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    Twilight Pickup. (Nera & Stein Private)

    Kyrin Aminev
    Kyrin Aminev

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    Private Twilight Pickup. (Nera & Stein Private)

    Post by Kyrin Aminev 25th July 2015, 6:43 pm

    She could feel herself growing tired as she trudged through the Spooky Forest on her way to pick up something that Latice had commissioned from one of "her" fellow guild members, "D-Do we have to do this? I hear he is crazy. . ." She was noticeably nervous on her walk to the lab fro pick up but Latice in it's ever annoyed mood simply sighed, "We need to take care of this due to the fact your body is vulnerable alone", in protest she spoke back to Latice,"Yeah but I have you!" The sighed it made was one of condescension, "Yes I know that but the fact remains that while I fight the body itself is in danger. SO as I said we are picking up a way to defend you." She sighed and continued on her way to the lab unsure of the fact she even needed this.

    Once the doors of the lab had been reached Latice poked its host, "Oi let me take control I would rather you not deal with anything from that guild." She nodded in agreement and let herself go as the eyes on her body changed from blue to a glowing purple. Once the change was done she knocked on the door, "Oi Stein are you in there? I am here to pick up Somniatis." Latice was nervous about this as using the DNA of a Twilight Nightmare can be dangerous due to the unstable and unpredictable nature of it meaning it could turn out to be almost insanely violent and strong against what it wished to protect Nera. Once Stein would answer the door to his lab she would greet the man with a glare and ask, "Is the monster ready? I need it soon to protect Nera here."


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