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    Entertain the Patients!


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    Completed Entertain the Patients!

    Post by Tuesday 16th August 2017, 10:01 am

    “Alright! Time for another job!” Dradali exclaimed, headed for Fairy Tail’s job board. “Let’s see” she mumbled quietly as her eyes darted up and down the board. “Cheering up children at the hospital… How could anyone say no to that?” she continued, snatching the job off of the board and looking at it more closely. “I can do this! Children love me! This should be fun!” she said quickly, grabbing her bag and heading towards her house. Once she got there, she grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and began writing down a list of things she could bring. “Well… I can bring some balloons, those are always a hit with kids, right?! And how about some flowers, I wonder if I could do some sort of trick with those. I mean, I used to dabble in amateur magic when I was younger, so I should be able to do something that will surprise them!” she rambled to herself as she began shoving things into her bag. “Aww! My old magic hat! I remember Akull made it out of the finest ice just for me. I’m sure they would love this!” she dropped the hard, cold hat into her bag and then threw the bag over her shoulder. “Alright! Everything is ready! Time to go make some children smile!”

    Dradali made her way quickly to the hospital in town. She headed to the front desk and smiled at the woman standing there. “Hi! My name is Dradali and I’m a Fairy Tail wizard! I came here after seeing your job request!” she chattered. “Oh! Great! Come with me this way!” the woman said, coming out from behind the desk and leading Dradali to the children’s ward. “They can be pretty ornery, but they really are good kids. You just have to give them the chance to show you!” the woman continued as they reached the door to where the kids were staying. “Hey! Little ones! Looks like there’s someone here to visit you! Be on your best behavior!”

    There they were, 4 little kids sitting in their hospital beds. 2 little girls and 2 little boys. “Hey there! My name is Dradali! Why don’t we go around and introduce ourselves!” she said as the woman waved farewell and left the room. The children looked at her for a moment, completely silent, until one of the boys spoke up. “Aren’t you here to show us something cool instead of just talking?” he said, an unamused look on his face. Dradali paused for a moment, surprised by the boy’s blunt response. “Ummm… Yeah… But I thought we could get to know each other first…” she replied, fiddling around with the strap of her bag. The boy sighed loudly. “Alright. My name is Lance. I’m 10 years old.” he mumbled reluctantly. The other boy piped up quickly, “My name is Mason. I’m 7!” The two girls looked at each other and then began to speak in unison, “Hi. Our names are Kendall and Kisa. We’re both 9, and we’re twins.” Dradali beamed at them happily and sat in a chair that she moved to the middle of the room. “Well! It’s nice to meet you all!” she cooed. “Yeah, yeah… Can we get on with it? You’ve been talking for forever now…” Lance grumbled. Dradali blushed and nodded her head quickly. “I-I’m sorry… What would you guys like to see?” she replied. “Can you fly?!” shouted Mason, jumping up and down in his bed. “Can you turn Lance into a frog?” one of the twins asked. “Hey! That’s not very nice Kisa! You take that back!” he sneered back. “I don’t wanna…” she retorted, shrugging. “Guys! Guys! Calm down!" Dradali begged, trying to soothe the children. “I… I can’t do any of that! But how about some balloons? I know how to make some animals!” She dug in her bag for a moment before pulling out a bag of balloons. She grabbed one and blew into it until it was full enough to shape. The kids watched her intensely as she quickly shaped the balloon into a shape. “Ta-da! It’s a giraffe!” Dradali exclaimed, thrusting the deformed balloon shape towards the children.

    “That… That’s a giraffe?” Mason questioned, looking the balloon figure up and down. A sudden burst of laughter came from Lance. “Giraffe? That looks like an ugly snail!” he cried through his fits of laughter. Dradali pouted. “Hey! No it does not! It looks like a cute giraffe! See its neck and tail?” “Yeah, I see it, but that doesn’t mean it looks anything like a giraffe!” Lance retorted, his laughter only intensifying the longer he looked at the animal. The rest of the kids began to laugh with him. Dradali laughed nervously, looking at her creation. ‘I thought it was pretty good… Oh well… At least they’re laughing’ she thought, looking fondly at them. A loud, sharp noise interrupted her thoughts. Loud shrieks came from the younger children, while more fits of laughter came from Lance. He had popped the balloon… “That poor thing needed to be put out of its misery!” he cackled loudly. “Oh… Okay…” Dradali mumbled, feeling a bit defeated. She thought about the other things in her bag and perked up. ‘I can’t give up yet! I have to show them something that will blow them away!’ she thought, rummaging through the bag she brought with her once again. “Here!” she exclaimed, pulling her magic hat and flowers out of her bag. “Prepare to be amazed!”

    She placed the magic hat on her head and threw the flowers up in the air, only for them to not come falling back down. “Whoa, how did you do that?!” Mason gasped, looking around the room to see if they had fallen somewhere where he could not see them. “Hey Mason, I think I see something behind your ear!” Dradali exclaimed, pulling the flowers from seemingly out of thin air. “Whoa!” the twins and Mason shouted in awe. “Do it again!” the three chanted enthusiastically, crowding next to Dradali. Lance rolled his eyes and sauntered over to her as well, a smug grin on his face. “You’re a Fairy Tail wizard, and that’s the best magic you can do?” he scoffed. Dradali blushed slightly and shuffled her feet. “I try not to use my magic unless its an emergency…” she mumbled. “Awww, come on, show us something! You don’t want to disappoint us do you?” Lance persisted. The other kids began to chime in, urging Dradali to show them something. “I… I can’t! I don’t want to hurt anyone, or destroy something! My ice magic isn't something to be played with!” she said, starting to pack things back into her bag. As she took the hat off of the top of her head, Lance grabbed it from her. “Who made this? A hat made out of ice? Isn’t that a bit weird?” he said, inspecting the hat. “Hey! Be careful with that! It’s very important to me!” Dradali exclaimed, trying to grab the hat. “Oh? It’s important to you huh?” he smirked and got up from his seat, bringing the hat along with him. “Wait! Please give that back!” she squealed, getting up to follow him. “Hey! Mason! Catch!” Lance shouted, tossing the hat towards Mason. He flinched and moved away from the hat that was flying towards him, causing the hat to crash to the ground.

    “NO!” Dradali cried, running towards the remains of the hat. She knelt down and picked up some of the pieces in her hands. “This hat was from my father… He made it for me…” she muttered, tears beginning to well up in her eyes. “I’m… so sorry… I didn't mean for it to get broken... I was just playing around... What happened to your father?” Lance said, approaching her slowly. The twins and Mason sat next to her too, listening intently. “Well… He isn’t really my father, but he’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to one… His name was Akull… He raised me, and taught me everything I know about magic. I haven’t seen him for a year… This was one of the only things I had to remember him by.” she whimpered. The kids looked to the floor, guilt gleaming in their eyes. A bright light suddenly appeared, causing them all to look up abruptly. Ice began to come from Dradali’s hands, enveloping the broken hat pieces. The ice from her hands molded the pieces back together, making the hat as good as new again. “I wasn’t sure if I could actually do that! Akull never taught me how to mend something like that! I’m so glad that it’s okay!” Dradali exclaimed, grabbing the hat and hugging it close to her chest.

    “That was amazing!” Lance shouted, looking at Dradali with an amazed expression. The other kids cheered for her as well, moving in close to hug her. “We’re so sorry for not being very nice to you Dradali…” Kendall whimpered. “Yeah… I’m sorry too… I’m the one who almost destroyed something that was so important to you… Will you forgive us?” Lance cried. Dradali smiled and brought them into an even closer hug. “Of course I forgive you guys!” she gleamed. “Just please be more careful next time I come visit you guys!” Lance got up and looked at her with a joyous expression. “You’ll come visit us again?!” he exclaimed. Dradali laughed, “Of course! But next time, I’m not bringing my hat, or my balloons!”

    Word Count: 1,555

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