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    Entertain the Patients

    Teresa Sinclair
    Teresa Sinclair

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    Entertain the Patients Empty Entertain the Patients

    Post by Teresa Sinclair 16th October 2020, 2:31 pm

    Teresa let out a sigh as she stood in front of the hospital. After the whole mess with the kids in the amusement park she was being ‘encouraged’ to handle another assignment with kids. Well encouraged… threatened to be thrown out if she screwed up this one. Not of the guild. Oh no! Much worse. The bartender was threatening not to serve her any booze for a week if Teresa did not help with some stupid request for a hospital. Apparently the bartender did not appreciate her treating the other two so badly. Something about distant family or something. Like it was her fault those two were brats from hell.

    “Oh well I might as well get it over with.” She sighed as she flicked away her cigarette and took a nip of her the little flask at her side to wash away any remnant tastes. The golden liquid swirled over her tongue and set her taste buts aflame in a most delightful way.

    The sliding doors slowly slid open with an annoying little squeak and before here opened the hospital in all it’s glory. The familiar bundles of smells hit her simultaneously and for a moment she felt the nostalgia wash over her. It happened every time she entered a hospital. When she was just a wee little lad, only two hundred years old, she had worked in a hospital herself as a nurse. He was one of the doctors there and she had loved to assist him with most of the jobs around there. “My name is Teresa Sinclair from the Silver Wolf guild. I am here to cheer up the little ones.” She said with a smile as friendly and sincere as she could muster.

    Judging from the desk nurse reaction though she was not sure whether it was actually working. She ignored the urge to touch her face to see if the corners of her mouth were actually working, when she suddenly noticed the nurse staring at her outfit and sword. Ah… I see. She suddenly thought to herself as she realized her appearance was not really appropriate. “Ah my apologies. Excuse me that was thoughtless.” She said with an embarrassed smile, annoyed with herself for not thinking this through beforehand. You would think that after so much time she would be able to plan a bit further ahead.

    A feint tremble in the air signified that Teresa was gathering a bit of her magic. A snap of her finger later and suddenly she was covered in a cloud of white smoke as she quickly reequiped herself.

    “How is this?” She asked with a faint smile as she appeared from the smoke in an extremely colorful outfit. Technically it counted as a chain and plate armor, but it was decorated so much it could easily pass for a clowns outfit. As a bonus it came without and equipped weapons. I knew that ceremonial Xanti armor would come in one day. She thought to herself as she elegantly turned around a few times, giving the nurse the chance to observe her. “Well it will have to do.” She finally replied coldly, before pointing towards a ward at the end of some hallway. Then without saying another word she went back to work.

    A bit discouraged Theresa shrugged her shoulders and began to walk into the direction of the ward. If that bitch had been working at her hospital back in the day, she might have reserved a few harsh words for her, but now she decided it was not worth the effort.

    Luckily she did have a good plan of how to entertain the kids. Not only could she reequip very well and give a pretty show, she was also a master of color magic. She could take almost any object and manipulate the colors or make them explode in a cloud of colored smoke. Long story short, at the end of the night she was enjoying a well deserved drink at the bar. The honestly earned reward in her pocket, chatting with the bartender about the lovely children there and their laughs.

    Perhaps they are not all bad… She thought to herself as she downed the remaining bit in her glass and immediately ordered another one.

    WC: 730/730
    Link: Entertain the Patients Application

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