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    Parcel Pickup Here! Solo Job ♥ Empty Parcel Pickup Here! Solo Job ♥

    Post by desirée 12th August 2017, 6:39 pm

    If Desirée had to describe traveling to Pergrande in one word, she would describe it as "different." To start things off, she was traveling there via horse carriage. This was extremely different for Desirée, considering she would travel most places via boat. And what made things worse were what she was wearing. She was in an extremely big and bulky suit of armor, which was two sizes up from her typical clothing size. She was also wielding a giant sword, which she had no idea how to use. The only thing keeping her calm was her hoop beneath her armor, which she was not to use except if she needed to flee her destination. But why would she have to do this, you ask? Sure, it may seem miserable for her, but it was for a very good reason.

       Desirée was given a mission to deliver a parcel containing extremely secret information from the Neutral grounds to Pergrande kingdom. She was given this suit of armor and weapon generously from the Neutral grounds, and the reasoning of it was simple. Since Pergrande has an internal hatred for magic, it is crucial that nobody going in and out of the nation show any signs of being a magic user. Therefore, a disguise was crucial for Desirée. They hired a mage for a specific reason, however: since Pergrande is such a military based society, they needed the deliverer to be able to defend themselves if an attack is undermined.

       The ride for Desirée was the most unpleasant form of transportation she had ever taken. It was extremely sweat-inducing because of the heavy armor, which was also extremely hard for Desirée to wear. Since it was so heavy, she almost fell a few times, but eventually got the hang of it. Not to mention the odor of the horses pulling the carriage, but it was respectable since they were animals. As the carriage began to pull up to the castle, Desirée was saluted by many royal guards. Desirée grinned, because she realized how easy it was to sneak magic into the nation. She hopped out of the carriage with her sword and armor, and began to walk into the castle. It was truly beautiful, decorated with giant red tapestries with the nation's emblem on each one. She began to walk up the double-grand stairway, and was leaded to a room behind a giant door. The door was opened, and there lay a throne with a king sitting in it. There was a long, red carpet leading to the throne, and there were guards lining the walls every ten feet or so.

        With the parcel in hand, Desirée began to slowly walk toward the king's throne. He looked fairly young for his royal position, and was wearing royal clothing, which was very ornate. The clothing was red and gold, which matched the rest of the decor in the castle. When she got close enough to the king, she bowed, and handed him the parcel. "Thank you, my dear. This information is crucial to our kingdom." the king said, while bowing to her with honor. Desirée walked out of the throne room, out of the castle, and to the carriage waiting for her outside. When they passed the Kingdom's borders, her armor disappeared, leaving her looking as normal as she always would be. "Thank goodness.." Desirée said, letting out a deep breath. She was soaked with sweat, and felt hotter than the sun. However, Desirée pulled out her hoop and twirled it in her fingers. "At least I finally have you guys back and ready to be used!" she exclaimed. The carriage continued the path home, and Desirée fell asleep against the piles of hay that were riding with her.

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