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    Wine testing (job)

    Takumi Yoshino
    Takumi Yoshino

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    Wine testing (job) Empty Wine testing (job)

    Post by Takumi Yoshino 5th October 2016, 5:24 pm

    Job Info:

    Takumi walked into the restaurant a few hours before it was to open, ready to test this wine. The promise of good wine was enough for Takumi, who had spent a considerable amount of nights drinking alone after the death of sister. He had grown rather fond of it. The Dragon Slayer mage was lead to a table where several samples of wine had been laid out for Takumi to try. "Smells good." Said Takumi as he raised a glass of red wine delicately.  He took a cautious sip of the wine. It was in fact rather good. "This one is pretty good." He said to the owner of the restaurant, who was hovering nearby. "Splendid!" said the owner of the restaurant. Takumi took another sip of the first sample before moving on to the second one. It looked good... But was it as good as it looked? Takumi sipped it, pausing to consider the flavor before saying only. "This one, however, is absolute shit. Don't serve it, it's plain nasty." The owner looked worriedly at Takumi. That wasn't good at all. Takumi made a face and dumped the second sample of wine out, trying not to gag at how awful it was. He moved back to the first sample after rinsing out his mouth with water and took another swig of it. "This one is the one you'll want to serve for sure." Said Takumi before moving on to the third and final sample. He took a deep drink, all the while being watched by the owner of the restaurant very carefully. Takumi kept drinking, because this sample... the flavour was indescribable indeed. He drank the entire glass down before stating his opinion on it. "This one is quite amazing. You definitely want to serve this one, and don't serve it cheap, either. It's definitely worth it, that's for sure." He said as he drained the last drops from the glass.

    "Really? You truly think the third sample was the one?" Asked the owner. Takumi nodded with a small smile. "Oh, you can be certain that the third one is the one you want. Trust me, you'll be racking up business in no time with this one." Responded Takumi. This wine truly was amazing, and he hoped it would help this business owner get a few more customers.
    "As your payment, no matter what the cost, on your next visit to my restaurant everything is free! On the house. Thank you for your help, young mage." Takumi looked at the owner of the restaurant. "Are you sure? That's quite generous, since I do tend to drink a bit." He asked. The owner nodded. Takumi grinned at this. If the plan begging to form in his head worked... The next time he would be here would be on a date. He sure hoped everything else would work out as well as this had. Normally he wasn't so lucky, but he wanted to remain positive for once. Takumi couldn't help but bring a certain mage with blue eyes to the front of his mind... he also couldn't help the blush that began forming on his cheeks as he exited the restaurant into the bright sunlight.


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