Aspen on 11th November 2017, 3:43 pm

    Job Description:

    After arriving in Hargeon Town days ago, getting a passport and helping a local charity collect donations for the childrens hospital, Herakles was still stranded in Hargeon, uncertain how to proceed from there. He knew he had to somehow get to a place called " Mountain Vllage ", but he had no idea where that was and how long it would take to get there. He was lying on the bed in his hotel room, staring at the ceiling. Maybe it was a mistake coming to Fiore to join a guild, but then again, Desierto didn't exactly offer the same standards that Fiore did, and the best chances he had to advance his understanding of his own magic and magic in general he had here ... . He figured it was best to stay and pull through now that he was here, since it was the only way to accomplish his goals. In addition to that, he already had the guild in mind, so turning back at this point would've been more work than going forward. He let out a sigh and, with the goal of collecting some information in mind, he left his hotel room and made his way on the streets of Hargeon Town. His first stop would be the market.

    He was walking down the road that led to the plaza at which a vibrant crowd of people were already selling, buying and storing all kinds of goods. Herakles thought that this would probably be the best place to get food and drink for the journey, but there was this one tiny problem he still had: he was almost out of jewels. He needed a job to pay for additional supplies. Sighing, he turned, almost ready to walk in a different direction when he spotted a sign in the window of a small shop on a corner that read "MAGE WANTED". He figured it would be his best bet to ask what was up with that, he had no choice anyway, he just hoped it would result in him getting paid, and with that he entered the shop.

    A rather old man looked up from a table, a whole bunch of ingredients before him, grinning at Herakles with a happy face. "Ah, you must be a mage, right ? Saw the sign, huh ? Come on, come here ". Herakles was a bit confused by the mans outgoing personality, but he made his way to the table. "I- I saw the sign and ... what exactly is going on here ?". The man laughed "Ah, these, you see, I need a second opinion" the man pointed at the ingredients "Maybe a mage can help me develop some kind of new potion ... I'll even pay you a small sum !". With those las couple of words Herakles was convinced, so he agreed. He now had to make potion using the ingredients the man had provided. There was only one problem : He had no idea how to make potions, so he just randomly mixed ingredients together. He started with a chicken broth, cooked potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic. After that, he added various spices and after a short while he was done. The shopkeeper tried it, bursting out in laughter "That's delicious, a nice potato stew you made there. I think I could sell that, I think, even though it wasn't what I had in mind". A semi-pained expression made it's way onto Herakles' face, but the shopkeeper handed him a bag of jewels and sent him on his way.

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