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    I'm a wine enthusiast

    Xiao Jing
    Xiao Jing

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    I'm a wine enthusiast Empty I'm a wine enthusiast

    Post by Xiao Jing 21st August 2017, 11:34 am

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    The concept of something being priceless was often a two-way street that always had Xiao Jing gripping at his patience, for it could mean the thing, whatever it was, is subject to two different ways to interpret it - either something of novelty that he could pawn off for a pretty penny once he'd pilfer it, or an act of generosity from some random human who decided that money wasn't their priority, however both were in the ginger's favor due to his cheap way of living that may or may not involve some harmless thievery of the more fortunate.

    And never in his short, insignificant human life-span would he realize an item that has both meanings of priceless wrapped around it like a pretty red bow - to which, in reality, was actually a beautiful bottle of carefully brewed wine being poured into his glass without so much so as an ounce of pay from his pockets. It was the stuff of miracles, the sort that would go into the songs of bards and would have the heavens open with light on a stormy day.

    "Whaddya think kid? I had it in the cellar for over eight years, and although that's not exactly some achievement compared to the ancient wines, the brew is good enough to be popped out early." came the large, overpowering sound of the owner's voice, his impressive beard and mustache combo bouncing lightly as he huffed a proud laugh.

    The ginger swirled the contents in the glass, reveling the rich, dark shade of red that settled at the bottom. To think that he'd chance a grand, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity such as this in an accidental trip to Rose Garden, a city he'd have yet to truly rake through, and would have only gone to because of an apparent mishap caused by an overzealous train conductor and his lack of sleep.

    By the gods, he couldn't thank his inconvenient napping times more than he did that day.

    "It...looks amazing." he said, the words floating off his lips as if the glass would break solely from his harsh breaths.

    The owner crossed his large, burly arms over his chest as he eyed the ginger who sat himself comfortable atop a wine barrel, curving a brow as he fixed a smile unto his face, one that beamed in pride and amusement, "She sure is a pretty one, but you know, I wouldn't pour you some if I wanted you to just look at it kid."

    Right, of course, his hesitance was uncalled for...but it had some reason behind it. Up until Jing brought his person through the glamorous glass doors of the owner's restaurant to the moment he was shown the incredible cellar, all that was spinning in his thought process was that everything - the sights, the smells, the tastes, were priceless. They're quality was indisputable, but more so, they cost him nothing, and that elated his mood so much that he'd been afraid that he'd wake up to another night of boring inn food.

    With a small stutter to his movements, Xiao Jing would press the glass' rim to his lips, tipping it over to relish the liquid in small sips, only to realize the futility of that notion, where a single drop caused his hand to dunk the content into his mouth in one sitting in immediate auto-pilot, his everything burning with a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

    "Goddamn, that's good." he said, almost involuntarily as he felt the rush of everything good seeping through his veins, gnawing through the marrow in his bones in a beautiful, pleasant manner. "...Really, really good."

    The owner laughed with a toothy grin as he noted the boy's honest reaction, the glow in his dark blue eyes seemingly implying his longing for more, which is something he'd love to see everyday as a part of his business. He hugs a bottle to his chest as he approaches the ginger, "Haha! That's a good expression! I can see you enjoying this as much as I do!" he'd bellow, tossing the bottle into Jing's immediate vicinity.

    Perhaps it was his heightened yet dulled senses that caused him to react with a sharp jerk, or the hypnotic taste that drove him mad with craving, causing his arms to reach out automatically to more of it. But for whatever reason was it, the bottle landed safely in the slayer's arms, the liquid sloshing lazily around in it's casing.

    "Feel free to keep it. As I promised, you're welcome to get yourself a new bottle of it whenever you run out, free of charge!" the owner slung an arm across Jing's shoulders, though the glint in his eyes appeared to have glossed over into something akin to...dying peacefully.

    'What did I ever do to deserve this miracle...' he told himself, mock tears flowing from the edge of his eyes.

    - - - -

    Meanwhile, his lovely, black-furred assistant flicked her tail slightly as she watched the moon glower at her form by a window as it rose in an eerie white fashion. It was a foreboding sign that all witches knew, and Meilin couldn't prevent the shiver that crawled up her spine as she realized that her master had yet to arrive at their inn room.

    Deep in her gut, she had a feeling that she'd be dragging an indiscreetly drunk red-head to his bed that night.
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