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    Farewell Ms Cooper


    Deceiving Spiritual Light

    Deceiving Spiritual Light

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    Completed Farewell Ms Cooper

    Post by Ruvel 23rd June 2017, 12:45 pm

    The day had started as it always had, Ruvel sat up in a cold sweat his hand instantly covering his mouth as he muffled a scream, last thing he needed was to disturb anyone else within the guild hall. Falling back he panted looking to the ceiling "This needs to stop, I'm not there anymore." he reminded himself gently "I'll never fully escape them." he sighed sitting back up once more removing the blankets off his eyes going to a letter, it made him pause for a moment unsure what it could be about given that he didn't think he had any specific events to be preparing for. Since he was still waking he ignored the letter for now and moved to gain a shower to both cleanse himself of the filth that had built on his body overnight and wake him up so he could deal with the letter's request more effectively.

    After five minutes he came out of the shower room almost fully dressed his shirt still needing to be buttoned, but he decided to strip the linen off of his pillows, blanket and bed before neatly fixing it after which he buttoned his shirt fully and placed on his suit jacket and unique blue tie that looked more like a collar. With all this done he took the laundry and the letter and left the room placing the laundry where it would be washed and waiting in a few hours time for his collection before heading to the kitchen to make his own breakfast and his sisters. As it was cooking he opened the letter and began to read it "An assassination?" he couldn't believe the order that he had been given. "As you command it shall be done." he whispered to himself as he started to get his sisters breakfast prepared.

    He knew he should get the job done as quickly as possible but his duties to her came above all else, this was the way he was raised and thus would never falter from it. Placing everything onto plates and then onto a tray he headed to his sisters room placing it on her side table before kissing her forehead and opening the curtains, when this was done he left to fix her bath, after which he left for Oak Town to tend to the gruesome deed as he had been ordered. "It is her will this be done, I shouldn't question her reasoning." he had never had to kill anyone even in the dark place of his past so this shook his nerves a little though before he knew it he was on a train heading to his destination.

    After several stops and hours later he himself was departing the train his black eyes tracing his new surroundings and he tried to figure out which way he was going and so walked up to a nearby employee "Oh, hi I was wondering if you might be able to help me madam." he stated with a slight warmth. The blue haired employee looked back at him with surprise not expecting such a thing to happen but smiled brightly "O-oh yes, how can I help?" she asked almost excited that she could help the almost angelic looking youth. "I heard that there is a beautiful garden here and I am wishing to find it so I may purchase the flowers for my forever cherished." he looked away forcing a blush to appear on his pale cheeks making him seem that more cute.

    The girl couldn't help but let out an "Aww, that so cute and sweet; I wish my jerk of a boyfriend would travel to a different nation just to get me a present. Your girlfriend is so lucky" her voice was bubbly he smiled a little wondering if all girls wished this of their partners but for now pushed it to the back of his mind "I am unworthy of being in her presence she is a goddess and I am merely her servant" he truly thought this of his beloved twin. That made the girl blush that much more and wishing that he was her boyfriend "Oh well there is Ms Cooper, she runs a nursery in the centre of town" she said holding out a leaflet "She will help you I'm sure." she said waving to him as she left Ruvel bowed a little "Thank you for the help and conversation madam, it was enlightening." he said before looking at the map and following the directions til he was near the nursery.

    "This is the place but how do I do this without being seen?" he asked himself it was the last thing he needed as he moved to be sitting on top of a building looking down through the nursery's glass roof. "Aelona, I'm in need of your fire arrows" he called watching as the normal elegant wooden gate appeared and a pale blue elf walked through "Your target Ruvel?" she said bluntly "The woman, no marking should be left... then destroy the nursery" he stated back watching as the woman bit her lip "If you are not comfortable I could call Ordhabbi, but then the loss of life would be more than one woman and some plants... after which I would end our contract" he explained in an almost dismissive voice "I find this task as distasteful as you do but it was an order from my lady and I would rather only one be killed by your skillful hands over Ordhabbi's hammer method." he explained

    Aelona nodded understanding his reasoning and even through his calm presence could see just how much he wanted to cry at the loss of life "Fine, I'll do it" she said aiming her bow shooting one arrow at her and three at the surroundings, the next two vollys were situated at points where it would make the fire spreed faster and prevent escape. He sat watching as Aelona vanished "It is done..." he said standing the explosion happening knowing that there was no way the now late Ms Cooper could have survived. Quickly moving down the steps he ran as if he had seen the smoke half way down town seeing people already standing around trying to put it out "Oh my... what happened?!" he exclaimed stopping by another person "It's Ms Coopers, flower nursery I hope she isn't there" he seemed distraught at what was happening more so as a chard body was being being brought out. He watched as people fell to their knees or hugged into loved ones seeing a pillar of their community having died in such a manner. 'I should feel sorry for what I have done but I don't... she ordered this and I have forfilled her will.' he thought to himself as he turned to leave for the train station without looking back.

    "Hay, I didn't expect to see you back so soon. Did you get the flowers?" the girl from earlier asked happily but her expression changed seeing his face "What happened?" she asked watching as Ruvel turned to her "There's been a horrible accident, the nursery... it... and poor ms cooper..." he allowed fake tears to fall "The fire was so hot... I... I.." he tried not to flinch as the girl embraced him not use to such things even now "You poor thing, I can see why you would want to go, it must have been horrific." he said helping what seemed like a trembling Ruvel onto the train. Ruvel himself was just glad that this task was over and done with and hoping another would not come up for a while but if it was to he would deal with it quickly a he had this time.

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