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    Xiao Jing

    Xiao Jing

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    Xiao Jing

    Post by Xiao Jing on 24th July 2017, 11:59 am

    Name: Xiao Jing / Livan / Bell-kun
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Birthday: 08/21
    Sexuality: ???
    Special Characteristics: N/A

    Personality: Among mundane men, Xiao Jing can never be a quiet individual, and those who've associated themselves with him beyond face value are aware of the extent of his creativity under the influence of boredom, often more obstructive than anything else. Due to his sporadically playful nature, Jing's peers like to label him as unpredictable, considering the highs and lows of his personality with caution and a strange type of fondness - "You can't help but go along with it." they'll tell you.

    It's not an uncommon to see a fleeing ginger with screams of horror and rage trailing behind him, and on occasion, someone else is running with him. Despite his unreadable smiles and shockingly offhanded pranks at points, Xiao Jing somehow manages to draw in attention and keep it brewing inside the people he gets to know.

    Regardless of who's opinion you may have come across, Xiao Jing's craftiness in his little gags manifests in his aptitude towards life in general. He has ideals that obtains his fixation so much that it drives him into unthinkable situations just to attain them, that motivation becoming a big part of Jing's resourcefulness, something he picked up from his years in the slums. Very likely is it to find the ginger making do with what little he has, or tinkering with the scraps of every little thing he can find to build something better. In that similar sense, Jing has it ingrained into his system to never throw something that could still have purpose, telling himself that he could perform restoration to conjure treasure from trash.

    He was never the wasteful sort, so he takes the liberty of making sure that everything he has and does are used to their fullest, that they may reap their purposes so nothing would ever feel 'pointless'. Xiao Jing likes to think that it's impossible for him to take anyone for granted, because he grew up learning how to appreciate even the tiniest of luxuries, leading him to live as simple as he could, with a dash of thrill and hilarity in between.

    However, it's important to take note that his trust is something that he very rarely offers to someone. Respect is easy to fabricate or earn for the ginger, but anything past mutual courtesy is reserved for a handful of people. His option to keep secrets and tell white lies contributes to his unpredictability, making others result to seeing him as an enigmatic presence that make them wary enough to avoid him.

    And they have good reason to, he thinks, because Xiao Jing acknowledges the darkness inside him that disables his ability to feel empathy or love for humans, a flaw in his character that ensues his periodic lying that makes him so unreliable. He knows he can coax people into doing his bidding if he wants to, murder someone if wants to, because that's how weak his conscience is, how nonexistent is guilt in his system.

    Furthermore, without a 'tether' to keep him grounded, that side to Jing is often the most dominant, having a tendency to leak into his battles should he find himself too heated and in the moment.

    As a practitioner of a style of martial arts that was isolated to his village, Xiao Jing's fights are extremely straight-forward, with an aim of disabling the enemy as soon as possible for maximum efficiency. With doing damage being his primary thought, Jing's usual battle aptitude is unhinged in terms of getting hurt and hurting others for progress. Be it small bruises or losing buckets of blood by the second, the man thinks of pain like the broth to his rice noodles. He eyes his enemy as an obstruction, powering the entirety of his will power into destroying the target in order to come to terms with a job.

    It's to be noted that Jing does appreciate exterior aid in battle, such as the likes of being in a team or a job partner, solely because he's borderline obsessed with the idea of an immediate completion of a certain task.

    Food: His appetite is dangerous, as some people describe it, because it knows no bounds and might just extend to your portion if you weren't carefully guarding it.
    Cats: One day, a ginger boy attracted a small parade of ginger cats while he had fallen asleep on the roof. Because his hair was such a blinding shade of orange, they thought of him as a rare breed of cat, and quickly snuggled close to head. Surprising as it was to wake with so much cat hair in his braid, he has since then found comfort in them.
    Bombs: His fondness for tinkering always takes him over when he's alone, with no one to joke around with or pull tricks on. Jing could end up with a small clock or a tiny toy through this, but at best, his experiments often produce harmless explosives that become the star of the show whenever he's in the mood for a little trouble.
    The Erhu: His sister was a master of this string instrument, and to this day, despite being notably good at it, he feels that he cannot truly replicate the beauty of his sister's music. From time to time when solitude gripes at his soul, his Erhu becomes his tether to reality.

    Letting food rot, or go to waste: If his days in Desierto have taught him anything, it was that food is a precious material that even he cannot fix when it has gone bad...so he's learned to prepare what he can eat, and consume it without leaving anything. Even if the plague of poverty no longer haunts him, Xiao Jing is a creature of habit.
    Solitude: He's had so much of it at one point, to a point that he's sick of it, that he constantly finds ways to keep himself in the company of people.
    Pulling on his braid: He's had little kids do it, he's had bullies do it, he's had harlots do it, he's had thieves do it, and he's had monkeys do it...and all are bad memories that he doesn't wish to recall.
    Monkeys: They've done more than just pull his braid.

    Completion: He never leaves a trinket project undone. He takes it as a self-proclaimed responsibility to finish what he's started, and it extends towards everything else he does.
    His sister: Having long perished after they migrated to Desierto, his sister's memory is an everlasting reminder of the bitterness of human error and how short life is. He lives for her now.
    Endgame: Fulfilling small goals for him is stronger than a simple compulsion, and reaching what he deems as his endgame is the pinnacle of satisfaction in his head.

    Betrayal: Nothing good has come out of him blindly trusting people, and he's learned that much after being the center of so much bad karma for a very long while.
    Uselessness: For years, Jing had to struggle with the feeling of inferiority. As he now possesses a mean of defending himself, the possibility of fading back to those days is a poisonous thought that he doesn't dare mull on.
    Dying early: He'd seen so much of death that he no longer resents it. In reality, he's aware of the finality to human life and understands the unwritten rule that governs it. Though, if he were to die without the final accomplishment, then he'd do everything in his power to resist, as desperately as he could.

    General Appearance

    Height: 170 cm (5'7")
    Weight: 55 kg
    Hair: Vermilion, almost always tied into a braid.
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Appearance: Jing normally dresses in a manner of clothing that he's become accustomed to, having favored his traditional cloth over anything on trend. Its a black garment that resembles the traditional uniform for Chinese martial arts, being bundled up the sleeves to reveal a white under-layer. He wears a form of loose, grey pants that reaches his calves paired with traditional tai chi shoes. Jing also sports a long cloak on his shoulders and/or several rolls of bandages curling over his face, arms, fingers and legs.

    His other clothing are mostly traditional martial arts attire, save for one red overcoat that he pilfered off some nobleman when it was freezing.


    Guild: Black Rose
    Tattoo: Red. On his chest, near his left shoulder blade.
    Rank: D

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    Re: Xiao Jing

    Post by Salrynn on 25th July 2017, 2:28 am

    Approved! Smile


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