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    Entertain the Patients


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    Entertain the Patients Empty Entertain the Patients

    Post by Altarias 20th October 2019, 12:23 pm

    Another day in Magnolia meant another day of work for Illya. She was still working with other members of the guild to work on how to use her magic, so for the time being she was relegated to more simple jobs, and this one in particular was all too familiar to her. She was simply to go and entertain the patients at Magnolia's hospital. Even without using magic, she was still easily capable of this. She had done it before, anyways. The only question now was what to do. She rummaged through her house, looking for either music sheets or a decision on what instrument to play. After all, she could not just grab each and every instrument, her arms were only so small. She decided, after some deliberation, on her tried-and-true combo of the violin alongside her voice, grabbing a folder and a stand from her house before rushing out to make her way to the hospital. Today, specifically, it was to be helping the children feel better. As such, she would need to target her music accordingly.

    While the hospital was on the other side of Magnolia as compared to her house, she still reached there on time for the performance. She, as she had done many times, was to simply just perform a concert. Rather than being on a grand stage in the middle of a festival, now she was in quiet hospital lobby. The head nurse, a massive, ugly woman approached her.

    "Ah! Miss Pegasus!" her oddly deep, almost manly voice called as Illya entered. "We're so glad you could help out! Especially with you now being a part of Fairy Tail, so I'm glad you're willing to help."

    Illya smiled, giving a quick bow as she began setting up. "Are there any songs in particular that you know the kids like?" she asked.

    The nurse put a meaty hand on her chin, closing her eyes. "Not that I can recall, Miss Pegasus. I think they'll be happy with anything, especially if it's anywhere near you talent. That damn Balloon-Make Wizard was fine enough for the kids, but we need something a bit more...refined, I think."

    Illya, despite her exterior smile, was admittedly a bit deflated in knowing that they were turned down by someone using Balloon-Make Magic. Nonetheless, she began tuning her violin as the kids were slowly brought into the makeshift theater that had been created out of the lobby. As soon as the head nurse gave a thumbs up to indicate that the entirety of her audience was present, Illya began speak.

    "Hello, everyone! My name's Illya Pegasus, and I'm part of Fairy Tail! I'm going to be playing some music for all of you, so I hope you enjoy it!"

    Her smile beaming, she began to play. As had become almost a second nature to her, she closed her eyes, being lost in song. Nonetheless, she could taste the gasps of awe from nurses, doctors, and children alike. It was still a weird sensation to her, tasting sound, but nonetheless she still continued her performance. After her half hour of performance, she announced that she was finished, and, after another hour of questions and requests from the kids, Illya waved them good-bye, content with a job well-done.

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