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    Wine Testing

    Yazuki Yoshino
    Yazuki Yoshino

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    Wine Testing Empty Wine Testing

    Post by Yazuki Yoshino 23rd February 2017, 3:02 pm

    Yazuki and Miva decided to take part in the local wine tasting this month, hearing that the wine was top notch and some of the best around. He looked around at all the booths and vendors that had shown up, not knowing what to try first. Miva was just along to watch and make sure he didn't get into trouble, often the small exceed tried to keep others away from Yazuki to avoid any problems before they started, especially since Yazuki was now a lot more humble, he needed someone a little more blunt to save him at times. She sighed as she noticed not a single other exceed or feline was here at the event, which upset her deeply. She followed shortly behind him. Ever since he had met Frey and Miva, he had changed, and the exceed wasn't too happy about it. She didn't understand what all was going on, but the boy barely came home anymore.

    As they finally approached a table, there was a lovely dandelion wine, which had a rich, slightly dry but mostly sweet taste to it. Yazuki took a glass and sipped, but unfortunately, this was not for him, so he handed it back to the individual to dump. He was not too found of most of these wines, as he was accustomed to the wine back home, made in a small farm town. He reminisced about the sweet bouquet of the beautiful summer mead with raspberries in it, smiling. There was much to that old place that he missed, though his mother was not one of them. They had grown apart after he learned about Takumi, though he hadn't seen his brother for a while now. He continued on to a Mascato, again refusing to drink the whole thing, Miva still following at his heals. He had a picky tasting pallet for wine, and he doubted it would be found here. Proper mead took a while to figure out how to make. He looked down at Miva and spoke.

    “Can you hit the sky and try and find a mead? I could use some good honey wine right now.” He gave her a warm smile, something Miva returned with a smirk. She hit the sky looking for the appropriate stand where she could find her companion some wine that would make his day. It was still early and the sun was high, making it harder her to see, but eventually she would find what she was looking for right under their noses. A little ways down the way, there was a mead table, with all sorts of assortments of mead. He looked over at Miva, thanking her. This was his preferred drink at the moment. He swished it around in his mouth, unlocking the flavor and stood back in shock.

    “Who made this?! This tastes like what my mother used to serve with supper.” He looked with an expression of surprise on his face. This was something he had not been expecting. He looked at the label and was shocked for a second time. This very wine was made down the road from where he lived. He enjoyed himself a few glasses until he had his fill, then he returned to his hotel room. The night had not been bad.


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