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    Loveletter job


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    Loveletter job Empty Loveletter job

    Post by Fluffy 17th July 2017, 12:40 pm

    505 words
    The parents of the children she had been playing Tag with called their young ones back around noon, likely for lunch, but she was not very hungry herself since the mailman had given her that fish earlier. Since she was not hungry and now the kids she had been playing with had left the area? Fluffy once more had to find some other activity to keep herself occupied, again her mind wandered to finding some sort of work related task she could fulfil. Heck maybe if she did enough none official jobs and got recognized for it, the guild would let her take on real jobs, realize her potential so to speak, thought that was a long shot considering how average she had been presenting herself to them. Anyway’s, the feline got moving away from the park she had messed around with the children in, moving back towards the city unknowing what she would end up doing quite yet, hopefully she would just find something else to do by being unassuming. So far being herself and deciding to take an average stroll around Mongolia? Had served her very well in terms of keeping her busy and alleviating the stir crazy feeling that caused her to go on this walk to begin with, pushed her to decide to stay out of the guild hall for the day.

    After not too long she found something that looked interesting once more, this man pacing back and forth muttering something with a letter clutched within his clammy hands. When she got close enough to hear what was going on? The girl found that the parchment contained his love letter to a childhood friend who had since become famous, but he had loved her long before and wanted to confess before some big shot could, so she at least would know how he had always felt. Honestly it seemed rather sweet and just maybe she could help him get that letter where it needed to go, it sounded like his biggest problem was getting into the concert she was throwing, than getting backstage all without losing his nerve and running away. If she delivered the letter for him, than he would be all good! “Mew” she made a noise to get his attention, standing on her hind legs and opening her mouth, trying to convince him to give her the letter he had written for his love interest. “You want to take it to her for me?” the man looked confused but when she nodded he slowly held the letter out to her, breath shaky. Once she had been given the item, Fluffy raced off towards the concert, easily able to get backstage and to the girl since no one bothered stopping a cat and asking for ID or anything. “Thanks kitty?” she didn’t need to see the girl read the letter, she delivered it, her job was done now, she just had to go back and collect her reward if there was one, which she set off to do.


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